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[Listen] The Black Angels - Phosphene Dream (Full Album)


The Black Angels' Phosphene Dream is streaming over at MySpace and you can listen on the player below. You can also grab a free download of the album's title track "Phosphene Dream" at HobNob Wines Creative Juices website. HobNob Wines recently sponsored A Black Angels' secrect show at Angel Orensanz Center for the Arts out in NYC earlier this week. Awesome!

After listening to the album stream and grabbing the free download for the track"Phosphene Dream," go preorder the album before its release on September 13 in the UK and the next day in the U.S. via Blue Horizon.

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[Sunday Pickup] The Black Angels - Live in Netherlands 2010

Been awhile since we've done a tradition Sunday Pickup. So this week were coming back with a strong pickup from Austin, Tx garage rock band The Black Angels performing live from the Netherlands. The band performed songs from their older catalogue on their set and also threw in 5 new songs off their upcoming album Phosphene Dream ("Haunting At 1300 McKinley", "Yellow Elevator #2", "Entrance Song" and the two singles from the album "Bad Vibrations" and "Telephone.") 

Check out the show on the player below and preorder their new album Phosphene Dream here. Definitely look forward to it. ORDER UP!

The Black Angels - Live in Netherlands 2010 by Some Kind of Awesome

[Download] UNKLE - "Natural Selection" Feat. The Black Angels (Holy Fuck vs Ki:Theory REMIX)

Holy Fuck and Ki:Theory remix UNKLE’s latest single “Natural Selection” featuring The Black Angels off their latest album Where Did The Night Fall. I love this version sooooooo much better than the original. Thanks to Fact Magazine for premiering the track and Music For Perfect People for the heads up!

[Download] UNKLE - "Natural Selection" Feat. The Black Angels (Holy Fuck vs Ki:Theory REMIX)