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[Listen] The Black Keys - "Fever"

It emerged late last week that The Black Keys were planning on releasing a new album rather soon. Patrick Carney had been teasing fans on his Instagram posting numerous pictures relating to the colour blue, in between his ever funny digs at Justin Bieber. Along with that we were set to get a brand new track today. Announcing their new album Turn Blue will be released on May 13th via one of the most weird videos I've seen recently, posted on Mike Tyson's Twitter account, the duo are back! Below you can stream "Fever", the first track taken from the new LP and it merges together a more electronic sound from the pairing along with the classic groove the two are so renowned for. I think this album will be one of the most highly anticipated of the year. Let's wait to see what the rest of the album delivers but this is one tasty first bite of what they've been cooking up since El Camino's release in 2011.

[Watch] The Black Keys - "Sister"

The Black Keys have dominated pretty much every arena the world over this year and today out of nowhere they return with a brand new video for their track "Sister". Noisey presume it's a fan made clip but it's beautifully shot nonetheless. The track is taken from last year's El Camino and the video itself features a group of rebellious British school girls stripping off their uniforms and skipping school. Check it out at the top via Noisey.

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[Watch] The Black Keys x RZA - "The Baddest Man Alive" (Official Video)

We've already got to enjoy the awesome sounding track from RZA and The Black Keys titled "The Baddest Man Alive", and now we get an equally brilliant visual accompaniment. Seriously, it's great. It features Dan, Patrick and RZA sitting down for a pleasant meal in a Chinese restaurant before things get a little heated as to who gets the fortune cookie. Blood is spilled and Dan also gets slapped across the face with a fish. Yes, a fish! Enjoy it at the top and look out for The Man With the Iron Fists when it hits theatres on November 2nd. The full soundtrack however can be heard right now, over here

[Listen] The Black Keys x RZA - "The Baddest Man Alive"

Remember that awesome record Blakroc that The Black Keys put out a few years ago that had The Keys collaborating with some of hip hop's finest like Raekwon, Mos Def and The RZA? It was fuckin awesome right? Too bad we never got the rumored sequel, but thats okay because today we get to hear a new collaboration from The Black Keys and The RZA titled "The Baddest Man Alive" which is set to appear on the soundtrack to RZA's upcoming film The Man With The Iron Fists courtesy of the folks at FUSE.

Check out the track below as well as a few other tracks from the soundtrack like the new Wu Tang track "Six Directions of Boxing", the Ghostface x M.O.P. x Pharoahe Monch collaboration "Black Out" and a snippet of the new Kanye West song "White Dress". The soundtrack is set to drop on October 22nd and you can preorder the album as well as the 5 disc deluxe version of the album here which also includes a stream of the film's score by RZA and Howard Drossin and the music that influenced the sound track as well. Make sure you also watch the kick ass film The Man With The Iron Fists when it releases on November 2nd (my birthday, what what!).

[News] The Black Keys Release Tour EP

The Black Keys are pretty damned impressive when they perform live, so it's a good thing they have been hit the road pretty aggressively these past few years in support of both Brothers and El Camino. In case you are one of those people who hasn't had the chance to see them live, then you're in luck. The duo have released a new EP entitled Tour Rehearsal Tapes, which is comprised of six tracks recorded live in studio in December of last year. Of the six tracks, four are from El Camino and two are from Brothers, so head on over to iTunes to purchase the EP and check out the tracklist below.

Tour Rehearsal Tapes EP Tracklist:
01. Dead and Gone
02. Gold on the Ceiling
03. Lonely Boy
04. Next Girl
05. Run Right Back
06. Tighten Up

(via RollingStone)

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[News] The Black Keys Discuss the Year Ahead

The Black Keys have been consistently busy for quite some time, with three albums in four years and no plans on slowing down. When speaking to radio station KROQ, Patrick Carney revelead the band's plans for the next year, including a new album and supporting tours. Here's what Carney said:

We’re going to start making a new album in January and we’re going to tour a little more in the spring. Our plan is to have the new album done by the end of spring or earlier, then hopefully take a few months off to do normal things like go to bed early and wake up early, walk the dog, that kind of stuff. Then we’ll probably be back on the road starting next fall."

Carney continued, speaking on the band's friend and collaborator Danger Mouse:

I talked to him [Danger Mouse, aka Brian Burton] on the phone a couple weeks ago to see what his schedule is like. If we ever work with a producer, it’s always going to be him. We’ve been working with him since 2007, since Attack & Release, and we’re all really good friends. But he’s also really busy, producing so many records lately, so hopefully he has time. He’s producing U2′s record – that takes priority over us! [Laughs.]"

Here's hoping Carney and Auerbach can pry Danger Mouse away from U2 long enough to produce their new album.

[Watch] The Black Keys - "Litte Black Submarines" (Official Video)

The Black Keys have been touring relentlessly since the release of their brilliant LP, El Camino. Their new single is my personal favourite from the album and the video for "Little Black Submarines" showcases what the pair do best; playing live. The video was recorded at a The not-so-secret club show, held at Music City's seedy Springwater Supper Club in June and the footage makes for some great viewing. Dan and Patrick may fill arenas on a nightly basis but they still know how to rock a club show. Check it out via Antiquiet.

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[Listen] The Black Keys - "I Got Mine" (Tobacco Remix)

A few years ago when I started writing for SKOA one of the first artists Rocko introduced me to was Tobacco and I've had a small love affair with anything of his since. So today I was delighted to see Stereogum post up a remix he's done of another love, The Black Keys. Tobacco takes Dan and Patrick's Attack & Release song "I Got Mine" and gives it some of his signature sound and I gotta say, it works so damn well. It was originally mixed back in '08 but was never released however I'm glad it's seen the light of day in this form and not "Super Gum". Throbbing goodness from start to finish so hit out below.