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[Y Not Festival] Day Two Highlights including The 1975 and "one of the best Cribs shows ever"

I personally think day two at a festival is the hardest. You get over eager on the Friday and inevitably have a few too many. Sunday's easier as you tend to (not always, mind you) have learned your lesson. So with a slightly delicate head on the Saturday, I started my day with a band to shake off the cobwebs after a long and very wet Friday at Y Not Festival 2013. The band I'm talking about are an act who have been hyped beyond belief by BBC radio in recent months.  

Hailing from Sheffield the band consisting of two brothers, Drenge, took to the stage to a swelling crowd as the day was still young. Feedback galore and riffs to shake your insides out they made a hell of a racket for a two piece. Their latest single "Face Like A Skull" got the crowd energised and they went down as easy as the  days third real ale. The only problem with the entire thing was the way the drum kit was Mic'd up. The snare was far too loud. I'm one of this people who blinks with incredibly loud noises and I was on and off like an Xbox controller on its last legs. Still, the set was great.

As the ay progressed I explored the grounds a little more. The festival itself is cosy. You don't have to walk any longer than 10 minutes to get to where you want to be. At one point I was approached to be asked if I wanted a back massage by a lovely lady who took donations if it was decent. I declined at this point but I saw many a person take the pair up on their free back rubs. The general atmosphere of the entire fest is something I wish everyone could experience. It's so relaxed and friendly. You can strike up a conversation with anyone and they'll offer one back. Sure, it could be a drunken rambling about their last pair of wellies but it's fun. 

Back to the music. Up next on the Big Gin Stage were Swim Deep, another band gaining momentum in the past few months. On the surface they look like every other indie and you can imagine. Shaggy hair and floral shirts, but their delivery of their songs was honest. Considering the hectic year they've had they delivered a solid set and for a mid level band on the bill they pulled in a decent crowd. As I went to grab a coat from my tent, I saw the boys walk off stage and have a kick about with a football before some of their interviews. They seemed relaxed and accomplished. They seemed to have enjoyed their outing in Derbyshire.

Another band who've been thrust into the limelight over the past 6 months are a band we've had endless love for from day one here on SKOA; The 1975. I wandered over to The Quarry tent to be greeted by a sea of people surging 15feet from the entrances. Their was no way in to the tent as the band delivered perfect indie pop to the heaving afternoon crowd. Luckily the sun was shining and I could sit and admire how far the Manchester based band had come in such a short time. Their singles "Sex" and "The City" were greeted with raucous applause and cheers from the crowd. I think they'll be not he main stage of many a festival in 2014.  

Back to the main stage now for a throwback of kinds in the form of Ash. A band who Ive personally not listened to in a good 10 years. Which is kind of odd really considering they're probably right at the top of my iTunes collection when it's opened. They opened with "A Life Less Ordinary" before going straight into "A Girl From Mars" which had me bouncing up and down like a teenage boy once more. Not bad for a song that came out when I was 6 years old. The set was stellar and they ended on their biggest hit "Burn Baby Burn" and like that they were gone. Who knows when I'll next listen to them, but they made me happy and that's all you can ask from a live show really. 

To the main event of the evening. The second band of brothers to take to the Big Gin Stage on Friday were Wakefield's finest export The Cribs. As the Jarman family took to the stage the crowd was the largest I've witnessed at my two years attending the festival. Heads as far as the eye could see. It's no Glastonbury Pyramid stage but it felt like something special was about to go down, and it did. "Chi-Town" tour the place apart within the opening seconds and the crowd was bouncing, swaying from side to side as it surged. People fell down, they got picked up. The set was purely the hits. It's easy to forget how much great material these lads have. "I'm A Realist" , "Cheat On Me", "Mirror Kissers", "Hey Scenesters" and "Men's Needs" all made an appearance. It was one of those sets where it felt like it ended too quickly. As it ended, another day did also.

Ryan Jarman would later take to twitter to state: I could try to explain how amazing [Y Not Festival ]was last night, but I just can’t. One of the best Cribs shows ever.” Saturday was a good day.

[Y Not Festival] Our Most Anticipated Artists of the Festival

We've mentioned Y Not Festival a few times in the past few months and this weekend hoards of people will gather in Pikehall, Derbyshire to see some fantastic live music. We'll be making the trip over to enjoy the weekend in the sun (hopefully) and before we do that we thought we'd include some information on the bands we're most look forward to seeing over the weekend. 

Make the jump to get the low-down. The festival is now sold-out so if you slept on it, I'm afraid you've missed otu this year. Be sure to find the guys on Facebook to keep up with next year's plans. 

Dan Le Sac VS Scroobius Pip

When: Friday

Where: Quarry Stage

Why? Quick wit, great beats and a return from the duo after their last release back in 2007. Excited yet? You should be. Try and keep up as Scroob lays verse after verse down making you both think and dance all at the same time. A deadly combination.

The Cribs

When: Saturday

Where: The Big Gin Stage

Why? The Wakefield band of brothers have come a long way over the past decade and their live shows are raw as freshly chopped onions. With their latest album released just last year after the departure of Johnny Marr from the ranks, they've gone back to basics and I'm sure the performance will be a highlight of the weekend for many.

Willy Moon

When: Friday

Where: The Big Gin Stage

Why? When you first see Willy Moon you might not expect him to be a mover and a shaker, given his clean cut hair and dapper suits. Don't let that fool you. His live performances pack a punch and after releasing his brilliant album, Here's Willy Moon, he's sure to leave the main stage crowd impressed.


The Horrors

When: Friday

Where: The Big Gin Stage

Why? If Dan Le Sac and Scroob ain't quite your thing on Friday evening, then how about you head over to the Big Gin stage to witness The Horrors perform tracks from their absolutely stunning LP, Skying. On point and it could be argued, better live than on record. You be the judges.

Family Rain

When: Sunday

Where: Quarry Stage

Why? Another band of Brothers for you to check out on one of the smaller stages. The Family Rain recorded in their families basement and the results on record are wonderful. Gritty and blues tinged, perfect for a Sunday afternoon in the sun.

Wet Nuns

When: Sunday

Where: The Giant Squid Stage

Why? A two piece band that will melt your face and make you want to kiss the person next to you all at the same time? Wet Nuns are for you with Kyuss like riffs and stoner vibes. Make sure you catch these guys and shake off your Sunday cobwebs.

China Rats

When: Sunday

Where: The Big Gin Stage

Why? We've mentioned China Rats a few times on SKOA and they're definitely a band to keep a close eye on over the coming months and festival season. Catch them now before they start playing larger crowds and bigger tents. It could be an "I was there" moment for the years to come.

The Joy Formidable

When: Sunday

Where: The Big Gin Stage

Why? A band with fans such as Mark Hoppus and Dave Grohl have got to be high on your "to-see" list for Sunday surely? These guys are sure to start your Sunday evening with a bang before the big guns take to headlining. 

[News] Y Not Festival Lineup

You know what I enjoy even more than the UK's biggest festivals? The smaller ones. Last year I ventured back into my home county of Derbyshire to hit up Y Not festival, a homegrown, grass roots built from the ground up festival. Boy did I have a good time. The likes of The Wombats, We Are Scientists, Pulled Apart By Horses, Roots Manuva, Little Comets and a host more across numerous stages graced the fields. This year promises to be even bigger, and with the winning the best small festival award last year, they're going to want to keep the good graces coming their way. With real ale and cider on offer too, family and friends a like are sure to have a good time along with tasting some great local produce.

This summer, over the weekend of August 2nd-4th, the normally peaceful countryside will play host to a melting pot of talent old and new. Headlining the Big Gin Stage will be The Horrors, The Cribs and The Darkness along with Ash, The Joy Formidable, Sky Larkin, Swim Deep, Drenge, Willy Moon. Gracing The Quarry Stage will be The 1975, Dan Le Sac vs Scroobius Pip, Electric Six, Stealing Sheep, The Family Rain and Sons and Lovers. Thing stake a heavier turn on The Giant Squid Stage with Wet Nuns, We Are The Ocean, Sharks, Arcane Roots, Gnarwolves and The Computers playing their music to the tent. 

The full line-up can be seen over on the official site with tickets priced at just £79.50. More bands are yet to be announced. Treat yourself to some summer fun.

[Watch] The Cribs - "Leather Jacket Love Song" (Official Video)

What were you doing back in 1997? I'd of been 8 years old and stuck in Primary School wondering why I was being made to learn long multiplication. I can honestly say to this day I've never needed it in every day life let alone the Pythagoras theorem I was taught in Secondary school. The Cribs were a little older though however, and they were in the stages of becoming a band.

They're now preparing to release a singles collection called Payola and to celebrate they've offered up the only new track to feature on the release. Titled "Leather Jacket Love Song" it comes wrapped up in a video that features the modern day Wakefield band watching the young versions of themselves performing at an actual gig. Vintage VHS footage ahoy. It's a bloody marvelous video and a very clever idea. Plus, it's always nice to hear some new stuff from these lads. Here's hoping to some UK festival dates over the summer for good measure.

Be sure to pick up a copy of Payola when it's released on February 25th. Alternatively pre-order the 22 track, career spanning mix over here.

[SKOA Presents] Some Kind of Mixtape: March 2012

Spring is officially here! The sun is peaking out through the clouds and all the good little music lovers on the planet are getting a head start on finding that perfectly epic summer jam. As usual, we've been pouring over tracks from artists far and wide on our never ending quest to bring you the best of the best from the past month. Rocko has even come more out of his blogging hiberation in the past month because the releases are increasingly getting better and better. Without further ado, please enjoy Some Kind Of Mixtape: March 2012 below, have a peek after the jump at the "liner notes" to see why we picked the tracks we did, and make sure you head over to 8tracks and your mixtapes with us!

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3

Kibbe, Shey, Adrian & Rocko

Some Kind of Mixtape - March 2012 from skoablog on 8tracks.


Clock Opera - "Once and For All" (from Ways To Forget, released April 23rd via Moshi Moshi/ Island Records)

Clock Opera are preparing to release their debut, Ways To Forget, later this month we've had numerous twinkles from the band since last year. "Once and For All" opens the album with a slow building intro that rises into a spine tingling track of crescendos and vocal work. It's a perfect opening album track and it opens the door to an album that truly is wonderful. Every track is impeccable, this included. You listen intently as each nose and blip you feel is meant to be exactly where it is. No filler. Just pure musical goodness. - Shey

Pillow Fight (Emily Wells x Dan The Automator) - "In The Afternoon" (from In The Afternoon Single)

Whenever super producer Dan The Automator gears up for another "passion project" such as Handsome Boy Modeling School, Deltron and Lovage you know its gonna be an amazing listen and down right fun. with Dan and his newest project Pillow Fight with singer/songwriter Emily Wells. The two hooked up through mutual buddy, DJ extraordinaire Kid Koala (who also collaborates on the project) and the rest has been history since. Pillow Fight are gearing up to release their debut album later this year with David Choe providing the visuals and if it's like any of Automator's previous projects its gonna be sexy. - Rocko

The Cribs - "Come On, Be A No-One" (lead single released April 23rd, taken from In the Belly of the Brazen Bull, out May 7th via Wichita)

The band of Brothers from Wakefield, The Cribs, have come a long way since their early days and their Self-titled debut back in 2004. They're readying the release of their fifth studio album, In the Belly of the Brazen Bulland this track is their first in a few years. Raw and sing along worthy it's a welcome return from the boys. The track is set for release on the 23rd of April with the album dropping a month later in May. Get your fix of what's to come in the shape of "Come On, Be A No-One". - Shey

Binary - "Modern Man" (from their upcoming single release "Modern Man" out on April 23rd)

I am so excited about what London band Binary have up their sleeves. They keep releasing singles that hit the spot for me every time. Their latest single, "Modern Man" is no exception to this. You can try your hardest, but this song will take over your brain in a matter of seconds as singer David Troster croons snotty lyrics while its moaning guitars and gritty bass line weave back and forth in the darkest parts of your mind. If you enjoyed "Prisoner" at all you are definitely going to want to grab this track the second it drops on April 23rd. - Kibbe

Rocket Juice & The Moon - "Poison" (from Rocket Juice & The Moon)

In music, 2012 so far has been the year of Damon Albarn with the return of Blur, the release of a new Gorillaz tune, producing the upcoming Bobby Womack record, the upcoming release to Albarn's opera Dr. Dee and the recent collaborative project with good friend Tony Allen and Flea of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Rocket Juice & The Moon. RJ&TM's sound is that of a polished world music, funk jam session with tons of guests (Erykah Badu, M.anifest, Hypnotic Brass Ensemble and more) and is as organic as you can get for a studio album. Check out the sexy, standout track "Poison" which features Albarn on the vocals and make sure you pick the band's album which is out now. - Rocko

Future Unlimited - "The Coast" (from their debut self-titled EP)

First and foremost, I love synth pop. Holy Ghost!'s debut album was one of my favorites from last year, and Nashville duo Future Unlimited have quickly and deservedly taken their place in my recently played list. Despite being relatively unknown until very recently, Samuel D'Amelio and Dave Miller's brand off '80s infused synth pop stands out immediately as incredibly catchy and appropriately atmospheric. Their debut self-titled EP was released only two weeks ago, and since then the song "The Coast" has been heavily replayed. It evokes the prominent styles of '80s music, that being pulse-pounding synthesizers and distant, brooding vocals. On every level it displays a love for the 1980s, but with that, Future Unlimited have gone further, giving the song an unexplainable modern relatability. "The Coast" is simply a fantastic and distinct representation of '80s influenced synth pop. - Adrian

St. Lucia - "The Old House Is Gone" (from his debut EP St. Lucia)

The slow build. The glittering synths. The echoy vocals. We've heard it a million different ways over the past few years. For some reason though, the way that St. Lucia pulls it all together for "The Old House Is Gone" from his self-tiled EP that dropped earlier this month just takes it to the next level for me. This song comes on and suddenly my heart gets lighter, I have a huge smile on my face and I just want to do my best Scott Stapp impersonation and just fling my arms back and dance around in the sunlight. It's so ethereal on the ears and euphoric in your heart. I absolutely love it. As far as I'm concerned, St. Lucia isn't going anywhere but up from here. - Kibbe

Indians - "Magic Kids" (from the Magic Kids 7" single)

In a month where Scandinavian pop dominated my eardrums—I'm looking at you Miike Snow—it was a massive surprise to hear Danish group Indians' brand new single "Magic Kids." Differing from their Scandinavian contemporaries, Indians encapsulate a melancholic song in a melancholic package. It is this package that is so captivating, though, as it takes you through an atmospheric dreamscape of ambient chimes, arrays of wave synths and distant, crooning vocals. It's an alluring single that only makes me more impatient to hear more from this Copenhagen outfit. - Adrian
Jack White - "Sixteen Saltines" (from his upcoming debut album Blunderbuss out on April 23rd)
It's really hard not to worship everything that Jack White touches. Although admittedly it took a bit for "Love Interruption" to grow on me, I took to "Sixteen Saltines" within seconds. This is Jack White at his best. His signature guitar sound shines so brightly in this song that you could go blind. It's got just a tiny touch of that White Stripes feel to it as well, so extra bonus for those of us who miss them terribly. I'm also having a hard time not thinking about his somewhat-recent divorce with Karen Elson while hearing these and trying to deduce what went wrong in their relationship based on the subject matter of these latest singles. Either way, I am super amped to snatch up this album in a couple of weeks and then rock out at Roseland Ballroom in May. - Kibbe

Plugs - "On and On" (from their upcoming debut album Plugs)

For those who have yet to hear former Does It Offend You, Yeah? member Morgan Quaintance current band, Plugs, its time for you to get familiar just in time for their upcoming debut album releasing this year on Eurostar Records. These Euro rockers came onto the scene in 2010 with more of an electronic influenced, rock sound as displayed in their first single "All Them Witches" and their 2011 single "Black Microdots" and have transcended themselves within a two year period to showcase they are more than a one genre band. And that they do, as shown in their recent single, the rock heavy tune "On and On" which provides vocal melodies very reminiscent to the sound of Beck Hanson's. Keep an eye out on these guys for what is next to come. - Rocko

Tanlines - "Not The Same" (from their debut album Mixed Emotions, released on March 20th via True Panther Sounds)

Tanlines debut album Mixed Emotions had me hooked from the get go. The Brooklyn duo's experimental style, which sees indie rock infused with elements of synth pop and several worldly genres, draws you in immediately and never lets go. No matter what the mood of the song, whether it's more upbeat ("All of Me") or more contemplative ("Nonesuch"), each one has something that makes it unique yet they are all cohesively addicting to listen to. "Not The Same" is particularly great, though, as it's simple progression and evocative lyrics meld effortlessly with catchy percussion. But, what makes the song so good is Eric Emm's vocal works, which sees a lot of breadth here, hitting emotional highs and thoughtful lows. "Not The Same" is a standout song from a standour album. - Adrian

Japandroids - "The House That Heaven Built" (from Celebration Rock, released June 5th via Polyvinyl)

What's not to love about a two piece that can create this much noise! Japandroids returned in March with "The House That Heaven Built", the first track taken from their newly announced album Celebration Rock, it's big, it's brash and for me I played it on repeat about 10 times in a row upon first hearing it. That's always a good sign. For me this track also feels like Summer and the past week in the UK has been unusually great so that's another reason to play this track really loud. The perfect soundtrack to the perfect sun-filled day. - Shey

[Watch] The Cribs - "Come On, Be A No-One" (Official Video)

Wakefield lads The Cribs return with a brand new official visual for their track "Come On, Be A No-One". The video cut together footage of the band out and about on the road with live footage thrown in to the mix for good measure. It's good to have these boys back and with their album In The Belly Of The Brazen Bull coming out on the 7th of May I think we'll be seeing a hell of a lot more of the brothers in arms. It wouldn't be summer without some tunes from The Cribs playing loudly as the sun crashes through the atmosphere and into the gardens of those having BBQ's now, would it?!

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[Listen] The Cribs - "Come On, Be A No-One"

Another brand new cut from those Wakefield boys done good, The Cribs has made its way online and it follows up the track we heard not too long by the name of "Chi-Town", a little punky number they treated fans to last month. The track you can enjoy below goes by the name of "Come On, Be A No-One" and is set to feature on their highly anticipated fifth studio album, Belly of the Brazen Bull. The album is set to drop on the 7th of May in the sunny UK and a day later on the 8th in the US of A. For now though, absorb their new track "Come On, Be A No-One" below.

[Listen] The Cribs - "Chi-Town"

The Cribs have returened *cue raucous applause*. The Wakefield boys are back and offer up to fans their first taste of what's to come from their new LP In the Belly of the Brazen Bull, which is set to be released on May 8th via Wichita Recordings. It's good to have them back and I'm glad it's not too long of a wait until we'll get more from the lads. See what you make of the new track entitled "Chi-Town" below via Spin.