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[Watch] The Hives - "Take Back The Toys" x "Wait A Minute" Live on Last Call

The Hives visited Leno earlier in the week to perform their single "Take Back The Toys" which was brilliant. Want to know what's even better than that? Last nigt they performed two track on Last Call with Carson Daly. The aforementioned single and a blazing rendition of "Wait A Minute". You can relive the madness at the top and after the jump courtesy of The Audio Perv.

Lex Hives is out now.

[Watch] The Hives - "Take Back The Toys" Live on Leno

Looks like this slipped through the net late last week but hey you know how the saying goes, better late than never. One of the most entertaining live bands on the circuit at the minute, The Hives, took to the stage on Leno to perform their track "Take Back The Toys". Suits, top hats and an all round top performance to boot. Check it out at the top courtesy of The Audio Perv.

Lex Hives is out now.

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[Watch] The Hives - "Wait A Minute" Live on Conan

A highlight of my summer festival going was watching The Hives. They completely won over the large crowd at Leeds Festival with a high energy set and a get up only they could truly pull off on stage. Last night they delivered again with a visit to Conan's late night slot and they performed "Wait A Minute" from their awesome sounding album, Lex Hives. Check out the replay at the top courtesy of The Audio Perv.

[Listen] The Hives - "Insane" x "High School Shuffle" Prod. Josh Homme

We got to enjoy the new album from The Hives, Lex Hives, earlier in the week but as the week's progressed some more new tracks from the band have hit the net. On the deluxe edition of the release there comes some extra tracks, produced by Josh Homme at his very own Pink Duck Studios. First up via Rolling Stone you can listen to "Insane" before treating your ears to "High School Shuffle" via RCRD LBL. Happy Friday listening. 

They're both after the jump and "Insane" auto-plays as a little word of warning incase you have headphones on and turned up rather loud as I did. The initial riff may hurt a little if so.

[Listen] The Hives - "Go Right Ahead"

It's been awhile since we heard from Swedish rockers The Hives (5 years to be exact since their last album, The Black & White Album). But the fearsome 5 return to announce their 5th studio record, Lex Hives, just in time for their upcoming Coachella show. Check out the first official single "Go Right Ahead" (courtesy of Rolling Stone) from the groups' upcoming album which has a similar sound to the group's previous hit single "Walk Idiot Walk" with its catchy riffs and synthy backdrops. The upcoming 12 cut album is set to drop on June 5th via The Hives' own label Disques Hives and is produced the band themselves, except for bonus tracks featured on the deluxe version of the album which are produced by none other than Queens of the Stone Age frontman Josh Homme. Sweet shit right?

The group has also featured a new song "Thousand Answers" in recent Electronic Arts video games FIFA 12 and SSX, which you can check out here as well. No word if the song is set to appear on the upcoming LP but it totally should because its awesome.

Click to listen to The Hives' 'Go Right Ahead'

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[Listen] The Hives - "Thousand Answers"

I'm always happy when there's new music from The Hives. The swedish garage rockers return with a new song titled "Thousand Answers" which appears on EA's latest contribution to the FIFA Soccer series, FIFA 12. Take a listen to the new tune below. Last we heard from the band back in January, they stated they recently recorded some new tunes before Christmas and were going to continue recording through January. Hopefully that means we should be getting a new Hives record very very soon.

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