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[Watch] The Killers - "Miss Atomic Bomb" (Official Video)

The Killers have unleashed another video to follow up the 'tour video' for "Miss Atomic Bomb" that we had back at the start of November. This video is a little more enjoyable, although I do enjoy a good live tour video. The video mixes live action with a cartoon twist as it follows the story of a talented female ballerina. Hit play and enjoy the video at the top. Notice the nod to their "Mr. Brightside" clip too?

Battle Born is out now.

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[Watch] The Killers - "I Feel it in My Bones"

As much as some people hate this time of year and want to be all grinch-like about it, The Killers seem to be the polar opposite. They have gotten fully into the festive spirit and offered up a Christmas single titled "I Feel it in My Bones". Pull on your favourite bad knitted jumper, hit play and join them in the fun too. The track is released today and you can head over to iTunes to purchase a copy. (Via RS)

UPDATE: Moments after I posted this they went and posted the video! Check it out below.

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[Watch] The Killers - "With or Without You" (U2 Cover)

Last week I went to watch The Killers for the fest time in years. As it happens it was the show in which Brandon and co left the stage 5 songs in due to his voice packing in. Yeah, that was a bummer. So I didn't get to enjoy many of the band's hits let along any covers! Well, Brandon's voice is back and at their London O2 Arena show the band performed a stripped down version of U2's "With or Without You". Give it a watch at the top via Prefix.

The Killers are set to return to the UK next year with a history making performance at London's Wembley Stadium. 

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[Watch] The Killers - "Miss Atomic Bomb"

It's been pretty hard to escape the sound of The Killers in recent months following the release of their album Battle Born. I'm still not fully sold on the band anymore. Don't get me wrong, they know how to make a catchy hook as well as the next radio friendly indie band, I've just not been able to love an album as much as Hott Fuss from them. They've been touring relentlessly since the release of the album though and the video for "Miss Atomic Bomb" sees some backstage shots and live clips from their UK tour being stitched together to sit along side the track. Give it a watch at the top.

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[Watch] The Killers - "Miss Atomic Bomb" x "Runaways" Live on Kimmel

The Killers took to the outdoor stage of Jimmy Kimmel last night to perform two tracks from their newly released album Battle Born. As hard as I try to get into the album it just doesn't sit well with me but I know a lot of fans absolutely love it. Their live shows still seem to be pretty decent too and you can see for yourselves with a performance of "Miss Atomic Bomb" at the top and "Runaways" after the jump courtesy of The Audio Perv.

[Listen] The Killers - 'Battle Born' (Full Album Stream)

Next week The Killers will release Battle Born, the follow up to 2009's Day & Age. As we saw with Bob Dylan's album, Tempest, it's streaming in full over on iTunes a full week before it is released on September 18th release. I've pretty much been a little uninterested in The Killers with their last few releases but this one I'm giving more of a chance. The lead single "Runways" is them at their best, and it's sure to be a festival favourite in the coming year. See for yourselves here.