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[Watch] Phases - "I'm In Love With My Life" (Official Video)

I am a sucker for electro-pop so it's no shocker here that I took to LA quartet Phases baaaasically immediately. This was especially the case with their track, "I'm In Love With My Life", which is one of three that the band have unveiled from their forthcoming album. Honestly, if you're not in love with your life after the first spin of this tune, then maybe you need to book an intense partying session with Andrew WK to work through your issues. Seriously (well, sort of anyway). It's as bright and bubblegumtastic as it is infectious. At any rate, if anyone from the foursome looks familiar to you at all that's because peppered amongst the lineup are former members of Rilo Kiley, Phantom Planet, and The Like. You may have also known them in their former incarnation as JJAMZ. 

I am heartbroken to say that I won't be able to make it out next Tuesday (7/21) to their show at The Studio at Webster Hall. If I could clone myself so I could be there AND at Prospect Park Bandshell for Interpol with Sprout I would be all over this. If you're in the NYC area you should definitely come out.  If you're not in the greater NYC area, the band is on the road in North America through mid-August, so head over to their website and see if they're coming soon to a town near you. 

You should check out their other two tracks as well: "Betty Blue" and "Cooler".