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[Watch] Big Boi & Theophilus London - "She Said OK" (NSFW)

If the quote "female in a domineering role and our rappers, our men, in a submissive role" was something associated with Big Boi and Theophilus London's not-so-subtle single "She Said OK", you might be a bit apprehensive. Turns out that is exactly what director Alexi Papalexopoulos wanted to achieve with the visuals for the song, and the result is.... a pretty traditional rap video. Peep the replay above to see Big Boi and Theophilus hanging out with a bunch of naked ladies and smoking cigars.

[Night Out] Theophilus London Slipper Launch Party @ The Black Tag 8/1/2012

credit: @sproutdrI remember two SXSWs ago when I was filling in for The Audio Perv last minute on the red black carpet at the 2011 MTV Woodies that I briefly got some facetime with Theophilus London and we were talking about the shoe he had designed for Cole Haan. I hadn't really been keeping up with him much past the mixtapes and his full-length, Timez Are Weird These Days, when those dropped. When I heard that he had continued to dabble in clothing and specifically shoe design, I jumped at the chance to feast my eyes on his latest pair of slippers with his signature LVRS branding on them courtesy of a partnership with Del Toro. Sprout and I love us some white wine and shoes, so this event was a total win-win for us.  Theophilus London's Blue Suede Buck Shoes by Cole HaanUpon arrival at the packed boutique, I noticed that there were more than just the Cole Haans and Del Toros on display. I soon found out as I was directed to the makeshift bar that he had designed everything in the room, which included sequin shirts, baseball caps, and a few different T-shirt designs. I should also mention that this particular slipper launch was timed with the release of his latest mixtape, Rose Island Vol. 1, which you can go grab over on his website.

After a few awkward moments of people looking down at their phones and grabbing drinks, the room was filled with chatter and people started to make their way around the room looking at all of the different pieces on display. I'll admit, I had a hard time keeping my hands off the sequin shirts and the slippers. I even made a pathetic attempt to model with the shoes but couldn't quite get my blue steel pose down well enough. I gained a little more respect for models after seeing how silly I looked when I peeked over Sprout's shoulder at the LCD display on her camera.

My best "blue steel" with the LVRS slippersIf I had slightly larger feet (US mens size 8-13 to be exact) and weren't on such a stritct blogger budget (sticker price is $360 for these loverlies), I would be all over these shoes. There's just enough to the design that both ladies and gents can pull off. Great work, Mr. London. I hope you're really proud of yourself.

If you've got the spare change and my shoe modeling really sold you on these, you can grab these limited edtion (but not hand numbered, bummer) shoes over on Del Toros website.

Oh! MTVStyle was also there pointing their cameras all over the place and managed to get London to open up about about the LVRS brand and the shoes he's designed. You can check that out below:

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You can also check out more of Sprout's photos from the party here: 

[News] Big Boi Announces Release Date for 'Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors'

Big Boi recently took to Twitter to announce that his next album will be titled Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors, and followed that up with a brand new track featuring Theophilus London. Now, the rapper has once again taken to Twitter to announce that the album will be released on November 13th, so here's hoping he's true to his word. Give the Theophilus London-featuring track "She Said OK," which may or may not be included on the album, below.

[Listen] Big Boi & Theophilus London feat. TRE LUCE - "She Said OK"

Big Boi recently took to Twitter to announce that his next album will be titled Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors, and late last night he followed that up by dropping a brand new track featuring Theophilus London and TRE LUCE. The song, titled "She Said OK," is confirmed to be included on the forthcoming effort, but it's a good indicator of the direction Big Boi is going in. Check it out and download it below.

[Listen] Theophilus London - "Morning Kisses"
The good folk over at Dynmk copped themselves the premiere of a brand new Theophilus London track titled "Morning Kisses". The track is to feature on his upcoming Rose Island mixtape See what you make of it below.