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[Watch] Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band Visit Fallon Pt. 2

Early last week we saw Bruce Spingsteen and the E Street Band take to the stage of Jimmy Fallon to put in two great performances of two tracks that feature on The Boss' new album which drops tomorrow! (March 6th). To close Springsteen week on Fallon some magical moments happened. First up at the tp you can see Fallon himself breaking out his Neil Young impression once more to take to the stage with Bruce for a cover of LMFAO's "Sexy and I Know It". After that it was time for something a little more formal with an entertaining interview between Jimmy and Bruce touching on some interesting points, including Disneyland. 

Finally after the interview the show was closed out with a three song set which consisted of Wrecking Ball tracks "Death to My Hometown" and "Jack of All Trades" with help from Tom Morello for both. Then after introducing new E Street Sax player Jake Clemons before getting The Roots enrolled in the fun along with Morllo, Fallon and the E Street band for a seven-minute rendition of "The E Street Shuffle". Truly a great end to a week of goodness from Fallon and The Boss.

Interview Part 1

Interview Part 2

"Death To My Hometown" Feat. Tom Morello

"Jack Of All Trades" Feat. Tom Morello

"The E Street Shuffle" Feat. The Roots, Tom Morello, Fallon

[Listen] Bruce Springsteen - "We Take Care of Our Own"

Yesterday, news broke that Bruce Springsteen has set a date to release his new LP Wrecking Ball, via a listing on iTunes. The 11 track effort is set for release on the 5th of March in the UK and a day later in the U.S. on the 6th March. Rolling Stone reports that the album was produced by Ron Aniello and features guest appearances from Tom Morello and drummer Matt Chamberlain.

Today you can listen to the lead single from the album titled "We Take Care of Our Own" and get excited for the E Street band touring in the coming months including sets at the legendary Isle of Wight Festival!

[Watch] Bright Eyes - "Arienette" Feat. Tom Morello Live @ Ottawa Folk Festival

Last week during their set at the Ottawa Folk Festival, Bright Eyes brought out a secret weapon that would trump most bands secret weapons in my opinion, that weapon was the whammy pedal donning Tom Morello. Tom came on stage to help the band play through a few tracks. First up he played through "Arienette" from Bright Eye's 2000's Fevers and Mirrors and Tom then stayed on stage for "Road to Joy," off 2005's I'm Wide Awake, It's Morning.Our friends over at TwentyFourBit uncovered a video of Tom on stage during "Arienette" and you can enjoy what begins as a standard performance from Conor Oberst. Did I say normal? It is a pretty standard affair until Tom lays down his gauntlet of string scratching and kill switch mastery. Jeez, I need to practice this crap more. Crazy stuff.  Check it out at the top for yourselves.

[Watch] Fistful Of Mercy - "Father's Son" Feat. Tom Morello Live on Conan

Day one we got Jack White. Day two we got Soundgarden and now on day three Conan O'Brien has delivered up Fistful Of Mercy featuring Tom Morello on guitar too! Craziness. They play the track which was our first taste from the band back in September titled "Father's Son" taken from their debut, As I Call You Down. Tom adds his trademark sound to the track with a classic Digitech Whammy octave up solo...When you hear it you'll know the ones I mean! Check out the video up top courtesy of The Audio Perv.
[Listen] Travis Barker - "Carry It" Feat. RZA, Raekwon & Tom Morello

Get a listen of Travis Barker's next single "Carry It" featuring Wu Tang Swordsmen RZA and Raekwon and Rage Against The Machine guitarist, Tom Morello, which will be featured on Barker's upcoming solo album. Along with that get a behind the scenes look at the video for this banger above.

Travis Barker - "Carry It" (Feat. RZA, Raekwon, Tom Morello) by Some Kind of Awesome

[Download] Cypress Hill - "Rise Up" (Feat. Tom Morello)

Cypress Hill’s 8th and newest album, Rise Up, releases on 4/6/2010 and today we have the title track off the upcoming album for you. Their single "Rise Up" features production by Rage Against The Machine, Ex-Audioslave and Nightwatchman guitarist extraordinaire Tom Morello. Check it out below the tracklisting.

1. It Ain’t Nothin’ (feat. Young De) (Produced by B-Real)
2. Light It Up (Produced by Pete Rock)
3. Rise Up (feat. Tom Morello) (Produced by Tom Morello & B-Real)
4. Get It Anyway (Produced by Jim Jonsin)
5. Pass The Dutch (feat. Evidence & Alchemist) (Produced by DJ Muggs & DJ Khalil)
6. Bang Bang (Produced by B-Real)
7. K.U.S.H (Produced by Sick Jacken & B-Real)
8. Get ‘Em Up (Produced by B-Real)
9. Carry Me Away (feat. Mike Shinoda) (Produced by Mike Shinoda)
10. Trouble Seeker (feat. Daron Malakian) (Produced by Daron Malakian)
11. Day Destroys the Night (feat. Everlast) (Produced by DJ Muggs & DJ Khalil)
12. I Unlimited (Produced by B-Real)
13. Armed & Dangerous (Produced by Jake One & B-Real)
14. Shut ‘Em Down (feat. Tom Morello) (Produced by Tom Morello & B-Real)
15. Armada Latina (feat. Marc Anthony & Pitbull) (Produced by Jim Jonsin)

Cypress Hill - Rise Up (feat. Tom Morello) (Produced by Tom Morello & B-Real)