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[News] Trash Talk Announce European Tour

Trash Talk have just announced a European Tour set for June and July this year. The tour will see them play Denmark, Sweden, France, Germany, Ireland along with a host of dates in the UK and Scotland. See the poster above for details. Tickets are on sale now so be quick. I've heard the Manchester date is selling out ridiculously quick due to the Star and Garter being a tiny venue. Avoid disappointment and grab a ticket quickly!

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[Listen] Trash Talk - "Exile on Broadway"

Trash Talk's new album 119 is set for release next week on October 9th via Odd Future Records/Trash Talk Collective. So far we've only got to hear "F.E.B.N" which was 110 seconds of pure energy. "Exile on Broadway" is pretty much the same deal, it's 1 minute of pure energy coming at you full speed. What I'm pretty impressed with is how the band seem to carry across a lot of their live energy in the studio versions. Look out for the full album when it drops next week.

Also, if you fancy partying with the band they're having a gig at the house which the album is actually named after. Details can be seen here.

[SKOA Presents] Some Kind of Mixtape: August 2012

Things are slowly but steadily starting to cool off as summer comes to an end. It seems once we all stopped running around doing our collective festival and bar hopping that we all were able to focus on things that we've been missing out on that we hold dear to our hearts. For Shey, he was missing sweet ass guitar riffs, Rocko was in dire need of a new P.O.S. & Kid Koala fix, I've missed obsessing over vocalists and Adrian was keeping his ear to the ground for some rich new sounds from bands both new and old(er). Thanks to Shey, I can happily say this is one of the louder mixtapes that we've done in awhile. With that said, please enjoy Some Kind of Mixtape: August 2012. Make sure you follow us on 8tracks and let us know what you think of our picks!

<3 your SKOA fam,

kibbe, rocko, shey & adrian


Some Kind of Mixtape - August from skoablog on 8tracks Radio.

Biffy Clyro - "Stingin' Belle"

When a band releases a single ahead of an album, especially when it's a band you hold close to your heart you can't help but be a little nervous. With Biffy Clyro, they're about to follow up the highly successful Revolutions with Opposites recorded with Garth Richardson. The aforementioned first single is titled "Stingin' Bell" and it opens up with a ferocity of early Biffy yet it grows into an arena filling track, even casually throwing in bag-pipes like it's no big deal in the bridge. It's fair to say after the first listen I was happy that the band were back on top form and hadn't slowed their ever growing pace. I expect big things next year upon the release of the album.—Shey

Plugs - "Set Fire"

I've been on this band's bandwagon since day one when frontman Morgan Quaintance announced that he was leaving Does It Offend You, Yeah? and be working on new music with his band, Plugs. After about 3-4 years since they emerged on the scene, Plugs have finally released their self titled debut earlier this week and it does not disappoint. Check out the rocking track "Set Fire" off their new album. - Rocko

Bloc Party - "We Are Not Good People"

Bloc Party's triumphant return happened a few weeks ago with the release of their long awaited album, Four. The track I've picked from their album is the last on the album and after my first play of the LP in full it just stuck with me. A brash and in your face riff heavy track that I did not expect. I say that yet others on the album like "Coliseum" and "3x3" are also 'big' but this, "We Are Not Good People" is just phenomenal. I've always loved these guys and this is just an awesome track from and awesome band. Pick up their album if you haven't already!—Shey

Big Black Delta - "Betamax"

Team SKOA fell pretty hard for Big Black Delta when BBDLP1 was released last year, so naturally when some of the songs were being re-released as part of his tour EP for his recent tour where he was supporting Janes Addiction, M83 and even headlining some shows himself I jumped at the chance to re-state just how much we love "Betamax". Between the dark sensual synths and singer Jonathan Bates' chilling falsetto in the chorus, it's hard for your heart to not feel lighter and to find your hips involuntarily swaying. - Kibbe

Young Cairo - "Ghosts"

Although relatively unknown and yet to release more than a single song, Young Cairo has incredible talent. The moment I heard his debut single "Ghosts", I was immediately sold. From start to finish the song is pure fun, a relentless barrage of summery guitar riffs and energetic vocals. This is the kind of song that would perfectly soundtrack a day at the beach, with waves crashing, people laughing, and good times to be had all around. Not too shabby for a debut.—Adrian

Trash Talk - "F.E.B.N."

Trash Talk are set to make some noise in October when they release the follow up to Eyes & Nines, and last year's EP Awake, in the shape of 119. Our first taste of that album is 1 and a half minutes of in your face bass heavy hardcore that will make you want to stomp your feet and smash things. I got introduced to these guys a few years ago by a friend and after witnessing their chaos in a live setting shortly after I was converted into a fan. More energy than a kid after 3 packs of Smarties. Very much looking forward to the LP's release.—Shey

Birds & Batteries - "Be My Girl"

From their latest album Stray Light, "Be My Girl" is one of the most beautifully heavy songs I've heard in a good while. With every thud of the bass and the sincerity in singer Mike Serpent's voice it manages to slowly start tugging away at your heart strings. If you manage to catch them on their current tour I highly recommend it. You can have a look at dates here. - Kibbe


Wild Nothing - "Paradise"

Wild Nothing's sound has always been grounded in '80s nostalgia, and his sophomore album Nocturne hasn't lost that one bit. In fact, it is even more wrapped up in this nostalgia than his debut LP Gemini. The song "Paradise" is a shining example of this. Beginning with sweeping wave synths and deep, groovy basslines, the track evokes all kinds of '80s-influenced goodness. Catchy rhythmic guitar riffs, strangely alluring flutes, and Jack Tatum's deep, wandering voice all work amazingly well together, resulting in five-and-half-minutes that you will want to repeat over and over again.—Adrian

P.O.S. - "Bumper"

Our favorite Doomtree returns with a vengeance with the first single from his upcoming album, We Don't Even Live Here. Much like his previous single "Drumroll" off the album Never Better, P.O.S. continues to push the envelope with his style of punk and hip hop and this time around adding a lil electronic/industrial feel to his sound. After hearing just one track from his new album I, myself am on the edge of my seat anticipating the release of the new album and the always entertaining live show from P.O.S. and crew. - Rocko

Kid Koala - "8 bit blues (Chicago to LA to NY)"
As some may already know, i'm a big fan of innovative DJ/Producers who continue to push their craft beyond just the basic mixing and scratching of hip hop tracks (i.e. DJ Shadow, RJD2, Dan The Automator). So of course it comes to no surprise that we wouldn't be excited for Kid Koala's upcoming LP 12 Bit Blues. The new album has 12 wonderful tracks mixed with dirty drum breaks, soulful blues and Koala signature scratch technique and feels like what I would have on repeat if I owned a modern day Saloon. Check out one of the first tracks from the album, "8 Bit Blues" and make sure you pick this album when it drops later this month. - Rocko

Grizzly Bear - "Yet Again"

Every song from Grizzly Bear's upcoming album Shields has already proven that the Brooklyn outfit is expanding their sound, exploring more aggressive avenues and tinkering with their old formula. "Yet Again" fits right into the band's new mentality, never letting go from the moment the first drum kick hits. Every high and low moment is never without a dazzling array of instrumentation, drawing you deeper and deeper into the brash soundscape they have created. If "Yet Again" is any indication, Shields looks to be the most impressive Grizzly Bear project to date.—Adrian

Ultraista - "Bad Insect"  

I am nothing short of delighted to have been caught up to speed on Nigel Godrich's latest project, Ultraista. There is something about their latest single, "Bad Insect" that feels so oddly familiar but in the best of all possible ways. Something in Laura Bettinson's voice is so interesting and calming at the same time that it just sort of makes me want to put the track on repeat for about an hour. The song comes from the bands forthcoming self-titled debut that is scheduled to drop on October 2nd courtesy of Temporary Residence. Additionally the band has some dates coming up in the US that would be foolish to miss out on. - Kibbe

[Watch] Trash Talk - "F.E.B.N." (Official Video)

Trash Talk offer up the official visual accompaniment for the lead single from 119, "F.E.B.N.". Directed by Tyler, The Creator under his other title of Wolf Haley it shows Lee and co performing while the camera continually pans around the ever changing chaos that surrounds them. Skating, graffiti, flames from aerosols and flash cars. It's a weird mix but works pretty well with the ferocity of the track. 

119 is set for release on October 9th via Trash Talk Collective and Odd Future Records. You can pick up the single here.

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[Listen] Trash Talk - "F.E.B.N."

Trash Talk have been debuting a few new tracks on the road recently from their forthcoming album, 119. Today on Radio One they played a song called "F.E.B.N." which you can download from iTunes over here right now, or alternatively have a try before you buy and listen to it below. Heavy bass and no beating around the bush. I'm very much looking forward to hearing the rest of the album.

Trash Talk's new album is set to be released on October 9th via Trash Talk Collective and Odd Future Records.

[News] Reading & Leeds Festival Announce Lock Up Stage

We've already had the first announcement of Reading & Leeds Festival in which we found out Foo Fighters, The Black Keys, The Cure, Kasabian, Florence & The Machine and a load more bands will make up the main stage along with the likes of Justice and At The Drive In on the NME stage. Today, they've announced the Lock Up stage and it's got some goodies! Headlining will be Less Than Jake and Social Distortion and filling out the days will be Anti-Flag, Every Time I Die, Me First and The Gimme Gimmes, Gallows, Trash Talk, Bouncing Souls, Ceremony and a host of others. Peep the Screen grab at the top for the full list. See you in the fields!

To purchase weekend tickets and day tickets visit the Reading site here or the Leeds site here

[Watch] Trash Talk - "Slander" (Official Video)

Trash Talk's latest EP Awake was a belter and if you don't have it in your life yet then go and grab a copy over here. Today they've offered up the animated video for the short but ever so sweet track, "Slander". It's a pretty amusing video and was animated and directed by Jim Dirschberger. If you get a chance to see these guys live, do it, it's basically a trip like this video but in real life. Seriously. Peep a live video performance of "Birth Plague Die" from last November if you want an idea of what it's like. Until then, smash up some shit to this track!

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[Watch] Trash Talk - "Birth Plague Die" Live

Trash Talk on record is a thing of greatness, but Trash Talk in a live setting is a whole other beast that will hit you in the face like the plague taking out everything in it's path. Pitchfork TV recently recorded some madness at the Altered Zones party and up at the top you can get a taste of the mayhem you may be in for if you are to see these guys live. The track they're playing is "Birth Plague Die".

Their recent EP Awake is out now and if you've not given it a listen yet, you most definitely should.

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