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[Watch] Two Inch Punch - "Digital Love Letters" (Official Video)

Two Inch Punch is no stranger to using old movies and cropping together footage for his videos, having done so with Barbarella last month. This time around, the West London producer has used cropped together footage from Matthew Broderick's 1983 film WarGames to make the video for his track "Digital Love Letters". The footage goes perfectly with the song, given the teenage love story and the fact that Broderick's character is a hacker, so give it a watch above.

"Digital Love Letters" was included on Two Inch Punch's new Saturn: The Slow Jams EP, which you can grab over on iTunes.

[Listen] Two Inch Punch - 'Saturn: The Slow Jams EP' (Full Album Stream)

After enjoying songs like "Moonstruck" and "Paint It Red", I am happy to report that Two Inch Punch's latest EP, Saturn: The Slow Jams is now available. For those of you who prefer to try before you buy, you can stream the entire EP below. I love how delicate but powerful all the layers feel as they lay on top of one another and weave in and out during each song. This EP comes highly recommended.

Saturn: The Slow Jams is available to purchase now on iTunes.

[Watch] Two Inch Punch - "Moonstruck" (Video)

When I first moved to NYC a friend of mine took me to Korova Milk Bar back when it was over on Avenue A just before it closed. One of my first memories of the place was watching Barbarella on one of the TVs behind the bar and being so confused because I had never heard of the movie in my life. Thanks to Two Inch Punch's latest video for his track, "Moonstruck" from his upcoming EP I had the chance to take a stroll down memory lane from his use of cropped up clips from the movie. Just like with "Paint It Red", this new track is a more than appropriate soundtrack for floating in space. If you've been into these songs make sure you pick up his upcoming EP Saturn: The Slow Jams on June 25th via PMR Records. If you're in the London area you can catch him at Notting Hill Arts Club on June 22nd for his EP Launch party where you can catch sets from Velour and Brey in addition to a set from Two Inch Punch himself.

[Listen] Two Inch Punch - "Up in Your Mix"

London based Two Inch Punch self released his "Love You Up/Luv Luv" white label 12" earlier in the year and he even put together a mix for Mista Jam's 1Xtra show. Today you can get a taste of what's to come from his upcoming EP, Love You Up. It's set for release on the 31st of October via PMR. The lead track from the 5 track EP goes by the name of "Up In Your Mix" and you can stream it below. Full of deep bass filled beats and melodic hooks, it's well worth a few minutes of your day, it is Friday after all. 

+++ Up In Your Mix. --- by T.I.P

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