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[News] Queens of the Stone Age detail new album: '…Like Clockwork'

Unless you spent your weekend under a rock, you'll of seen the internet blow up when our friends over at Antiquiet broke the news of the new Queens of the Stone Age album along with some tantilising snippets of some tracks. The album is titled …Like Clockwork is due out in June via the band’s new label, Matador Records. exciting.

Regarding the release, the ginger giant known as Josh Homme has said it's an "audio documentary of a manic year." I for one cannot wait to hear some full tracks. On the release we can expect guest spots from Dave Grohl on skins, Alex Turner, Trent Reznor, Sir elton John, Joey Castillo, Nick Oliveri, Mark Lanegan, Scissor Sisters’ Jake Shears, Jon Theodore and James Lavelle of UNKLE. 

The album itself was produced by the big man Homme and recorded at Pink Duck Studios. So, get excited. I know I've had a perma-boner since Friday due to the excitement. I should probably go and see a doctor about it.

[Listen] DJ Shadow - "Won't You Be"

Look's like SKOA's favorite DJ, DJ Shadow is going to have a busy release schedule this fall. Aside from his archival release Total Breakdown: Hidden Transmissions From The MPC Era, 1992-1996 coming this August, Shadow has announced that he will be releasing 16-track compilation entitled Reconstructed: The Best Of DJ Shadow on September 3. This upcoming compilation showcases the greatest DJ Shadow track throughout his 23-year long career as a producer/artist including tracks from his five studio albums as well as his collaborative UNKLE album Psyence Fiction with James Levelle.

I know you DJ Shadow fans are like "Thats cool, but I already got all of this stuff. Why do we need a greatest hits compilation?" Well let me tell you. The upcoming compilation also features 2 never been released tracks, "Listen" and "Won't You Be" which is an added bonus for fan of Shadow and the compilation will also be released as a limited-edition boxset titled, Reconstructed: The Complete DJ Shadow. This 8 disc set is limited to 500 copies worldwide and each set will be individually signed by DJ Shadow and will also include a 12-inch vinyl record, a booklet featuring an essay by acclaimed music writer Dave Tompkins and numerous photos. Pretty sweet deal right? Cool. Then get your boy Rocko one. ;) 

But now the good stuff for your ears. Yesterday, our good friends at BBC 6 Music premiered one of the two unreleased cuts on the Shaun Keaveny show. Check out the new track "Won't You Be" below and head over to the 6 Music website to hear the back story behind the compilation and track at the 2 hour 40 minute mark. Peep the full tracklist to the compilation below.

'Midnight In A Perfect World'
'High Noon'
'I've Been Trying'
'This Time (I'm Gonna Try It My Way)'
'You Can't Go Home Again'
'Scale It Back (Featuring Little Dragon)'
'Listen (Featuring Terry Reid)'
'Six Days'
'Won’t You Be'
'Organ Donor'
'Lonely Soul' (Featuring Richard Ashcroft) 
'Blood On The Motorway'
'You Made It' (Featuring Chris James)
'Dark Days' (Main Theme)

[Watch] UNKLE - "Money & Run" Feat. Nick Cave (Video)

Check out this entertaining new video from UNKLE and Nick Cave's collaboration for the track, "Money & Run". The video is a fun watch but also NSFW as it sees some powerful men, i.e. bankers/politicians whatever they are, partaking in their daily lives. You know, golf and tennis, the daily sports of the rich and wealthy. Director Tom Haines however turns them into nasty, cruel characters beating up youths and throwing them into the back of a car and generally getting away with whatever they like due to their status.

I actually enjoyed the violent visuals paired up with the track but you may not. Decide for yourselves at the top via TwentyFourBit.

[Listen] UNKLE - "In My Mind" Feat. Gavin Clark

It's been a very productive year for James Levelle and UNKLE. The band have recently released an extended version or their 2010 album Where Did The Night Fall titled Where Did The Night Fall:Another Night Out which features songs the original Where Did The Night Fall album as well as songs from their recently released EPs The Answer and Only The Lonely as well as few new tunes. Check out the track "In My Mind" featuring constant UNKLE collaborator Gavin Clark from the recent release below. And if you fiend for more, then head over to MySpace to check out the full stream of the deluxe release.

UNKLE - "In My Mind" Feat. Gavin Clark by Some Kind of Awesome

[Listen] UNKLE - "The Dog Is Black" Feat. Liela Moss (of Duke Spirit)

Anyone who is a constant reader of the site knows that the SKoA staff are huge fans of James Levelle's group/band UNKLE. They are set to release their newest EP Only The Lonely next month which features the single "Money and Run" featuring Nick Cave. Now you can check out a new track titled "The Dog Is Black" featuring Liela Moss of Duke Spirit on vocals. Check it out in the player below courtesy of Spinner and the head here to preorder the EP.

Unkle - "The Dog Is Black" Feat. Liela Moss (of Duke Spirit) by Some Kind of Awesome

[Listen] UNKLE - "Money and Run" Feat. Nick Cave

UNKLE are set to release a new EP titled Only The Lonely on April. The five track EP is a follow to the group's 2010 album Where Did The Night Fall and features 5 new tunes with collaborations from Nick Cave, Liela Moss (The Duke Spirit), long time UNKLE vocalist Gavin Clark and Rachel Fannan (ex Sleepy Sun) and a new UNKLE instrumental. Check out the first track "Money and Run" featuring Nick Cave from the upcoming record below and peep the tracklisting after the jump. For those who can't wait to get their hands on this release (I for one am one of those) head here to preorder the EP.

UNKLE - "Money and Run" Feat. Nick Cave by Some Kind of Awesome

Only The Lonely EP Tracklisting:

1. Money and Run (feat. Nick Cave)
2. The Dog Is Black (feat. Liela Moss)
3. Only The Lonely (dub)
4. Wash The Love Away (feat. Gavin Clark)
5. Sunday Song (feat. Rachel Fannan)

[Watch] UNKLE - "The Runaway" (Video)

Check out the new video from UNKLE for single "The Runaway" which features ELLE J taken from his album released back in May, Where Did The Night Fall. I don't really know what to make of the video for this in all honesty. It consists of women dancing and swaying to the music in a trance like state behind a silk screen. It's a bit hypnotic once you pair it with the repetitive catchy main computer like rhythm and bass. Check it out for yourself above. UNKLE are on the road right now and the dates are over here. As an added extra you can pick up a re-working of the track below that Lupe Fiasco added some extra bass and heaviness to. Time to get that Friday feeling everybody.


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[$FREE.99] UNKLE - Lives Of The Artists: Follow Me Down (Soundtrack)

A while back we let you guys know that UNKLE was working on scoring the new feature-length documentary from Relentless Energy Drink, ‘Lives of the Artists: Follow Me Down’.  And now it looks like you can download selected tracks from that score for FREE. Awesome right?

To download these exclusive UNKLE tracks from the Lives Of The Artists: Follow Me Down soundtrack, simply join Relentless Energy Drink community The Order and UNKLE mailing list. 

<a href="">Lives Of The Artists: Follow Me Down - Soundtrack by UNKLE</a>

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