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[Watch] Wanda Jackson & Jack White - "Riot in Cell Block #9" Feat. Third Man Band

With the sad news that The White Stripes will not release any new material came a mourning to the music community that we'd be seeing less of Jack and Meg. However, it's Jack White, that man is a workaholic and just likes to play music with whoever is around at the time. Recently he's been hanging with Wanda Jackson due to Third Man Records putting out her new album. We've already seen a few videos of the pair along with the Third Man Records band and today we get another treat from TMR. Posted yesterday on their official Youtube channel check them out rocking "Riot in Cell Block #9". It features Jack playing some nice guitar at the start before the lovely looking Wanda joins him on stage and they rip through the track. Hit play and you won't be sorry. The Party Ain’t Over dropped in stores recently so grab a copy of it while it's fresh off the press!

[Watch] Wanda Jackson & Jack White - "Funnel of Love" Live on Conan

For the third time in as many weeks we get to see Jack White firing his guitar off on all rounds as last night him and Wanda Jackson made another TV appearance. This time it was on Jack's friend and sharer of the stage on at least two occasions, Conan O'Brien who was to be the host for the White/Jackson performance. The pair along with the Third Man Band took to the set and performed "Funnel Of Love" which Wanda first performed back in 1961. It doesn't appear on Wanda's new release, The Party Ain’t Over which dropped in stores yesterday. As well as their performance Jack and Wanda sat down to have a talk about the whole experience and what not with Conan, of which you can watch after the jump.

If you missed either of the other recent performances/appearences by these guys, you can see Jack and co doing their thing on Letterman, blasting out "Shakin' All Over" for your viewing pleasure. As well as that entertaining vid Wanda, Jack and the band spent a day recording and performing a Bob Dylan Cover in the form "Thunder on the Mountain". Recorded at the very same pressing factory at which Wanda's new LP was it makes for an energetic performance. Enjoy the Conan performance at the top courtesy of our friends over at The Audio Perv.

[Watch] Wanda Jackson & Jack White - "Shakin' All Over"

Earlier in the week I got a little excited seeing Jack White playing a guitar again, cut me some slack, it has been a while! The video we saw/heard it in was with Wanda Jackson playing along with the Third Man Records House Band. If you missed it they do a roaring rendition of Bob Dylan's "Thunder on the Mountain", and Wanda even plays around wth the lyrics a little. 

Last night marked the second time in a week we get to watch Jack White rock a guitar with these guys as he dropped in on Letterman and rocked that ish hard. The track is taken from the recent collaborative album, The Party Ain’t Over which you can from the 25th of January over here. Come on Jack, do us all a solid and get this WHite Stripes album done. Oh, and a world tour would be nice too.

[Watch] Wanda Jackson & Jack White - "Thunder on the Mountain" (Bob Dylan Cover)

Are you ready to have a few minutes out of your day to truly sit back, relax and sit open mouthed as Jack White graces your computer screen with his presence and a guitar thrown together with a boutique amp? You are!? Awesome. Take a look at him, Wanda Jackson and the Third Man Records House Band as they tackle the legend that is Bob Dylan's "Thunder on the Mountain".

Why that song you may ask...well in an interview with Spinner Jackson told them that "Jack wanted me to do a Bob song...They're longstanding friends and Bob suggested 'Thunder on the Mountain.'" Naturally, you kno whow it is just hanging out with Bob on a Saturday afternoon.  Wanda goes on to say that when recording the video for this one afternoon in the very same pressing plant her vinyl was pressed Jack was in "rare form....Every time that we taped it, he had the energy, jumping around like that and playing the guitar." 

What are you waiting for, hit play already and soak in Jack White, Wanda and the House band rocking the plant like there's no tomorrow! The Party Ain't Over will be out Jan. 25 via Nonesuch Records and White's Third Man Records.

Jack White Project With Rockabilly Legend Wanda Jackson To Finally See The Light Of Day

In January we reported that Jack White was going to be up to his eyeballs in the newest project by rockabilly legend Wanda Jackson and that members of the Raconteurs/The Dead Weather were going to help Jackie with the project.

Today, Pitchfork dished out the details on when the album would finally see the light of day.

The album is called The Party Ain't Over and will be available for one and all on January 25th, courtesy of Third Man Records.

Check out the video above to hear side one of her single, "You Know I'm No Good" (yes, she covered Amy Winehouse and totally nailed it!).

Tracklisting after the jump!

01 Shakin All Over
02 Rip It Up
03 Busted
04 Rum and Coca-Cola
05 Thunder on the Mountain
06 You Know I'm No Good
07 Like a Baby
08 Nervous Breakdown
09 Dust on the Bible
10 Teach Me Tonight
11 Blue Yodel #6

Jack White Records, Produces Queen Of Rockabilly With Help From The Raconteurs


NME is reporting that Jack White called in his bandmates from The Raconteurs/The Dead Weather to record with The Queen of Rockabilly herself, Wanda Jackson

According to NME, "[White] has produced the double A-side single 'You Know I'm No Good'/'Shakin' All Over' by the 'Queen Of Rockabilly'. The former song is a cover of the Amy Winehouse, while the latter song was originally recorded by Johnny Kidd And The Pirates."

The single will be released on February 8th courtesy of Third Man Records