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[Watch] Biffy Clyro - "Sounds Like Balloons" (Live Video)

I've gone off on numerous rants on Twitter regarding people at gigs that seem to watch the entire show through the 3 inch screen of their phone instead of watching the big picture that's happening right in front of their very face a few feet away. Take a quick snap if you like, and then be done with it. Don't spend the entire gig filming shoddy low quality video that you're never going to use. Chances are you're at the gig with people you'd show the video to anyway so just stop it. Cheers. Anyway, Biffy Clyro have taken my pet peeve and used it to their advantage by having fans send in clips from their UK arena tour and used them to compile a live video for "Sounds Like Balloons" patched together with some pro-shot footage. It does work pretty well at giving you a snapshot into what it was like down in the crowd on the tour and all in all, it carries across the energy too. I'm still not a fan of the ever growing use of phones at gigs but it's the times we live in. Check out the video above and be sure to check out one of my favourite albums from this year, Opposites, which came out back in February.


[Watch] Biffy Clyro - "Victory Over The Sun" (Official Video)

It's fair to say Biffy Clyro have a pretty loyal fan base of both old fans and new. I don't know if I'd go as far as to say it's a cult though but in the visual for their new single "Victory Over The Sun" that's what it appears Simon Neil is the leader of. The track is taken from the bands fantastic double LP, Opposites, that went number one in the UK back in February. Check out the fire filled video below and be sure to pick up the single from September 8th.

The band will headline Leeds and Reading festival in late August.


[Listen] Check out three new Biffy Clyro tracks from their 'Opposite' EP

We've sand Biffy Clyro's praises for a long time and this year I feel like we've mentioned them a hell of a lot. Their latest album Opposites was a double disc journey through the trials and tribulations of the band. A record that's still getting heavy play in my house. It was their first number one record in the UK and has taken them onto playing their first arena tour around the UK and this summer they'll headline Reading and Leeds Festival. This week they released an EP simply called Opposite and it featured the previously heard single of the same name along with three brand new songs. Below you can check out "Sorry and Thanks", "A Tragic World Record" and "Wooden Souvenir". To pick up a copy of the EP jump over here.


[Listen] Biffy Clyro - "Get Lucky" (Daft Punk Cover)

It's fair to say that over the last few months, Daft Punk's "Get Lucky" has been almost impossible to escape. It's been used on adverts and TV Shows along with having multiple daily plays on almost every radio station imaginable. Let's add a new direction for the track then shall we as Biffy Clyro chose to cover the infectious track while on Dermot O'Leary's BBC Radio 2 Saturday slot. Check out their acoustic take on the track below or re-listen to the entire show and interview over here.


[Watch] Biffy Clyro - "Black Chandelier" (Live in London)

I have a habit of playing music I love far too much. This year I've done it with a few albums already. This image kind of sums up my feelings towards music in general. Anyway with that in mind I've seriously given Biffy Clyro's latest studio release, Opposites, some heavy play. Multiple plays on a weekly basis and when it was released it was pretty much all I listened to for a month. I'm not kidding. Yet I still absolutely love it, and it's nice to see Biffy still offering up fans new stuff for fans on the regular. At the start of the month they released a live video of them performing "Different People" live at London's 20,000 capacity O2 arena, and today they give us a peek at them in the same venue rocking through "Black Chandelier. Check out the video at the top.

Opposites is out now.


[Watch] Biffy Clyro - "Opposite" (Official Video)

We can't give Biffy Clyro enough praise this year following the release of their fantastic double LP, Opposites. They've gone from strength to strength since the release, headlining their largest tour to date, supporting Muse and playing a string of US dates including Coachella. Today they offer up the official video clip for the track "Opposite" which sees a rather warped look at the world. It also sees the Simon, James and Ben being involved in a huge car crash and the horror that follows is pretty gripping. It's also a nice road safety ad. Always wear a seatbelt! Check it out above.

Opposites is out now


[Watch] Biffy Clyro - "Different People" (Live in London)

Biffy Clyro this year launched themselves into the stratosphere of UK rock arena status with the release of their double album Opposites. They played their largest headline tour of the UK too playing the likes of Manchester's MEN Arena and London's O2 Arena. The latter of which seems to have been recorded. Stereogum have premiered a live video for my personal favourite track from the new record, "Different People". Rocking the 20,000 strong London arena like no other, they put on a fantastic show and the flashing imagery of the recording gives you a bit of feeling for what their recent tour was like.

If you're still not familiar with the band, we had an exclusive track-by-track chat with them through the release which can be seen over here.

The band will support Muse on some upcoming European Stadium dates along with headlining Reading and Leeds Festivals in August. 2013 is the year of the Bif!


[Listen] Biffy Clyro - "City of Dreadful Night" (Record Store Day 2013 Release)

Along with hundreds of bands last weekend, the now arena dominating Biffy Clyro released a limited edition 7" for Record Store Day. On it you got a live rendition of their single "Black Chandelier" and a completely new, previously unheard track called "City of Dreadful Night". It's taken a little longer for it to appear online than I'd of thought but hey, we've got the goods for you guys now and you can listen to it below. 

Biffy just wrapped up performances at Coachella and have some festival and arena dates with Muse scheduled for June onwards, dates of which can be found over here. Their number one double LP Opposites is out now.