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[Watch] Cee Lo Green - "Run Rudolph Run"

Yes. It's October. Yes, Christmas promotions are on the television. But geez, I don't want to be hearing songs on the Radio whilst I'm at work 'cos that'd be pretty depressing. Can't I get dressed up for Halloween at least first before this happens? I like Halloween... Where's the year gone?! With that said, I don't mind hearing Cee Lo Green's version of Chuck Berry's track "Run Rudolph Run" albeit just once up until maybe December, then he can have this played all he wants and I won't kick up (that much of) a fuss.

The track is set to feature on his Christmas album Magic Moments which drops October 30th.


[Listen] Cee Lo Green's Demo For Whitney Houston "All Alone Now"

Back in '07 when Whitney Houston was looking for writers to work with on what would be her new 2009 album, I Look To You, Cee Lo Green wrote and recorded a demo of what would become "All Alone Now". Yesterday a demo recording of Cee Lo's take appeared online with production from Detroit's Waajeed via his Bling47 website.

Speaking about the song Waajeed wrote:

"As far as the lyrics go -- Cee-Lo nailed it! At the time, Whitney was still going though her very public separation with Bobby Brown - so 'Lo wrote the words for Whitney as if she was speaking directly to him." 

Take a listen to the track up at the top via Prefix.


[Listen] Cee Lo Green - "Anyway"

From his upcoming re-release of his third studio album, The Lady Killer, we have our first taste of one of three bonus tracks that Cee-Lo Green is adding to the reissue titled "Anyway". It sort of feels like "Fuck You"s poppier romantic younger sibling or something along those lines, complete with a sparkly lyric video to debut the song.

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[Listen] Cee-Lo Green - "Inhaler" (Miles Kane Cover) x "Crazy/Natural Blues"

The Lady Killer Cee Lo Green stops by Maida Vale Studos to perform a special extended Radio 1 Live Lounge session, which included a nice cover of Miles Kane's "Inhaler" as well as the Gnarls Barkley favorite "Crazy" mashed with a little bit of Moby's "Natural Blues." Check out both cover tracks below and then head over to the Radio 1 website to hear the complete show.

"Inhaler" (Miles Kane Cover)

"Crazy" x Moby's "Natural Blues" Mashup


[Listen] Cee-Lo Green - "You Promised Me Love"

Ladies, why on earth would you hurt The Lady Killer's feelings? He looks like the world's best cuddle buddy of all time! Courtesy of Rap Radar we have a new track from Mr. Cee-Lo Green that just makes me feel sorry for the sweetie.

If you haven't picked up his latest album, The Lady Killer yet, make sure you do so.



[Watch] Cee Lo Green - "Cry Baby" (Video)

Cee Lo Green enrolled some outside help for his latest video. Being the busy man he is, TV shows and festivals galore must take it out of you. In turn he didn't take a starring roll in this video as we've seen with his previous singles from his album The Lady Killer. He or should I say his people enrolled the help of Jaleel White to play himself in the video for "Cry Baby". The lady killer himself actually tweeted saying "I had no idea they shot a video for cry baby I hear its cool though". A cool retro feeling video none the less and worth a few minutes of your downtime today.


[Download] The KickDrums Lollapalooza 2011 Mix

Lollapalooza is just around the corner! This time next week, thousands of lucky showgoers will have descended upon Grant Park in Chicago, IL to spend three full days of non-stop rocking out. After much success with their Coachella mixtapes, our dear friends The Kickdrums decided to get you "in the mood" for some Lolla hangouts this time around. Below you can have a listen and grab 45 minutes featuring the cream of the crop in the Lolla lineup, from The Kills to Kanye and everything in between.

Have a listen to the mixtape below and take a peek at the tracklisting and where to download the mixtape after the jump!

The KickDrums Lollapalooza in 45 Minutes by The KickDrums

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[Watch] Cee Lo Green - "Bright Lights Bigger City" Live on Letterman

We've seen Cee Lo Green go from that guy in Gnarls Barkley to a global superstar in just 12 months and the lights are always going to be bright once you hit a certain level. Last night he continued to shine bright with a performance of "Bright Lights Bigger City" on David Letterman's late night TV slot.

Check out the performance at the top via the wonderful Audio Perv and if you want to grab his album The Lady Killer you can do so over here.