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[Watch] Teddybears - "Cho-Cha (feat. Cee Lo Green)" (Video)

So far today we now have two videos where there's some sort of electro-brain swapping happening (the first was for Foster The People "Helena Beat"). This one is extra kooky with the help from a feliene friend. You may also recognize the star of the video, Jeff Turner, who is best known as Tiffany's stalker (and was featured in the documentary I Think We're Alone Now), who delivers an incredibly creepy performance.

Devil's Music is out now via Big Beat.


[Watch] Cee Lo Green - Live At Glastonbury 2011

Cee Lo Green rocks the West Holts Stage (on time) at this year's Glastonbury festival bringing hits from his Gnarls Barkley albums and his latest offering The Lady Killer. It's definitely worth checking out because who else can rock Legion of Doom shoulder pads and come out to Black Sabbath's "Iron Man" and close with Journey's "Don't Stop Believing"? Only Cee Lo. Check it out!


[Listen] Cee-Lo Green - "Bridges" (Prod By. The Neptunes)

Check out yet another Cee-Lo B-side "Bridges" produced by super producers The Neptunes. The track appears on the EP for The Lady Killer single "It's OK" which many of us missed as it was released back in December. I'm pretty sure if you compile all of The Lady Killer's B-Sides, bonus tracks and alternative takes you could create a second album with all of it. 


[Listen] Check Out Cee-Lo, She & Him and Fiona Apple w/Jon Brion's Contributive Covers From 'Rave On: Buddy Holly'

We have had previews of the Rave On: Buddy Holly album from Julian Casablancas, Modest Mouse and The Black Keys and today you can enjoy three more contributions to the album. We have tracks from Fiona Apple with Jon Brion who cover Buddy's 1957 track "Everyday" and Zooey Deschanel & M. Ward aka She & Him covering "Oh Boy". As well as that there's a Cee Lo Green cover of “(You’re So Square) Baby I Don’t Care” which was originally recorded by Elvis Presley in 1957 for his Jailhouse Rock EP. Buddy Holly actually released his version on his self-titled album the following year. You can hear all 3 in their respective players below.

Rave on Buddy Holly is due out June 28th via Fantasy Records/Concord Music Group.

Fiona Apple & Jon Brion - "Everyday"

Cee-Lo Green - "(You’re So Square) Baby, I Don’t Care"

She & Him - "Oh Boy"


[Listen] Teddybears - "Cho Cha (feat. CeeLo Green & The B-52's)"

On paper, when you see that the Swedish group Teddybears teamed up with the likes of Cee-Lo and The B-52s, a lot of confused head scratching and pensive squinting are soon to follow shortly thereafter. Once "Cho Cha" makes its way to your ears, however, everything just falls into its appropriately danceable place. The way that the group has managed to delicately piece together the elements that their rather quirky special guests have executed on so effectively just makes the entire arrangement come off organically.

Devil's Music has already dropped elsewhere in the world, but is being released with a revamped tracklist in the US on June 21st. You can pick up "Cho Cha" today on iTunes.

Teddybears - Cho Cha feat. CeeLo Green & The B-52's by Big Beat Records


[Watch] Cee-Lo Green - "I Want You (Hold on to Love)" (Prod. By Jack Splash)

I'm pretty excited that the original Jack Splash produced version of Cee-Lo's Lady Killer hit "I Want You" is set to release next week on June 6th. We originally premiered this track last year around the time that SKoA was just walking on its baby feet when it debuted on BBC Radio 1. Unfortunately, when The Lady Killer got released a new sampleless/over produced version was put in its place.

But now you can check out the full funky video for the original above, which we believe will be one of Summer's biggest anthems (next to Breakbot's "Fantasy"). Jack Splash should just produce of Cee-Lo's records from now on, don't you think? Anyways, Enjoy!


[Coachella 2011] Cee-Lo Green Coachella Performance

Cee-Lo Green marked one of the first performances at this years epic Coachella Music Festival, but it was probably one of Cee-Lo's least favourite performances of his career. Not only did he show up 25 minutes late, but, during his performance of the Gnarls Barkley hit "Crazy," Coachella staff told Cee-Lo that he only had time for one more song, causing him to angrily throw his sweat towel on the drum set. He then told the crowd, "They’re fucking rushing me, man. We’ve got one more song we can do, man… I’m pissed, too, bra! I’m fucking pissed off, man. I snap in this shit." He then got the crowd to raise their middle fingers before playing the unclean version of "Forget You" (let's all be serious, it's "Fuck You"). Near the end of the song he tries apologizing to the crowd. "I wish I could have done a better show for y’all, I’m so sorry,” he said. “I hope y’all enjoy the rest of the show, okay? It’s all my fault, blame me man. But whatever you fucking do, don’t stop believing!" Nothing is better than an enthusiastic crowd singing along with Cee-Lo Green to Journey's hit "Don't Stop Believing," right? Well, apparently the Coachella staff didn't think so, as they cut the song short. You can watch all of the Cee-Lo drama unfold in the video above, as well as enjoy how awesome the guy is live, despite having the strangest touring band.


[Watch] Cee Lo Green x The Ting Tings - "Fuck You" (Live at Red Bull Soundclash)

We've seen Cee Lo do his world famous, smash hit from last year a hundred times by now. We've even seen him do it with movie stars. However today we get to see him do it with those fun loving brits, The Ting Tings. Check out the two brits and Cee Lo rocking "Fuck You" as part of the Red Bull Soundclash earlier this month. This track was the finale from the unusual pairing of the Ting Tings and Cee Lo and you can enjoy the resuts up at the top. Today just keeps on giving, huh?