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[#SKOA30] Day 10: A Song That's Longer Than Average

I’m sure there are longer songs in my arsenal of music, but I love the story about how deadmau5’ 2013 track, “The Veldt” came into existence. Being the creature of the internet that we have all grown to mostly love, the night that deadmau5(born Joel Zimmerman) was livestreaming himself working on music for 22 hours and ended up collaborating with a complete stranger. As the story goes, aspiring singer Chris James was watching the livestream and decided to shoot his shot by sending through some vocals to Joel that he thought might work on the song. As luck would have it, Joel was pleasantly surprised at how solid the vocal was and quickly starting working to assemble what would eventually become, “The Veldt”. There are a bunch of shorter edits of it, but the original 11+ minute mix is my favorite.

[Contest] [US-Only] Win A deadmau5 Prize Pack!

Last week, deadmau5 dropped his latest album, >album title goes here< and we just can't get enough of it! To celebrate, we're giving away a prize pack to one lucky winner who shoots us an email before this Friday, October 5th at noon EDT and tells us the name of deadmau5' cat, who graces the artwork for the new album. From there, a winner will be selected at random amongst those who answered correctly and notified via email that they've won.

The prize pack includes:

  • One copy of >album title goes here<  on CD
  • One limited UFC Professional Griefers poster signed by deadmau5 and Gerard Way (from the Professional Griefers video)

If you haven't checked the video for "Professional Griefers" yet, have a look below:

contest, Reviewskibbe!deadmau5
[Watch] Deadmau5 - "Professional Griefers" Feat. Gerard Way (Official Video)

It's being heralded as the most expensive dance music video of all time(?!), and it's for Deadmau5 and Gerard Way's track "Professional Griefers". The video sees the two locked into battle in a UFC style fight to the death but it has a twist. The two are controlling two huge Mau5 like robots. It's taken from his new album >album title goes here<. I won't give away the result of the ultimate battle but it's a pretty impressive video with a hell of a lot of CGI involved. Enjoy.

> album title goes here < will be released on September 25

[Listen] New Songs From deadmau5 & Beck From PS3 Exclusive Title 'Sound Shapes'

Play a a little. At least that's what I picture myself doing if I owned a PS3 and could play through Sound Shapes myself. YouTuber xpantherx was kind enough to play through both the deadmau5 and Beck levels so we can finally hear the new tracks from both artists. We've all heard clips of, "Cities" at this point, but you can hear the song entirely via the video above. Admittedly, I'm not huge on "Touch The People" very much, but Beck definitely plucked away at my heartstrings with "Cities" and "Spiral Staircase". In a perfect world I'll be able to acquire these without having to put up with the added songs from the videogame, but considering that's supposed to be part of the experience I guess I can let it slide.

The deadmau5 songs from the game are pretty good, although it's hard to decide if they sound like songs that were made for a video game or just standard video game music.

Listen to Beck's "Cities" above along with "Touch The People" and "Spiral Staircase" below. Also included below are deadmau5' "Disasteroids", "Break-a-noids", and "Invaderoids".

Beck - "Touch The People"

Beck -"Spiral Staircase"

deadmau5 - "Disasteroids"

deadmau5 - "Break-a-noids"

deadmau5 - "Invaderoids"



[Listen] Deadmau5 - "There Might Be Coffee" x "Unf*ck"

Deadmau5 is an artist that loves what he does and because of that his workload and output is insane. Today we get to hear another new track titled "There Might Be Coffee" and not only that shortly after posting this he revealed on Twitter that he'd started up on another track called "Unfuck". Intrigued? You should be and you can hear a 'pilot test' of that below too. Get your morning fix of caffeine below.

[Listen] Deadmau5 - "Professional Griefers" Feat. Gerard Way

Last year at Lollapalooza, Deadmau5 debuted a brand new cut called "Professional Griefers". That was nearly a full year ago! Now the man himself has taken to Youtube to upload a preview of the track that features Gerard Way of My Chemical romance on vocal duties. Check out the preview at the top. It's set to be released on the 2nd of September.

Deadmau5's new EP The Veldt is out now

[Watch] Deadmau5 - "The Veldt" (Official Video)

Deadmau5's song "The Veldt" has a much more interesting back story than most of the songs you'll find out there, and very much not what you would expect from a house DJ. The song is inspired by Ray Bradbury's famous short story The Veldt, a tale about two kids named Peter and Wendy who become enamored with virtual reality and escaping the real world. Now, UK-based Qudos Animations has brought the tale of Peter and Wendy to life in the official video for "The Veldt," which features the vocals of Chris James. Animated in the style of the fantastic Xbox 360 arcade game LIMBO, the video sees the two kids exploring the African savannah in an excellent visual representation of the dark yet innocent undertones of the story. Watch it above.

The Veldt EP is out now via mau5trap/Ultra Records.