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[Listen] Diplo Teams Up with Mike Posner and Boaz van de Beatz for "Crown"

This year, Diplo's focus has been fixed on his Major Lazer project. That's why it was a nice surprise when he returned out of the blue with a new track under his own moniker. Teaming up with rapper Mike Posner and producer Boaz van de Beatz, "Crown" is loud, very loud. It begins with glitzy synths and Posner's echoing verses, only to throw that superficiality out the window with a bombastic drop. When that hits, shit gets real grimy. Stream it below.


[News] Major Lazer Delays 'Free the Universe', Releases Mixtape in the Meantime

Bad news for Major Lazer fans, as Diplo has announced that Free the Universe has been delayed. The Diplo-led project was supposed to deliver their sophomore LP on February 26th—it was previously delayed till that date from November 6th—but now the album is without a firm release date. In a statement to fans, Diplo said:

We never want to disappoint our supporters but circumstances out of our control have made us unable to keep the intended date. For anyone disappointedwe are truly apologetic and we promise that this hiccup has only made what we have planned for the album stronger. We tried extremely hard to keep the date but it was ultimately decided that rushing the album would have been unfair to you and everyone who worked so hard on it."

In the meantime though, Diplo and co. will offer up three free mixtapes made up of unreleased and rare material. The first, Lazers Strike Back Vol 1., is available now, and you can grab it here. As well, the next single from Free the Universe, titled "Watch Out for This (Bumaye)", will be offered up for free to those who pre-order the album through iTunes. Pre-orders start on February 26th.

Major Lazer will be hitting the road soon, so make sure to check out their full tour docket here.


[Watch] Diplo - "Butter's Theme" (Official Video)

Diplo's Express Yourself EP slipped through the cracks a bit, overshadowed by the Major Lazer hype train. Plucking one of the lesser known tracks from the 2012 EP, Diplo gives some visual glamour to "Butter's Theme". The trippy, kaliedoscope clip features plenty of booty shakin' babes and balaclava-donned belly dancers. Catch the replay above.


[News] Major Lazer Announce Massive 2013 Tour

Major Lazer's long-awaited sophomore album Free the Universe is set to release (hopefully) at the end of February, and following that the Diplo-led collective will carry out an extensive worldwide tour. Starting on February 28th in Toronto, the tour will take Diplo and friends all across Canada, the U.S., South America, the United Kingdom, and numerous countries throughout Europe. The tour will also see Major Lazer joined by a star studded supporting cast, including Angel Haze, Lunice, Starfucker, and Dragonette. Check out the full tour schedule after the jump.

Free the Universe is out on February 19th via Diplo's Mad Decent label.

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[Listen] Diplo - "got stoned and mixed really old records for half an hour"

Honestly, this one is pretty self explanatory. Need I say more?


[Listen] Flying Lotus - "Flotus"

This past weekend Flying Lotus dropped a few gems in his mix for Diplo's BBC Radio 1 show Diplo & Friends, including unreleased tracks, his remix of Frank Ocean's "Binge Eating Without You", and a remix of Kanye and Jay-Z's "Niggas in Paris". One of those unreleased tracks is a mellow instrumental titled "Flotus", a dreamy hip-hop cloud where all your thoughts and worries float away with the beat. This is the kind of song where you press play and you become lost in the music. Stream it below, and head here to listen to the entirety of FlyLo's BBC mix.

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[Download] Diplo feat. Jahan Lennon - "About That Life"

Straying from his usual dance-friendly style, Diplo drops a new track titled "About That Life" that seems more suited for a hippe communion in the forest than a dance floor. Taking a note from Hot Chip's book, Diplo brings flutes into play, juxtaposing them with the soothing vocals of Jahan Lennon. Pull out a joint, light some incense, and stream the song below.

UPDATE: The song now has an accopmanying music video that features vibrant colors and psychedelic images perfectly fitting to the song itself. Watch it above.


[Listen] No Doubt - "Push and Shove" (Prod. by Diplo)

"Push and Shove", the title track from No Doubt's forthcoming album, premiered this morning on Ryan Seacrest's radio show, and apparently the band considers it their "Bohemian Rhapsody". I don't if I would go that far. Judge for yourself by streaming the Diplo-produced track below.

Push and Shove is out on September 25th on Interscope.