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[Watch] Indians - "I Am Haunted" (Official Video)

Indians, the moniker of Copenhagen solo artist Søren Løkke Juul, unveils his new video for "I Am Haunted", one of many sprawling, atmospheric cuts comprising his debut album Somewhere Else. Directed by Winston H. Case, the clip envisions a scenario in which Søren is the prisoner of an unidentifiable female, tied to a chair in a dimly-lit basement. As the video progresses he falls victim to beatings and torture, both physical and mental, culminating with a chilling final image. Watch the clip above.

Indians' debut LP Somewhere Else is out next week on 4AD.


[Listen] Indians - 'Somewhere Else' (Full Album Stream)

Throughout the past year, Copenhagen-based artist Indians, the moniker of Søren Løkke Juul, wowed me (and I'm sure others) with his ethereal, electronic-tinged pop. With only a few songs under his belt, including "I Am Haunted" and "Magic Kids", he was able to expand his presence to the point of garnering the attention of numerous big name bands. As a result, Indians served as on tour support for Beirut, Other Lives, Bear In Heaven, Dan Deacon, Lower Dens, and more. Continuing this stream of success, Juul will be releasing his debut album later this month through 4AD.

Somewhere Else sees Juul extending his talents into 10 tracks, including "I Am Haunted" and "Magic Kids". The entire album entices you with its dreamy aesthetics, offering a soundscape full of gorgeous instrumentation and echoing, reverbed vocals. In the same vein as Bon Iver, Indians invites you to get lost in the forlorn beauty of his music. Stream the entirety of Somewhere Else below, courtesy of KEXP.


[News] Indians Announces North American Tour

Copenhagen solo musician Indians has made quite the impression on me, despite having only released two songs, both "Magic Kids" and "I Am Haunted". Either way, Indians has been making immense progress so far this year, and that has turned into a great opportunity supporting indie rock outfit Other Lives during their North American tour this fall. The massive tour will kick off on October 19th in Boulder, CO, and will take both bands all across the continent for a total of 36 shows in 50 days. Check out the full tour schedule after the jump.

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[Download] Indians - "I Am Haunted"

Back in March, Copenhagen-based solo musician Indians released his debut single "Magic Kids," a sprawling, melancholic track that displayed the immense talent waiting to be fully shown. Now, we have another track from Indians titled "I Am Haunted," an acoustic guitar-driven number with ambient, reverbed vocals speaking the haunting struggles of heartbreak. Download it for the cost of an email address below.



[SKOA Presents] Some Kind of Mixtape: March 2012

Spring is officially here! The sun is peaking out through the clouds and all the good little music lovers on the planet are getting a head start on finding that perfectly epic summer jam. As usual, we've been pouring over tracks from artists far and wide on our never ending quest to bring you the best of the best from the past month. Rocko has even come more out of his blogging hiberation in the past month because the releases are increasingly getting better and better. Without further ado, please enjoy Some Kind Of Mixtape: March 2012 below, have a peek after the jump at the "liner notes" to see why we picked the tracks we did, and make sure you head over to 8tracks and your mixtapes with us!

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Kibbe, Shey, Adrian & Rocko

Some Kind of Mixtape - March 2012 from skoablog on 8tracks.

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[Listen] Indians - "Magic Kids"

Differing from the rather upbeat pop of their Scandinavian contemporaries, Copenhagen-based solo artist Indians has honed a beautifully melancholic dreamscape with his brand new 7" single "Magic Kids." The song is a jittering journey through a collection of ambient chimes, encapsulating wave synths and despondent vocals that croon saddening words: "There are lights in your eyes, but your eyes don’t see anymore." It's clear that he has found a sound and style that work fantastically well for him, so while we wait for their next offering to arrive, "Magic Kids" will serve as a teaser for the great potential they carry.