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[Watch] Jack White & Conan O’Brien - “20 Flight Rock”

I'm pretty sure I wasn't the only one that was overly excited to see Jack White make an appearance on Conan's new show, not only 'cos he's one of the coolest people on the planet, but because nobody seemed to know what he was going to perform. I find there's a certain amount of mystery to Mr White and it's definitely a good thing. Could he take to the stage with Meg and announce the comeback of the White Stripes? Would he do something on his own and his acoustic guitar...whip out the electric and do a cover..Maybe Jack didn't truly know until the day? The White Stripes take to the stage without a set lists every night of the tour, so what's to say Jack doesn't do the same on his TV appearances?


When Jack did take to the stage he did so with Conan himself and the two of them played “20 Flight Rock”, which Conan recorded over last summer when hanging out at JW's studios. Now to me Jack White on an electric guitar is always going to cause palpitations and swooning. This performance didn't disappoint, with a swing feel and the standard Jack White maxing out a few tubes in his amp mid solo. You can watch the performance up top and as well as that check out the interview with Coco after the jump. Thanks to The Audio Perv once again for vids.

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[Listen] Karen Elson - "Season of The Witch" (Donovan Cover)

Jack White wifey, Karen Elson has recently released her latest single “The Truth Is In The Dirt,”which features the B-Side of Elson’s previously unreleased cover of 1966 Donovan single “Season of the Witch.” Check out the track below and then go get a copy of this single yourself whether it be digital or physical on vinyl. (Vinyl Perferred)

Karen Elson - "Season of The Witch" (Donovan Cover) by Some Kind of Awesome


[Listen] The Secret Sisters with Jack White - "Big River"

Jack White has returned on guitar for The Secret Sisters' cover of Johnny Cash's "Big River", which you can catch below courtesy of Pitchfork. The single-- also produced by White-- is part of Third Man Records' Blue Series and currently available on 7" vinyl. The Secret Sisters' self-titled debut album was produced by T-Bone Burnett and is out October 12 via Beladroit/Universal Republic


[Listen] The Raconteurs - "Top Yourself" (Rehersal Demo)

Jack White never seem to stop, whether he's on the road with any number of his bands, putting on live shows with the likes of Conan O'Brien at his Third Man Records HQ, creating new triple layer vinyls with hidden treats inside. Now if you're unfamiliar with Third Man Records they have something called the vault in which you get all kinds of goodies. Access to pre-sales, exclusive content from Third Man Artists, Pay Per View Live concerts, the works! Head on over in this direction to join and find out more and sign up over here. I'm pretty certain you will not be disappointed. 


With the latest Vault release there was a little bonus in the form of a Raconteurs rehearsal track off of their 2008 album Consolers of The Lonely. Pure, raw bluesy goodness in a neat little package, enjoy! 

The Raconteurs - "Top Yourself" (Rehearsal Demo) by Some Kind of Awesome


[Listen] Conan O'Brien - "Creep" x "Seven Nation Army" x Interview with Jack White

As you probably know Conan O'Brian played at Jack White's Third Man records back in July. Then earlier this month the vinyl from the show was released. As well as the Live at Third Man Vinyl, Conan's spoken word And They Called Me Mad? was released which features an O'Brien monologue on side A, and a very entertaining interview with O'Brien conducted by Jack White himself. Head over here to purchase the 2 vinyls, you know you want to. Check out tracks "Creep" and "Seven Nation Army" below as well as the interview between the two guys. 

Conan O'Brien x Third Man Records by Some Kind of Awesome


Jack White Project With Rockabilly Legend Wanda Jackson To Finally See The Light Of Day

In January we reported that Jack White was going to be up to his eyeballs in the newest project by rockabilly legend Wanda Jackson and that members of the Raconteurs/The Dead Weather were going to help Jackie with the project.

Today, Pitchfork dished out the details on when the album would finally see the light of day.

The album is called The Party Ain't Over and will be available for one and all on January 25th, courtesy of Third Man Records.

Check out the video above to hear side one of her single, "You Know I'm No Good" (yes, she covered Amy Winehouse and totally nailed it!).

Tracklisting after the jump!

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Jack White Writes Theme Song For Elvira's Movie Macabre

Nashville Scene is reporting that one of our favorite people in the world, Jack White is writing the theme song for the return of Movie Macabre (aka Elivra's Movie Macavbre), a TV show that ran from 1981-1983 that was alot like Mystery Science Theater 3000 before MST3K even existed.  

The show is due to air September 25th on syndicated stations across the U.S., according to Cassandra Peterson (via Fangoria), who stars as Elvira in the show.

The show actually sounds pretty cool! According to an interview she did with Mondo Celluloid, Peterson says all the movies that will be on the show have all been digitally remastered so the show will be in HD. She's brought on Gris Grimely, an artist who is known for his dark children's books to do the intro and Jackie White is contributing to the music of the show. Further into the interview she reveals that Jack did a song with The Black Belles (video for "What Can I Do?" above) and that will be the theme song for the show. Regarding the song, Peterson said,

"It’s kinda spooky and cool - you guys are gonna dig it, man. We’re gonna make a vinyl out of it. Day-Glo vinyl!"



[Watch] Karen Elson - "The Truth Is In The Dirt"

Check out the video to Jack White's wifey's, Karen Elson, latest single "The Truth Is In The Dirt" off her amazing album produced by White himself, The Ghost Who Walks. The single is set to drop on September 21 and will feature the B-Side of Elson’s previously unreleased cover of 1966 Donovan single “Season of the Witch.”  Elson previously performed the song at her record release party at Third Man Records earlier this year. You can grab that whole performence here.