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[News] Janelle Monáe Plans Two Albums For 2012

If you thought the news of possibly a second album from Jay-Z and Kanye is possible next year after they both release solo LP's check out this news from the Janelle Monáe camp. She too had a very impressive 2010 but it looks like she's set her sights for the moon with 2012. Talking to Back To Rockville in her hometown of Kansas CIty she said she's "eager to get back to the studio and work on finishing my album. I stopped touring so I could finish the album. Actually, I plan on releasing two albums next year." Two! Two whole albums.

She goes on to say that most of the writing for the records is done or to be precise she says: "84.799 percent of the writing is done for the new records." I like how precise Miss Monáe is being, and she's also a tease as she says she knows when she wants to release them but can't possibly say. For now, sleep easy knowing that in 2012 you're most likely to see two new records from the talented Janelle. Hat tip to Spin for the news.


[Watch] Janelle Monae - Live At Glastonbury 2011

Its been awhile since we've posted something from everyone's favorite Archandroid, Janelle Monae. The soulful ATLien brings her Wonderland collective to perform hits from Metropolis: The Chase (Suite I) and last year's smash the ArchAndroid (Suite II & III) and also throws in an amazing cover of the Jackson 5's hit "I Want You Back". Check it out!


[Listen] Of Montreal - "Our Riotous Defects" (Alternate Version) Feat. Janelle Monáe

Another treat for you in the form of an alternate version of Of Montreal's "Our Riotous Defects" that differs from that on the album in a few ways. Taken off of False Priest this one features Janelle Monáe more throughout as oppose to just towards the end of the track like the original album version. Check it out down below and you can head over here to pick yourself up the album and enjoy it as much as you want!

Of Montreal - "Our Riotous Defects" (Alternate Version) Feat. Janelle Monáe by Some Kind of Awesome


[Download] Janelle Monae - "Shape of Things to Come"

Janelle Monae has artfully crafted a new song especially for the Shape What’s to Come community entitled “The Shape of Things to Come” which is available as a free download for your listening pleasure.

Janelle Monae - "Shape of Things to Come" by Some Kind of Awesome


[Listen] of Montreal - "Our Riotous Defects" (Feat. Janelle Monaé) & "Coquet Coquette" Video Dropping Next Week

Indie rockers of Montreal will be debuting their video for the single "Coquete Coquette", off their upcoming album False Priest, next week August 18th on their YouTube Channel. By the looks of the teaser poster this video is gonna be pretty epic. 

In other great of Montreal news, we have a preview of another song off False Priest featuring the ArchAndroid Janelle Monaé titled "Our Riotous Defects" which you can listen to below. This is the band's 2nd out of 3 collaborations with Ms. Monaé. The first was on the song "Make The Bus" off Monaé's debut album The Archandroid and the last song "Enemy Gene" will also be featured along with "Our Riotous Defects" on False Priest. 

If you haven't already pre-ordered the album, we highly suggest you visit Polyvinyl's store online and check out some of the awesome packages they have for the album and get ready for an awesome experience come September 14th.

UPDATE: The stream has been taken down at the request of the band and their managment. If you got to hear the track, awesome. Go get the album! If not, sorry, get the album anyway.


[Watch] Janelle Monaé - "Cold War"

A very stripped down Janelle Monaé belts head-on with the camera for the "Cold War" video. The bare bones-ness of the video allows the true power of this song to shine through. Feels incredibly intimate. Simply gorgeous. 


[Download] Janelle Monae - "Cold War" (Wondamix)"

Janelle Monae's awesome banger "Cold War" gets the Wondamix remix treatment. Check it out below!

Janelle Monae - Cold War (Wondamix) by Some Kind of Awesome


[Download] Janelle Monae - "Tightrope (Organized Noize Remix)" Feat. Big Boi

Organized Noize, whom are responsible for a good chunk of Outkast’s and other Dungeon Family records lend their funk to Janelle Monae’s single "Tightrope" w/ Big Boi. This shit bangs! Shouts to 2DopeBoyz for this one.

Janelle Monae - Tightrope (Organized Noize Remix) f. Big Boi by Some Kind of Awesome