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[Listen] Breton - "Titan" 

I'm calling it right now: Breton's third album will be their breakthrough in the states. This is not up for debate. It's going to happen and I am so excited about this I feel like having sex with a drum machine
I'd love to be wrong about that and have it be sooner though, specifically since they announced that they'll be re-issuing War Room Stories  on November 10th on their very own label Cut Tooth (via Believe Recordings). The reissue will include two brand new songs, "Titan" and "Parthian Shot", along with 9 bonus tracks, previously unseen tour pictures and a PDF of all the band’s lyrics to date.
Earlier this week the band shared "Titan" for your listening pleasure in anticipation of the reissue. Remember when I was super excited about "Got Well Soon" and said it was the best thing they had ever made? I think I still stand by that for now, but in the case of "Titan" there's this new found approachability in this song that was previously only found in little snippets throughout their work, which is why I'm convinced that they're on the path to worldwide domination. Keep in mind that War Room Stories only came out in February and already we're seeing a massive growth spurt from the band in this track. Granted, I'm sure that some credit should go to Antoine Gaillet (co-wrote  M83's Before the Dawn Heals Us, mixed on Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming), who co-produced the song. Even so, the band has matured at such a rapid pace since their 2011 debut album, Other People's Problem that it's almost hard for me to believe that it's even the same band. 

Either way, it's basically all that Sprout and I have been listening to all morning and there has been much chair dancing at our desks as a result. Have a listen to "Titan" for yourself and tell me that your hips don't involuntarily shake even a little bit the second it hits your ears. 
Lucky folks across the pond can catch the band on tour next month. Make the best decision of your life and catch them if they're playing in your area. 
09 Nov - Effenaar - Eindhoven, NL
10 Nov - Patronaat - Haarlem, NL
12 Nov - Berghain Kantine - Berlin, DE
13 Nov - Minoga Club - Poznaně, PL
14 Nov - Klub Hydrozagadka - Warsaw, PL 
15 Nov - Jazz Club Hipnoza - Katowice, PL 
17 Nov - Chelsea - Vienna, AT
18 Nov - Grabenhalle - St. Gallen, CH
19 Nov - L’Usine PTR - Geneva, CH
21 Nov - Liberteě - Rennes, FR
22 Nov - La Cartonnerie - Reims, FR
23 Nov - L’Autre Canal - Nancy, FR
24 Nov - La Rodia - Besancon, FR
25 Nov - Casino de Paris - Paris FR
27 Nov - Marcheě Gare - Lyon, FR
28 Nov - Paloma - Nimes, FR
29 Nov - La SireĚne - La Rochelle, FR
30 Nov - CCM John Lennon - Limoges, FR 
02 Dec - Heaven - London, UK

[Watch] M83 Returns with a Video for "Claudia Lewis"

Nearly two years after releasing the epic Hurry Up, We're Dreaming, M83 returns, not with new music, but with a video for the song "Claudia Lewis." Continuing his fascination with the supernatural, the clip follows the life of a blue-haired high schooler (played by actress Lily Collins). As her story progresses, it becomes more confusing and complicated, ending with tongue-filled kissing and a predictable twist. Watch the Dallas Howard-directed video below.


[Watch] M83 - "Oblivion" Live on Kimmel

We've not really given enough love to M83 here on SKOA, so we apologise for that. You may or may not be aware that they put together a great soundtrack to the latest Tom Cruise blockbuster, Oblivion. Anthony Gonzalez and Nicolas Fromageau last night enrolled the help of Susanne Sundforør for a hair raising rendition of the soundtracks title track on Jimmy Kimmel Live. If you missed the broadcast last night, check it out above. 

If you like what you hear you can pick up the full soundtrack over here.


[Watch] M83 - "Wait" (Video)

One final time, M83 invites us into the sci-fi-tinged post-apocalyptic world he presented with the videos for "Midnight City" and "Reunion". "Wait" is the third and final part of the video trilogy, once again directed by Fleur & Manu, and with it we continue the story of the strange superpowered children introduced in the previous videos. Conclude their story above.

(Hint: Fleur & Manu seem to be big fans of Stanley Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey. Pay attention throughout the video for some nods to the sci-fi epic)


[Watch] M83 - "Steve McQueen"

A few weeks back, M83 partnered up with Genero for a video contest regarding their track "Steve McQueen". Today a winner of the competition has been announced and we can enjoy a clip from French directors Sylvain Derosne and Balthaza Auxietre. See what you make of it above. Anyone else think that this track still sounds just as fresh as when you first heard it or am I alone on that one?


[Download] Benjamin Francis Leftwich Covers M83 and Frightened Rabbit

We've seen Benjamin Francis Leftwich deliver stellar sounding covers for the past 12 months. He's been touring relentlessly since the release of his brilliant debut, Last Smoke Before The Snowstorm, last July. He's not ready to slow down yet either as he's just announced a huge amount of UK dates and North American dates and what better way to celebrate than to share a few covers with fans? Below you can check out not one, but two truly great covers.

First up he takes on the still fresh sounding M83 track "Midnight City" before tackling one of his favourite bands' tracks, Frightened Rabbits' "Swim Until You Can’t See Land". Both deserve a moment of your time as Ben puts his own signature sounds into the tracks making them feel slightly different while keeping the foundations in tact. You can download them over here. Tour dates can be seen after the jump for those of you wanting to check him out on the road this Autumn.

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[Watch] Nardwuar vs. M83

When M83 visited Vancouver back in April, the city's resident weirdo and interview aficionado Nardwuar the Human Serviette made sure to stop by to ask Anthony Gonzalez as many pressing questions as possible. The result? Gonzalez was, like many of Nardwuar's interviewees, stunned by his impressive knowledge and research, and reacted only with confusion to Nardwuar's signature sign-off. If you're a fan of M83, the interview is definitely worth the watch.


[Watch] M83 - "Reunion" (Official Video)

Last Octobe, M83 put out the fantastic and imaginative video for "Midnight City," which saw a group of young kids with telekinetic abilities escaping from a futuristic facility. Now, the story continues in the official video for another Hurry Up, We're Dreaming highlight, "Reunion." Once again in the directing chair are Fleur & Manu, and the gifted children are shown being chased by mysterious government types throughout a shimmering city setting. It quickly brings to mind the movie Chronicle. But comparisons aside, check it out above.