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[News] Metallica Announces Orion Music Festival On June 23-24 In Atlantic City

Earlier today Metallica announced that they are launching a two-day festival in Atlantic City,NJ called Orion Music Festival. The festival will take place on June 23 - 24 2012 with the band headlining both nights of the event. The band also revealed that they will perform The Black Album in its entirety during one of the two nights. Tickets for fan club members go on sale tomorrow (2/8) at 10am ET and tickets for the general public go on sale on Saturday (2/11) at 11am ET.

Other artists included in the lineup for the two-day event include: Arctic Monkeys, Avenged Sevenfold, Modest Mouse, The Gaslight Anthem, Cage The Elephant, Fucked Up, Best Coast, Hot Snakes, Titus Andronicus, Gary Clark Jr., Lucero, Roky Erickson, The Black Angels, The Sword, A Place to Bury Strangers, and Liturgy. There will also be a lifestyle element included in the festival that will showcase each member of Metallica's interests - allowing fan to interact directly with each of the band members.

More details about the event are expected to unfold in the coming months. For more information head over to http://orionmusicandmore.com.


[Watch] Metallica's Big Announcement NOW

Watch live streaming video from metallica at livestream.com

Check for announcements here LIVE at 2pm ET... which should be nowish if you're reading this.


[Watch] Metallica - "Rebel of Babylon" Live in San Francisco

In the wake of their musical apocalypse, or as it was sold to the unwilling public, Lulu, Metallica have offered fans two previously unreleased tracks in the past week. The tracks in question were titled "Hate Train" and "Just a Bullet Away" and were recorded during the Death Magnetic sessions back in '08. Today, our buddy Sami from Rock It Out! Blog reports that a third unheard track was sent out the the members of the fan club on Sunday titled "Rebel of Babylon", but the label/band are quickly taking down any trace of the track online. Boo. Don't sweat it though, they're not taking down a fan shot video of the band performing the track during their 30th Anniversary residency at San Francisco’s Fillmore over the weekend. SO, without further a do hit play at the top and enjoy Metallica as you remember them, not with Lou Reed. Nothing against the album, just nothing too positive to say about it either. Sorry internetz.


[Listen] Two Previously Unreleased Metallica Tracks

How many times have you listened to the Loutallica Lulu album, be honest? 10? 20 times maybe. I kid, I kid, but chances are if you were the majority of people hearing that album it didn't exactly tickle your 'tallica cravings. Don't sweat though, the band have covered that obstacle with a few previously unreleased tracks. The tracks are taken from sessions in 2008 and titled "Hate Train" and "Just a Bullet Away". Here's what the band said about it when they sent it to their fan club members:

We’re pretty excited to be bringing these songs back to life nearly four years after they were recorded. Once again, this is the unpolished version of the song… the original rough mix from March of 2008 in its rawest, untouched form.

See what you make of them below.


[Watch] Metallica & Lou Reed Visit Jools Holland Part. 2

I know, I know, you're probably sick of this collaboration already! Or, maybe you're one of the few people who really dig it and are sticking by these guys for seeing it through. I personally just cannot get my head around it and whilst sitting in on a Friday evening to watch the full broadcast of Later... with Jools Holland on which I'd forgotten Loutallica would be performing another track. They brought along a performance of "The View" as well as Lou and Lars having a sit down with Jools to have a quick chat about the project amongst other things. "The View" is at the top and the chat can be viewed after the jump. Honest opinions here, love it or hate it?

If you missed the earlier performances on Jools Holland they can be seen over here.

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[Watch] Metallica & Lou Reed Visit Jools Holland

If you're ears can stand it, last night Metallica and Lou Reed visited Later... with Jools Holland to put in their first live performance since the release of Lulu. Some fans are staying loyal and loving the aforementioned album, I however am not one of those people. At the top you can see Loutallica perform album track "Iced Honey" and then as an added bonus (if you see it that way), after the jump you can see them do a cover of The Velvet Underground's "White Light/White Heat". 

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[Listen] Lou Reed & Metallica - 'LULU' (Full Album Stream)

Wanna find the best way to torture yourself and your friends until the bitter end? Well today you are in luck! You can now stream Lou Reed and Metallica's "masterpiece" album LULU before its release on November 1st. If you hate your life that much, head over the LULU website to listen to the album in full. I'll commend you if you can make through the first, as I have yet to listen to any of the songs in full, and if you make it through the full album, I'm pretty sure you become immortal or a wizard or something. And if you do listen to this album all the way through, you probably rethink how you live your life. Welcome to the 7th floor of Hell, ladies and gentlemen!


[Listen] Lou Reed & Metallica - "The View"

After a 30 second preview and a 90 second preview the first full taste of the Lou Reed and Metallica's collaboration effort, Lulu. The track titled "The View" is available for listening at the bottom of the page. What are you guy making of this project so far? Unconvinced?

Lulu is out on the 1st of November via Warner Bros.

The View by Lou Reed & Metallica