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[Watch] Mister Heavenly - "Bronx Sniper"

Today, Mister Heavenly, indie rock quartet consisting of Joe Plummer (Modest Mouse), Nick Thorburn (The Unicorns/Islands), and Ryan Kattner (Man Man), released the video for "Bronx Sniper," the opening track on their debut album Out of Love. The album utilizes the concept of spilled milk and takes it to a whole new level, so check out the video for yourself in the player above.

Out of Love is available now via Sub Pop.


[News] Islands Reveal 'A Sleep & A Forgetting' Details

After breaking off from Islands for a short period of time to work on side project Mister Heavenly, Nick Thorburn has returned to the Montreal-based indie rock band to join the rest of the band and record their fourth studio album. The follow-up to 2009s Vapours, which is titled A Sleep & A Forgetting, is set for release on February 14th via ANTI-.

After the jump, you can check out the track listing for the album.

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[News] Mister Heavenly Announce Tour Dates

Indie supergroup Mister Heavenly, which consists of Joe Plummer (Modest Mouse), Nick Thorburn (The Unicorns/Islands), and Ryan Kattner (Man Man), just recently released their debut album Out of Love via Sub Pop Records. To support the album, the trio will go on tour starting this November. The tour kicks off on November 4th in Philadelphia, and will take the group across North America for a hectic seventeen day, seventeen show marathon.

You can check out all of the band's tour dates after the jump, and head here to listen to a full stream of Out of Love.

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[Listen] Mister Heavenly - 'Out of Love' (Full Album Stream)

Offered up for your listening pleasure this evening is the debut album from the group formed from multiple others, Mister Heavenly. After bursting into the spotlight last December with a debut gig containing Michael Cera we've had just a handful of tracks to sample up until now. Their debut effort, Out of Love, is set for release on August 16th via Sub Pop and is a mixed pot of styles. With the combination Ryan Kattner from Man Man, Nick Thorburn from Islands, and Modest Mouse's Joe Plummer the talent is clear to see and it oozes through the speakers when you hit play on the album. I'll leave it at that and let you decide for yourselves after the jump (via Paste.)

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[Download] Mister Heavenly - "Bronx Sniper"

Take a listen to a new tune from indie supergroup Mister Heavenly titled "Bronx Sniper" from their forthcoming debut LP Out of Love which will be released August 16, 2011 on Sub Pop Records. For those that don't remember, Mister Heavenly consists of Nick Diamonds of Islands/ Unicorns, Ryan Kattner aka Honus Honus of Man Man and Joe Plummer of Modest Mouse and The Shins. Check out the new tune below as well as the group's previous tracks "Mister Heavenly" and "Pineapple Girl" here.

Mister Heavenly will embark on a 13-date musical voyage in support of their debut release, Out of Love. Check out the tour dates, as well as the album's tracklisting after the jump.

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[Listen] Nick Diamonds - 'I Am an Attic' (Full Album Stream)

Check out the new solo album from former Islands, Unicorns and current Mistery Heavenly member Nick "Diamonds" Thorburn. The album I Am an Attic is available via Diamonds' Bandcamp page in which you can name your own price to obtain the LP. If you spend $10+, you get bonus 6 track EP titled the "I Am an E.P.". I gave a listen earlier today and it has me even more excited for Nick Diamonds and Hip Hop producer El-P upcoming project, Stepson. Check out the album out below.


[Download] Mister Heavenly - "Mister Heavenly"/"Pineapple Girl"

There was a little bit of fuss back at the start of December when Mister Heavenly made an appearence along with Michael Cera helping out on the bass. It was pretty cool to see. We now have some tracks for you to listen to, more than a shakey Youtube video with the murmers of hipster chat in the back ground. Below you can take a listen to two songs from them. The first of them is titled "Mister Heavenly" and the second takes the name "Pineapple Girl", both of which feature some nice hooks and harmonies. Check 'em out below.

Their Sub Pop debut is set for release in Spring so keep an eye out for that.

Mister Heavenly - "Mister Heavenly"/"Pineapple Girl" by Some Kind of Awesome


[Watch] Michael Cera on stage with Mister Heavenly

When I first saw this story this morning I wasn't quite sure what to make of it, and in all honesty I'm still feeling a bit like teen girl at a film premiere; Confused, yet overly excited and giddy. Mister Heavenly took to the stage with everyones favourite awkward teen, Michael Cera. From his roll in the Bluth family and Arrested Development to Nick Twist in Youth and Revolt. He seems to have stayed in character and taken to the stage for the second time ever along with Nick Thorburn of Honus Honus, Man Man and Islands, amongst others and Joe Plummer of Modest Mouse as part of the band Mister Heavenly.

You can check out a video after the jump of the band on stage thanks to clumsy342's blog (Where you can see the entire set) via Pitchfork. Maybe one day he'll be the Mr. Manager of more than just the Banana Stand? Or maybe not, as according to Line OutSub Pop have stated Cera is just touring with the for this stint: "as of right now he is not an official member, just playing with the guys on this tour." Maybe next time big guy.

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