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[Watch] Goldfrapp - "Rocket"

It's finally been set free from the evil clutches of MSN! Ha ha! Just kidding! EMI has put this video on lockdown but you can check it out on the Mute Channel page. Above is the official music video for Goldfrapp's latest single, "Rocket" from their forthcoming album Head First. Thoroughly enjoying this video because for me life is nothing but 80s-sounding music and rocketships anyways. 

Kinda funny that this is being released months after Calvin Harris' "You Used To Hold Me" video. Who knew semi trucks were SO electro-awesome!? I sure didn't. 

I guess Calvin's is cooler because it has bigger wheels? Maybe that speaks to the heaviness of the song? 

Am I really trying to look for hidden meanings in music videos for electro-pop songs? 


Head First will be out on March 23rd, courtesy of Mute Records.