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[Watch] SoKo - "We Might Be Dead By Tomorrow" (NSFW Video)

A beautiful new video from SoKo has hit the net and it's a good'un. It tells the simple tale of two people hopelessly in love. It may be soppy but it's heart warming to see and will put a smile on your face. It's a little NSFW though so you have been warned that there will be nipples on show! It's for a track called "We Might Be Dead By Tomorrow" which features on her album I Thought I Was An Alien.


[Watch] SoKo - "I've Been Alone Too Long"

We've been waiting for a full release from SoKo for what seems like a lifetime. I'm exaggerating, obviously, but when an artist comes across as brazenly honest and at times heartbreaking it's kind of natural to pine for that thing. SoKo is one of those things and as TwentyFourBit have pointed out there's this beautiful rendition of her performing "I've Been Alone Too Long". 


[Watch] SoKo - "First Love Never Die"

Last year we got to see a video from SoKo created with the legendary Spike Jonze but that was way back in November, today comes an adorable song and video for a track titled "First Love Never Die". The vintage looking footage sees two children playing around in the sandy surroundings accompanying the song more than adequately. It was shot last August on a Ranch in Nevada!

The long awaited debut album I Thought I Was An Alien, is set to hit stores on the 20th of February.


[Watch] SoKo - "I Thought I Was an Alien" (Official Video)

Following up her video from the summer "No More Home, No More Love", Stéphanie Sokolinski aka SoKo is still preparing to release her full length debut, I Thought I Was an Alien for a February 2012 release. Today comes a cut from the LP though and it's a candid affair in LA's Echo park shot through an iPhone with a little help from Spike Jonze. Props to TwentyFourBit for the heads up on this and Nowness for the video support.


[Watch] SoKo - "No More Home, No More Love" (Video)

Stéphanie Sokolinski aka SoKo is readying for the release of her full-length debut following a four year silence since her Not Sokute EP. The album was originally set for release in 2009 but got pushed back again and again but now in October it'll hit stores the world over. It may be a long way off but she's uploaded a new video for us all to enjoy for the new track, "No More Home, No More Love". The video sees SoKo moving out of her home in Echo Park, CA, on April 30th earlier this year. As a video it sits alongside the song nicely as a visual. Thanks to our friends at TwentyFourBit for the heads up on this video and the album. 


[Listen] The Go! Team - "I'm Not Satisfied"

The Go! Team's latest video for their track "T.O.R.N.A.D.O." was released just last week and now we have another new track from the group in the form of a 60s cover, "I'm Not Satisfied" originally by Betty and Karen. The track comes as a B-Side to "Buy Nothing Day" (which is taken from Rolling Blackouts and can be pre-order that track over here.) which features vox by Bethany of Best Coast and comes in orange vinyl, sexy. But this B-Side features some lovely vox work from the lovely SokoRolling Blackouts is set for release on January 30th but take a listen to "I'm Not Satisfied" below and get excited for even more new material.

The Go! Team - "I'm Not Satisfied" by Some Kind of Awesome