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[Listen] Sonic Youth's First Live Recording

See what I mean?! Another track from the depths of the sea that we call history has found its way online via YouTube user RockNimbie. The future of Sonic Youth may be in a state of yo-yo right now but this recording is from a cassette dating back to June 1981's Noise Fest in NYC’s White Columns art space. As with the Radiohead demos we got to hear earlier in the week, hearing a band that we know blossom into a behemoth of influence at these early stages is a thing of brilliance. The recording is raw and rough around the edges but it's Sonic Youth through and through. Check it out below via CoS.


[Download] Wavves - "100%" (Sonic Youth Cover)

Who says stoners are lazy? Pffft. Nathan Williams aka Wavves yesterday took to Twitter to give his fans an acoustic rendition of Sonic Youth's  first single from their 1992 album Dirty, "100%". Recorded whilst Nathan was stoned and watching The Price Is Right, that's some pretty impressive multi tasking considering the blood shot eyes and dry mouth that were no doubt present. You can download the track over here or simply give it a spin below.

If you missed it earlier in the week check out Nathan's effort from his Life Suxx EP, "Destroy" which features Fucked Up. 



[Listen] Hear Sonic Youth's Thurston Moore’s Beck Produced Album 'Demolished Thoughts' In Full 

After hearing the first two releases Sonic Youth's own Thurston Moore’s upcoming fourth solo album, Demolished Thoughts from "Benediction" and "Circulation," the day has finally come to get your first full listen of the new album in its entirety before its release next Tuesday. Moore's friend, Record Club collaborator and SKoA favorite Beck Hansen handled the production on Moore's newest opus which reminds us alot of Beck's moody, acoustic classic Sea Change. Give your ears something to enjoy this afternoon after the jump.

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[Listen] Thurston Moore - "Circulation" (Prod By Beck)

Take a listen to another track off Sonic Youth's Thurston Moore's upcoming Beck produced solo album Demolished Thoughts. The new track "Circulation" was made available via Thurston's Facebook page and you can listen to it in full below. And make sure, if you haven't, already check out the first track "Benediction" here.  Demolished Thoughts comes out May 24 via Matador Records.


[Watch] Beck's Record Club - “Santorini” (Yanni Cover)

Beck teams up with Sonic Youth’s Thurston Moore and Tortoise for the 5th Record Club session which features re-interpretation of Yanni's Yanni Live At The Acropolis. But i'll let Mr. Hansen explain more:

This installment of the Record Club takes on ‘Yanni Live At The Acropolis’. The original album featured Yanni with a full orchestra at the Athenian Acropolis. A TV special of the concert was played repeatedly on PBS through the mid 90’s. To flesh out and capture the complex arrangements, several studio musician heavyweights were brought in to read a heavily doctored score with interpolations of everything from Stravinsky to Shania Twain (look for others). Beck and Thurston Moore from Sonic Youth provided auxiliary music and noise, with Thurston improvising lyrics over the previously instrumental track ‘Santorini.’ The new lyrics give the track an added urgency and pathos. Tortoise show up later on a few other tracks.


[Download] Thurston Moore & Memory Tapes Remix Crystal Castles and Upcoming Tour Dates

With the release of their second full-length album, Crystal Castles members Ethan Kath and Alice Glass, have found themselves as being the center of attention in the indie music world. They recently performed their latest lead single "Celestica" on the BBC's Later with Jools Holland, also released 2 new remixes, one being their single "Celestica" by mutual admirer Thurston Moore of Sonic Youth and another new remix for "Suffocation" by Memory Tapes. Both which you can grab and listen to below.  

The band will be touring in support of their new sophomore album Crystal Castles (II), and promise to deliver the volatile, highly potent, and often controversial live shows the band is infamous for.  Check out the tour dates after the jump.

[Download] Crystal Castles - Celestica (Thurston Moore Remix)


[Download] Crystal Castles - Suffocation (Memory Tapes Remix)


[Bonus Download] Crystal Castles - Celestica (Bears In Heaven Remix)


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