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[Album Stream] Starfucker - 'Miracle Mile'

Starfucker has a name that begs a response along the lines of "What the fuck?", but in my experience those confused naysayers are nothing but impressed when hearing the band's shimmering, hook-laden songs. For anyone not sold on the Portland outfit, here's your chance to decide whether or not their groovy electropop sound is for you. Rdio is streaming all 15 tracks from Starfucker's upcoming third LP Miracle Mile, so do yourself a favor and give it a chance below.

Miracle Mile is out on February 19th on Polyvinyl. Starfucker is also heading out on tour later this month, so check out their full schedule after the jump.

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[Listen] Starfucker - "Atlantis"

Starting the week off right, Starfucker gives us another taste of their upcoming sophomore LP Miracle Mile. So far, we've heard "While I'm Alive", "Leave It All Behind", and "Say To You", all of which have left me (and I'm sure all of you Starfucker fans) wanting more. "Atlantis" is easily the most standout Miracle Mile single yet, starting off with tantalizing synth melodies and glittering effects. It's catchy when it needs to be, the vocals are met with equally vibrant instrumentation, and it's tinged with all kinds of synthesized oddities. This is the kind of song Starfucker does best. Stream it below.

Miracle Mile is out on February 19th via Polyvinyl.


[News] Major Lazer Announce Massive 2013 Tour

Major Lazer's long-awaited sophomore album Free the Universe is set to release (hopefully) at the end of February, and following that the Diplo-led collective will carry out an extensive worldwide tour. Starting on February 28th in Toronto, the tour will take Diplo and friends all across Canada, the U.S., South America, the United Kingdom, and numerous countries throughout Europe. The tour will also see Major Lazer joined by a star studded supporting cast, including Angel Haze, Lunice, Starfucker, and Dragonette. Check out the full tour schedule after the jump.

Free the Universe is out on February 19th via Diplo's Mad Decent label.

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[Listen] Starfucker - "Say To You"

Starfucker graced the end of our 2012 with two fantastic tracks from their eclectic and quirky imaginations, the groovy "While I'm Alive" and the bombastic, party-friendly "Leave It All Behind". The band quickly returns in the New Year to bring us yet another taste of their forthcoming third LP Miracle Mile. When paired with the two previous tracks, "Say To You" is the calm after the storm, after the deluge of alcohol and the New Years-induced hangovers. It's a nice throwback to the band's usual inclusion of dreamy, quiet tracks, the type that you can lose yourself in. Lose yourself below.


[Listen] Starfucker - "Leave It All Behind"

After giving us the groovy funk-laden single "While I'm Alive", Portland outfit Starfucker quickly returns with "Leave It All Behind". The song is laced with glitchy synthesizers, pounding bass drums, and echoing vocals, and as it all melds together the result is a downright awesome party jam. Stream it below, or add it to your end-of-the-world playlist.

Starfucker's third studio album Miracle Mile is out on February 19th through Polyvinyl.


[News] STRFKR Announce New Album, Drop First Track "While I'm Alive"

It seems like this week has been heavy on new album announcements, and indie electro outfit STRFKR (or Starfucker, as they seem unable to decide on a definite band name) are following suit, using hump day to their advantage. After giving us the amazing Reptilians back in early 2011, the Portland group has announced a follow-up titled Miracle Mile. The album will be released on February 19th via Polyvinyl, and to get you excited you can stream the first single, "While I'm Alive".

"While I'm Alive" is all kinds of weird, but in a good way. With groovy basslines and synthesized oddities, the song captures a feeling of drug-laden dreams, as much of STRFKR's offerings do. Stream it below, and check out the full tracklisting for Miracle Mile further down.

Miracle Mile tracklisting:

1. While I’m Alive
2. Sazed
3. Malmo
4. Beach Monster
5. Isea
7. Fortune’s Fool
8. Kahlil Gibran
9. Say to You
10. Atlantis
11. Leave It All Behind
12. I Don’t Want to See
13. Last Words
14. Golden Light
15. Nite Rite


[Listen] Starfucker (STRFKR) - "The Wisdom of Insecurity"

In March, Japan suffered from one of the largest earthquakes ever recorded, a subsequent tsunami that devastated coastlines, and a nuclear disaster that endangered the lives of millions. Since then, bands such as Starfucker, of Montreal, St. Vincent, Deerhoof, Xiu Xiu, David Bazan, Joan of Arc, Owen, Casiokids, and many more have been in the recording studio and gathering material to donate and compile into Polyvinyl's Japan Benefit Compilation. Below, you can listen to synthpop group Starfucker's contribution to the album, titled "Wisdom of Insecurity," and you can purchase Japan 3.11.11: A Benefit Album here.

Starfucker - "Wisdom of Insecurity"



[Watch] Starfucker - "Quality Time" (Video) x 'Reptillians' (Full Album Stream)

Here we have some interesting visuals from the Portland based band, Starfucker and their track "Quality Time". The video starts off with an average looking college/house party going on with a bunch of 20 somethings wearing Toga's. Now this is when the host answers the door to an interesting character who you is fashioning some interesting eye makeup. He then introduces the parties host to the music on his Sony Walkmen and places the headphones on said hosts head. The party freezes and this leaves the unusual looking guest to run riot at the party by undressing, vandalising party guests and fondling the odd person along the way. The track draws to a close and the host awakens from his frozen musical trance to find himself and the rest of the party goers stood in their underwear with beers in hand. The party then turns into an absolute gem of a night if you ask me and everyone begins to dance like madmen and the moral of this is? Listen to Starfucker and your party will be great!

As well as the intriguing video you can take a listen to their new album in all of its electronical goodness below too. It features this track and goes by the title of Reptillians. You can pre-order yourselves a copy of the new LP over here. Anybody now want to have a Toga Party in the hope of this being the end result? 

STRFKR - Reptilians by Polyvinyl Records