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[News] Dot to Dot Festival Preview

Summer is creeping in and with that you'll of noticed a host of Festivals taking place in just about every corner of the globe. Dot to Dot Festival started back in 2005 in Nottingham bringing together some top music acts across a number of venues. Fast forward to 2012 and the event has grown to three cities, all playing host to the chosen bands over a weekend. This years event will take place over the weekend of June 2nd to 4th in Nottingham, Bristol and Manchester. It's sure to be a great way to spend the bank holiday weekend in the UK and some ridiculously good bands will take to the stages over the weekend.

Up at the top you can see some of the line-up which includes, The Drums, Pulled Apart by Horses, Wavves, Willis Earl Beal, Summer Camp, Willy Moon and countless other top artists. Over the next week or so leading up to the event we'll post up some recommendations for bands we'll most definitely be checking out and will be at the Manchester date to report on all the shows we possibly can! Keep your eyes peeled for it but in the mean time for some more info hit up the official site. The full line up can be found here while the venue guide and set times are also up for your perusal here. Tickets can be purchased for the event here so get planning and see you in the pits!

[Watch] The Internet - "Fastlane" (Official Video)

Peep the a new visual from the project of OF lady killer, Syd, and producer Matt Martian for their track "Fastlane". The video sees Syd and an accomplice going about their business. Their business happens to be robbing people and getting into all kinds of crazy shit, all whilst getting a rather large kick out of it. Enjoy it at the top.

The Internet's Purple Naked Ladies is out now on Odd Future Records.

[Listen] The Internet - "Visions"

Today, Syd The Kid and Matt Martian release their debut album under the moniker of The Internet. Titled Purple Naked Ladies, what I've heard so far I've surprisingly liked quite a lot. A subtle distant sound of ambience and naturally with Syd, I expected it to be pretty laid back and chill. The evidence of this can be heard below in this clean sounding haze of a track titled "Visions". See for yourselves below for what you can expect from the release. Purple Naked Ladies is available to buy over here.

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[Download] The Internet - "Cocaine" (Little Dragon Remix)

The Internet, side project of Odd Future's Syd The Kid and Matt Martians, remixed Little Dragon's "Seconds" not too long ago. Today, via The Fader, Little Dragon return the favour with bell filled remix of The Internet's recent track "Cocaine".

The Internet are penned to release their debut titled, Purple Naked Ladies, digitally on the 20th of December via Odd Future Records. I think we may see some more of Syd and Matt in 2012, that's for sure.

The Internet - Cocaine (Little Dragon Remix) by The FADER

[Watch] The Internet - "Cocaine" (Official Video)

Fresh off the back of that Lana Del Rey remix we heard last week, The Internet have announced their debut album which will be titled Purple Naked Ladies and be released later in the year. As a special Halloween treat Syd The Kid and Matt Martian released a video for the track "Cocaine" which can be watched at the top of the page. There are also a couple of other tracks from the pair. One that is cutely titled "Love Song-1" and another that goes by "They Say". See what you think of them after watching the video. Don't do drugs kids. Drugs are bad. Mmmkay.

[Watch] Ben Folds Loves ChatRoulette

The ChatRoulette sensation is sweeping the nation!! I first caught the video of Merton the ChatRoulette Improv Pianist a week or so ago and hoped that the next time I attempted to meet strangers and dodge penis' that I would be serenaded by this guy. 

That has now all changed, of course. 

Ben Folds has decided to take "Merton's" idea of doing improvisational songs for ChatRoulette users and took it to the next level by doing the songs WHILE ON STAGE IN FRONT OF THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE.

I am just floored that the people he interacted with didn't know who he was. The whole video is pretty hysterical though. 

I'm pretty sure I will be on ChatRoulette all night long for every night that Folds' is on tour now in hopes that he would sing a song for me. How awesome would that be, srsly?