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[Listen] The Neighbourhood - "A Little Death"

A few weeks back The Neighbourhood gave us a brand new track in the form of "Let It Go", a song that will be included on both the band's debut album and a 7" single called "Thank You". Now, the band has dropped the b-side to "Let It Go", a subtle, brooding number that fits right into the band's current repertoire. 2012 has already proven to be a standout year for The Neighbourhood, so let's see how 2013 goes. Stream "A Little Death" below.


[Listen] The Neighbourhood - "Let It Go"

We here at SKOA have been fans of The Neighbourhood from the get-go (how could you not be with a song called "Sweater Weather"?), and things are coming together nicely for the band. First, they re-released their debut EP and now they've signed to Columbia Records with a full album in the works. "Let It Go" is the first new material from the band since signing to Columbia, and they're clearly not fucking around. Serving as the b-side to the upcoming 7" single "Thank You", "Let It Go" has a tinge of hip-hop to it, whether it's in the instrumentals or the psuedo-rap stylings of Jesse James Rutherford. In the end, it all works surprisingly well. Check it out below.


[Watch] The Neighbourhood - "Female Robbery" (Official Video)

California outfit The Neighbourhood have a single EP to their name, but they are one of the most promising discoveries of the year. Now, the Newbury Park, CA quintet are working on their debut full-length, and in the midst of recording they churned out a new version of their song "Female Robbery". The result is a much more gritty song, with distorted vocals and much more prominent percussion coming together with heavy-hitting delivery.

Along with the reworked version of the song, the band has released a new version of the video for "Female Robbery". Much like the song, the video is similar to the original with its use of found footage, but the end result is a grittier, darker tale. Watch it above.


[Download] The Neighbourhood - 'I'm Sorry' (Full EP Download)


You've seen us obsessing over The Neighbourhood for a few months now as they've slowly introduced themselves to us track by track with songs like "Female Robbery" and "Sweater Weather". Well now you can be a full-fledge fan with us by grabbing their debut EP I'm Sorry in exchange for the ability to receive updates on your soon-to-be favorite new band.

The band has a couple of dates in California this month. Make sure you have a look at the dates over on their Facebook page.


[Watch & Download] The Neighbourhood - "Sweater Weather" (Video)

I just can't get enough of The Neighbourhood. After obsessively playing "Female Robbery" until I swear I was dreaming the song, the band is back with a new track, "Sweater Weather". The lyrics are sweet, the melody is soothing and dark, and the vocals give you goosebumps on the back of your neck. I can't wait to see what else this band has up their sleeve. They are slowly climbing higher on my list of new favorites of the year.

Once you've enjoyed the video above, make sure you grab the track here.


[Watch & Download] The Neighbourhood - "Female Robbery" (Video)

Last week, Newbury Park, CA quintet The Neighbourhood released the video for their single, "Female Robbery" from their upcoming debut EP that is slated for a late March/early April release. The song is dark, dismal and peppered with paranoia but also incredibly infectious because by the end of the song you want to put it on again to enjoy its hazy guitars and steadily churning percussion.

Looking forward to hearing more from these guys. Should you find that you enjoyed the video above, make sure you grab the track below.