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[Watch] Pigeon John Covers The Strokes' "Last Nite" For Triple J's Like A Version

I missed this one last week while on vacation. Pigeon John swings by the Triple J studio to play his highly successful track "The Bomb" from his latest effort Dragon Slayer and also performs a surprisingly awesome cover of The Strokes' classic, "Last Nite." Check out the cover above and head over to the Triple J website for the full session.


[Watch] The Strokes perform "Gratisfaction" on Ellen

You've seen The Strokes perform on the likes of Conan and The Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, but would you ever have imagined the Julian Casablancas-led outfit would make an appearance on The Ellen Show? Well, apparently Ellen Degeneres is a huge fan of the band, and the New York quintet made her a happy woman by paying her a visit to perform the song "Gratisfaction." Check out the performance above.


[Watch] The Strokes - "Under The Cover of Darkness" x "Taken For A Fool" Live on Jools Holland

It seems like Jools Holland is getting all of the big names recently, having Radio One's Big Weekend might of helped as a lot of great talent has been in the UK for a week or so. Last night though viewers were treated to a few tracks from The Strokes. We got to see their entire set from R1BW yesterday in which Julian looked a little worse for wear. Take a look at these performances and if he seems a bit "fresher", or it could just be me thinking that. What a difference 3 days makes huh.

The band performed some tight renditions of 2 tracks from their latest LP, Angles. Bringing along "Under The Cover of Darkness" and "Taken For A Fool". The former can be watched up at the top with the latter being found after the jump. Did Julian forget the lyrics...again? Good day for live performances from late night TV today though none the less?!

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[Watch] The Strokes - Radio One's Big Weekend Set

Yesterday we posted a crazy amount of videos for your viewing please, all of qhich came from Radio One's Big Weekend, which takes place yearly. Each year the Radio Station gives away 40000 tickets to lucky listeners who get to watch some of the biggest names in music, for free, at a random place around the UK.

This years lineup was incredible and today we have the final big peice to the puzzle for you to enjoy. Up at the top take a look at The Strokes putting in a great set on the In New Music We Trust stage. Ususual stage choice from the organisers but hey. You can now enjoy the set at the top of the page right here on SKoA. So sit back and watch Julian sing his gravelly vox to a packed out tent of festival loving radio listeners. The set consists of some oldies along with some tracks from their latest studio offering, Angles. I'm not jealous of the competition winners one bit, honest.


[News] The Strokes Are Back in the Studio Working on 'New Ideas'

Only a month after the release of their fourth album Angles, The Strokes are already back in the studio working on "new ideas." Nikolai Fraiture, the band's bassist, mentioned on his Twitter page, "Super excited to go in to the studio today and work on some new ideas! I'll keep you posted..."

Before the release of Angles, guitarist Nick Valensi said in an interview with MySpace Music, "I really just want to make another album really fast after this one. I just wanna kind of focus on new music for the future and just getting something out." Let's hope that the whole band feels the same way, and that these "ideas" turn into another Strokes album, one that doesn't take five years to make.


[Watch] The Strokes - "Games" Live on Conan

The Strokes hit up Conan last night and brought along with them a performance of their track, "Games" which features on their latest album Angles. From the look of Julian I think he had an enjoyable day prior to the show performance. Dark shades and a hat to cover his face seems appropriate. Check out the performance for yourselves up at the top courtesy of the wonderful Audio Perv. Anyone feeling a little rough today? Or is it just me and maybe Juilian Casablancas? Whatever, happy Thursday.


[Coachella 2011] The Strokes Coachella Performance

So I'm pretty convinced Audio Perv recorded the whole Coachella broadcast on all 3 channels. Take a look at The Strokes performance from day 3 of Coachella. We find it odd, even with a new album, The Strokes seem to only be playing at or around festival areas or their hometown NYC. You would think the band would put in a full on tour after being away for so long. Guess not though. Anyways check out the set above.


[Watch] The Strokes - "You're So Right" Live on Fallon

Last night continuing their reign The Strokes rocked up on stage to Jimmy Fallon's late night show. With them they brought all the swagger and cool necessary to perform a great rendition of "You're So Right" which features on their latest release Angles which reached number 4 in the Billboard Chart. If you are yet to have this album in your possession just head over here and grab it now. Enjoy the performance courtesy of The Audio Perv.

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