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[Listen] Jessie J - "Who's Laughing Now" (Xaphoon Jones Remix)

Take a listen to the handy work of Xaphoon Jones on UK songstress, Jessie J's track "Who's Laughing Now". The track features on Jessie's full length debut, and although she had luke warm reception in the US, the UK seem to love her. I know right?! Xaphoon has done the dirty to the track though and now, add some tribal sounding beats and heavy synths and boom I can listen to a Jessie J song without wanting to turn around and walk away from my laptop. Check it out below via Purple PR.

Jessie J - Who's Laughing Now (Xaphoon Jones Remix) by PurplePR


[Watch] Chiddy Bang - "I Can't Stop (Freestyle)" (Video)

If Chiddy Bang is known for anything, it's Chidera "Chiddy" Anamege's amazing freestyling and Noah "Xaphoon Jones" Beresin's awesome sampling, and the track "I Can't Stop (Freestyle)" has both of those in full force. This time around, Xaphoon decided to throw some dubstep into the mix by sampling Flux Pavilion. Add to that some sweet freestyle courtesy of Chiddy, and you have one awesome track. The video also features some great visuals, showing the duo in the midst of an epilepsy-inducing concert throwing down the best of their skills. You can check out the video for yourself in the player above.


[Listen] Chiddy Bang - "Mind Your Manners"

It seems just like a lil while ago when Chiddy Bang released their Peanut Butter and Swelly mixtape and now we get the first official single from their long awaited album Breakfast. It seems we've already gotten several album with the multiple mixtapes, unreleased tracks and EPs these guys released already but nevertheless another offering couldn't hurt. Get your first taste of Breakfast by listening to the Icona Pop's Manners sampling "Mind Your Manners" below.



[Download] Grouplove - "Colours" (Xaphoon Jones Remix)

Check out this nice little remix from Xaphoon Jones of Chiddy Bang for Grouplove's hella great track, "Colours". Xaphoon let the track loose after he hit 20k followers on twitter. Seems like a valid reason to treat us to some fresh sounding music bites doesn't it? The track has a nice piano lick paired up with a heavy bassline wrapping themselves around with the original vox just slightly reworked. Give it a spin or 20 below. 

Let's hope more re-works come when artists hit landmark follower targets. We can but hope.


[Download] Chiddy Bang - "When You've Got Music" Feat. The Knocks

The boys are back in town. That's right Chiddy Bang return this Friday with a brand new mixtape titled Peanut Butter & Swelly. Chiddy and Xaphoon give us our first preview from the upcoming tape with a brand new track for you to enjoy titled "When You've Got Music" and features a sample of The Knocks of the same name. Check out the track below and the trailer for the mixtape above before it hits the webs on May 27th on ILLROOTS.


[Download] Xaphoon Jones (of Chiddy Bang) Mixtape Vol. 2

Last year, Xaphoon Jones, the producer and beatsmith behind hip hop duo Chiddy Bang, released his first mixtape titled Xaphoon Jones Mixtape Vol. 1. Today, Xaphoon released the follow up to his first mixtape, the Xaphoon Jones Mixtape Vol. 2, available for free for everyone to download and enjoy. Jones has remixed many different genres and bands, such as The Knocks' "Blackout" and Darwin Deez's "Constellations," and this mixtape futher displays his ability to take new and old songs and remix them in ways that make them sound entirely unique and contemporary. You can download the mixtape here, as well as check out the tracklisting after the jump.

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[Download] Chiddy Bang - "Rebel"

Your boys Xaphoon and Chiddy released a brand new tune via Twitter upon Xaph hitting 10k followers. The track titled "Rebel" appears to be a demo off the group's forthcoming debut LP The Swelly Life. I'm always up for some new Chiddy Bang. Check it out in the player below.

Chiddy Bang - "Rebel" by Some Kind of Awesome


[Download] Darwin Deez Goes Hip Hop For His New Mixtape 'Wonky Beats'

Well this is an odd turn of events, SKoA Favorite  decides to go all Kool Keith on us, and turn into an abstract emcee and drop a mix-tape created entirely from samples from the 1971 surrealist children’s classic “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory”, roping in friends like Dev Hynes, KOOL AD from Das Racist and Xaphoon Jones of Chiddy Bang.

“It's a high concept mix-tape, tailor-made for multi-generational impact, created exclusively from Willy Wonka samples with the songs all derived from/based on the original 1971 score. It's like the Grey album but with Chocolate. Inspired by Das Rascist's "you oughta know" lazily singing along with the choruses.  chunky as hell beats.  The film is a great allegory.  I never knew it was allegorical until a stoner pointed that out to me though. I just always loved the songs.  Really special melodies (cheer up charlie) and chords (pure imagination).  Thought they'd make good hip hop choruses. Why limit yourself to Willy Wonka samples?  Limitations inspire me.  Limitations give me the freedom to feel ok about whatever comes out because I can always blame the limitations.  But the secret is to get the faucet running in the first place.  Otherwise I am just too serious and too scared to write anything.  But this particular limitation also has the power to make people curious, like the Grey album, which is all it takes in this day and age to make a popular record; and potential popularity is always thrilling, never daunting. It's the writing itself, the impossibly high quality standards I carry around in my brain that make me scared to write.  Not the idea of other people listening in.  I WANT people to listen in.  The rap style is like a brain dump (which is the technical definition of surrealism.  "Why a mix-tape?" - albums are to mix-tapes as the news is to gossip. They will change the way you hear the songs in the movie forever!”

How to get the mix-tape? Well, it is now available online, and all he wants in return is your LOVE.  Full details are here:  http://darwindeez.com/wonkybeats OH YEAH! In addition 5 lucky winners will also find inside their Zip a Golden Ticket; the Golden Ticket is redeemable for the grand prize: which is a lifetime supply of Darwin Deez music and tickets to local DD headline shows! Peep the track "Where's The Chocolate?" featuring KOOL AD from Das Racist below and pick this one up asap!

Darwin Deez - "Where's the Chocolate?" (ft Kool AD) by Some Kind of Awesome