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[#SKOA30] DAY 1: A Song You Recently Shared With A Friend

Day 1!

I’m pumped!

This first one is probably not what anyone was going to expect outta me but that’s kind of the fun part of this challenge is that some of this stuff is gonna get REAL WEIRD REAL FAST!


I’m not sure who all is like this, but I am the kind of friend who learns your taste and when I stumble into something that would fit your taste I am eager to connect the music to you so I have someone else to spaz about the thing I found. Listening to music by yourself is great but sharing music is much more rewarding imo.

I’m still struggling to remember how I tumbled into Chicago darkwave duo HIDE but good LORDE when their latest track, “Chainsaw” hit my earholes my fingers couldn’t fly fast enough to get it to my main darklings in all the corners of the internet. When I shared it with one friend in particular, it ignited a share fest of songs we both had just found in the past few days and were both having a blast FREAKING THE FUCK OUT in real time to the songs we were swapping. Those kinds of sharing experiences are literally my favorite thing in the world, where immediately your eyes practically pop out of your head, your jaw almost slams to the ground it drops so hard, and you utter something like, “oh my god”, “holy shit that’s good”, “oh wow”, “jfc who the fuck is this?!”, etc.

Interesting thing I just learned about this song while setting up this post: per the info on the music video, the lyrics are actually comprised of things were essentially a slew of verbal assaults that singer Heather Gabel has received repeatedly on the street, often while in the company of a child. The accompanying video also features stills of a fraction of victims who were raped and murdered in 2018, adding even more intensity to an already powerful song.

[SONG OF THE DAY] Blood Cultures - "Best For You"

New Jersey’s four-piece anon-act Blood Cultures have returned with their second single from their forthcoming sophomore album Oh Uncertainty! A Universe Despairs, which is slated for a September release. “Best For You” is a hazy hypnotic little number full of glitchy vocal slices sampled throughout. This one’s a definite earworm that has the ability to keep you awake with it ringing through your head even though you only played in a couple of times, and of course I mean that in the best possible way.

The band has very strong convictions about remaining anonymous, which they have detailed in a recent manifesto that they’ve shared (and I’ve included below as well). On the one hand, I totally get their intentions here, but as much as it’s nice to just get really invested in a piece of art, there is a communal aspect of it too when it comes to connecting to the artists who made the thing you like.

Perhaps this is something I should hop on the phone and discuss with them soon. 🤔

Our hope is to create genuine, emotive art for individuals to connect with in a unique way. We choose to not publicly reveal any information about the project and ourselves in order to effectively carry out this mission: We believe that disclosing our personalities, politics, alignments, intentions, orientations, etc could detach the listener further from the personal connection that they have made with the music.

We must support and respect the unique truths and individual meanings that the listeners generate themselves from the tracks and the visuals. Art is not what the artist intends it to be, but rather what you make of it. If we are simply the vessels, who are we to take meaning away from something by imposing our own views, biasis, intentions, etc?

We choose to be the blank canvas. We want our listeners to find their own significance in the pieces by looking inwardly and seeking the answers within themselves rather than from us: disclosing the context of the work could shatter the individual’s distinct value of the piece that they have created for themselves. There is only one true meaning, and it is that which the listener has concluded is their truth.

Despite not sharing ourselves in the traditional and physical sense, we instead exclusively share our raw emotional selves by exposing our most personal thoughts, moments, and feelings in the music. Anonymity allows us the freedom to be candid and void of restraint, repercussions and fear. This music is the most personal thing I have ever done, so the relationship we have with our listeners through this channel is an extremely intimate one.

If you feel the music, you understand it, you understand us, and just like that, we are connected. Regardless of our potential differences, we are there together, in the same emotional landscape, through this music. And that is worth preserving.

Though we're seen, we will never be seen: just like you

Though we’re heard, we will never be heard: just like you

Though we're known, we will never be known: just like you


Blood Cultures

[SONG OF THE DAY] The Goods - "Let's Roll (feat. Touch Sensitive)"
The Goods and Touch Sensitive 2019

We know I’ve been scrambling to assemble the sounds of the summer for this year but imma need to take a minute with this latest track from Sydney trio The Goods because good fucking Lorde this is so damn smoooooooove.

Building on their reputation for funky synth-stacked jams, the fellas enlisted my #1 professional nu-disco crush, none other than Touch Sensitive, for their follow up to last year’s Make Your Move EP. “Let’s Roll” is one of those songs that your brain will wander to when you’re looking back on a perfect night out. It’s a song that when it comes on you’re going to find yourself unable to hold still. Even if you’re sitting on a crowded subway train you’re always gonna realize that your shoulders are bouncing just a bit. It sounds like every incredible night I’ve ever had. You know those nights that started off all unassuming and ended up at a really amazing place where everything just felt perfect? Yeah, they bottled that. I don’t know how, but they did.

Literally me rn listening to this song:


Y’all are you ready to strap in with me and The Goods? I can tell already it’s gonna be a good fucking summer.

And this is gonna be the soundtrack to every last good vibe.

[SONG OF THE DAY] Pat Lok - "Fearless (feat. Luke Burr)"
photo credit: Nina Krupa

photo credit: Nina Krupa


On the heels of his Corazón EP dropping today, Vancouver born turned recent Los Angeles resident Pat Lok has preemptively shared a cut from the EP, “Fearless” featuring Essex soul singer Luke Burr. The song is a lovely little motivational moment both for us and Pat himself. “In my weaker moments, I often compare my life path to the friends and family I left behind in Canada, and wonder if I'm doing the right thing,” Pat shares speaking on the track, “so this is sort of me in the mirror saying get off your butt. It can be difficult for others to believe in you if you don't believe in yourself first and I hope this might reach anyone else out there who needs to hear it.”

Twitter fam so wise with the heartfelt advice! We loveee!

Go have a listen to the rest of Corazón, dude has delivered a deluge of bops yet again. Bravo, homey!

[WATCH] Brit Daniels - "Deja Vu (Official Video)"
Brit Daniels 2019

Nashville area pop artist Brit Daniels has unveiled the video for her most recent single, “Deja Vu”, a song that delves into the trials and tribulations of modern dating culture. After going through yet another failed attempt at a relationship, Daniels was inspired to get in touch with her feelings and explore what went wrong. Through writing the song, Daniels realized all the red flags she ignored and noticed a pattern in her dating life. The accompanying video reflects it in a minimally powerful way by repeatedly showcasing a handful of scenes throughout.

Looking forward to hearing more of what the singer-songwriter has in store in the coming months. For now I plan getting better acquainted with her previous releases.

[SONG OF THE DAY] LUXXURY - "Change Yr Mind (feat. Adeline)"
Luxxury 2019

Los Angeles producer LUXXURY has teamed up with New York soul/funk singer Adeline for a bi-coastal sun drenched nu-disco bop “Change Yr Mind”. If you’ve been on the hunt for something sexy to saunter poolside to all summer, this is certainly an option. With grooving baselines, glistening synths, and Adeline’s breathy vocals on this track, it’s a sure fire way to beat the heat.

I should note that both have a fair amount of back catalog that’s worth digging around in. I actually need to spend time with Adeline’s self-titled debut LP, I thoroughly loved “Before” (as seen on diSKOAver weekly and now it’s archive).

[SONG OF THE DAY] austenyo - "Commercial"
photo courtesy of Austin Scheer via DM to prove that he was, in fact, playing tennis when I hit him up on Twitter

photo courtesy of Austin Scheer via DM to prove that he was, in fact, playing tennis when I hit him up on Twitter

We got a new friend at the party, everyone!

Fam, please meet Detroit newcomer austenyo, who has just been added to my list of baby bands to keep a close eye on. Born Austen Scheer, he’s been releasing music under the playful moniker for a little over a year now, which were initially part of his Senior Individualized Project at Kalamazoo College.

His latest single, “Commercial” is a perfect blend of effortlessly catchy alt-pop to compliment all of your impending blissful sunny summer days. The track follows previous singles, “Off-Kilter” and “Backup Generator”, that are from his forthcoming debut full-length album, minialbum, which is due out this July. The video, as seems to be a reoccurring theme for the project, is proof that little to no budget for videos isn’t as important as it is to be painfully clever. It’s as much of a performance piece to showcase Scheer’s playfulness as it is a literal commercial to sell his latest batch of merch and to get you to interact with his text bot, “austenbot”. You can tell with his unassuming and mostly improvisational approach to music making that Scheer is serious about not taking himself too seriously, which I find to be incredibly refreshing.

You can expect more on this guy in the coming weeks, TRUST.

Hedegaard 2019

Dutch DJ HEDEGAARD is back with a followup to his well loved single "SA-MY-D” with another heavy hit, “STRESSIN”, an anthemic dance number that you probably have a decent idea what the subject matter entails given the name. Dude has been going progressively heavier with these newer single since he dropped his Oblivion EP that was super high end club friendly. It’s clear that his aim is to claim as many dance floors as he can muster and tbh he’s doing a damn good job of that.