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[Sunday Pickup] Wiley - Zip Files 1-11

UK Grime MC Wiley aka Eskiboy recently released 180 free tunes via Twitter which you can grab after the jump. Big up to GrimeForum for tagging every file! The story behind these tracks goes, on Thursday 7/8, Wiley recently fired his manager, John Woolf, and announced it via Twitter.

And now the label wanna withdraw cos I sacked the manager that’s the nature of this game false alarm no deal

So now I’m gonna go so hard my next rest I have is gonna be in about 7 years

I would rather not do a deal with that manager he lies day and night about

Big up john woolf your funny but I won’t do a deal that your involved in sorry

Later that day, Wiley decided to release various zip files which contained 180+ of unreleased recorded songs and beats over the internet for free. The reason for this move was to prevent the record label from forcing him to release these tracks in the future and start fresh on a new album.

Defo leaking every tune today

I jus want people to know I was on point and I was working that’s all music is my way of reaching out to the masses

I’m jus gonna off load all this music and make some new stuff my brain has flooded need to off load

I’m leaking everything and then I’m going to sleep and when you appreciate the music I will wake up

On monday I will start my new album and I got 2 labrynth beats let’s not forget that

Bold move by Wiley. I, myself, will definitely be supporting his next album even more so after this. If you never checked out Wiley, you are definitely missing out on alot of good hip hop, grime, electro, club bangers. I highly suggest it you guys check out one of these files and get familiar. Still not sure? Check out this track titled "Could Be" and then browse the tracklisting and downloads after the jump. ORDER UP!


  1. Wiley - Elusive Intro (Produced by Balistiq Beats)
  2. Wiley - What They Want
  3. Wiley - Art of Grime (Ft. Breeze)
  4. Wiley - Us Against The World
  5. Wiley - Journey Ain't Over
  6. Wiley - Night Flight
  7. Wiley - Club World
  8. Wiley - Can't Get Enough
  9. Wiley - 8BNC
  10. Wiley - Sugacakes (Ft. J2K & Donaeo)
  11. A list - Favourite Guy
  12. Wiley - Electric Boogaloo (Ft. J2K & Jodie Connor)
  13. Wiley - Take That
  14. Wiley - Never Be Your Woman (Ft. Emeli Sande)

Zip Files 02
  1. Wiley - She Likes To (Remix 2009) (Ft. J2K, Wrigley, Ice Kid, Wretch 32, Ghetts, Bashy, Scorcher, Chipmunk & Griminal)
  2. Wiley - 123 Go (Ft. Ghetts, Devlin & Shifty)
  3. Wiley - Swimming (Ft. J2K)
  4. Wiley - Exp 102
  5. Wiley - City Lights (No Chorus Ft. J2K & Brazen)
  6. Wiley - Fame & Money
  7. Wiley - Magic
  8. Wiley - Joint Venture (Ft. Wrigley)
  9. Wiley - When I See Her (Rough)
  10. Wiley - Up A Level (Ft. Brazen)
  11. Wiley - Arguing Ting (Ft. Brazen & Wrigley)
  12. Wiley - Fight Another Day
  13. A list - Electric
  14. A list - Keep Searching
  15. A List - Without You I'm Nothing
  16. Wiley - Midnight Lover (Ft. J2K & Brazen)
  17. Wiley - Salford (Instrumental)

Zip Files 03
  1. Wiley - Hello People (Ft. Kano & Ice Kid)
  2. Wiley - Gonzo Vocals (Ft. Flash & Mafia)
  3. Wiley - I Owe You
  4. Wiley - Music I Learned From
  5. Wiley - Walk Demo (Ft. Little Dee, Chipmunk, Scorcher, Maveric & Brazen)
  6. Wiley - Flipping From The Gut
  7. Wiley - Wow (Ft. Wrigley & Dawood) (Finished Mix - Unmastered Ruff Limiter)
  8. Wiley - Space Invader Vid
  9. Wiley - Party Pooper Video
  10. Wiley - Don't Hide Away (Ft. Rinse, Ice Kid & Mike Skinner)
  11. Wiley - Doorway
  12. Wiley - Badman Talking (Ft. Flo Dan)
  13. Wiley - Money On More Money (Ft. Brazen)
  14. Wiley - Headbanger (Produced by Balistiq Beats)
  15. Bless Beats - The Rain (Ft. Charlie Brown & Wiley)
  16. Wrigley - Always Working (Ft. Wiley & Jodie Connor)
  17. Wiley - Around The World (Ft. Nathan Retro)
  18. Wiley - Brand New Groove (Ft. KOF)
  19. Wiley - Count All The Ways (Ft. Zenhem)

Zip Files 04
  1. Wiley - Livin' It Up
  2. Wiley - If I...
  3. Wiley - Motorway Thoughts
  4. Wiley - Real Life Not A Show (Ft. Chipmunk & Maveric) (Remix)
  5. Wiley - Setting Me Up To Win (Ft. Brazen)
  6. Wiley - MNK Bounce
  7. Wiley - Now Or Never (Instrumental)
  8. Wiley - They Dont Have To Know (Ft. Jodie Connor) (Ruff Mixdown)
  9. Wiley - Reach For More
  10. Wiley - Tempation
  11. Wiley - Reflecting
  12. Wiley - Value For Money
  13. Wiley - Last Ten Years
  14. KIG - We're Rolling (Ft. Wiley)
  15. Mz Bratt - Loose Your (Ft. Wiley)
  16. Brazen - I'm On A Roll (Ft. Wiley)
  17. Jodie Aysha - Spotlight (Ft. Wiley)
  18. Dreados - She Wants Me (Produced by Wiley)

Zip Files 05
  1. Wiley - MC Pon 141
  2. Wiley - Don't Hide Away (Ft. Rinse, Ice Kid & Mike Skinner)
  3. Wiley - Playground Freestyle
  4. Wiley - Ooh Aah
  5. Wiley - Aim High
  6. Wiley - 25 Freestyle
  7. Wiley - Livin' It Up (Ft. Chipmunk & Mercston) (Remix)
  8. Wiley - Runway (Ft. J2K, Mz Bratt & Brazen) (Ruff Mix)
  9. Wiley - Not The Only One
  10. Wiley - Thank Me After
  11. Wiley - Lost In Space (Ft. Wrigley)
  12. Wiley - Another Smash Hit
  13. Wiley - Life Goes On (Ft. Brazen & Flowdan)
  14. Wiley - Lets Jus Say (Ft. Breeze, Brazen, Flowdan & Scratchy)
  15. Wiley - Gorgeous Girl (Ft. Diesle & Charlie Brown)
  16. A List - Out Of My Life
  17. A List - Ice Roads From London To Manchester
  18. A List - Entertainer
  19. Wiley - Broken (Sidetracked Instrumental)

Zip Files 06
  1. Wiley - The Bomb (Ft. Wrigley)
  2. Wiley - Reflection Filter
  3. Wiley - Retro 52 Mix (Ft. Little Dee & Wrigley)
  4. Wiley - Could Be
  5. Wiley - Grime Daley (Ft. Wrigley)
  6. Wiley - Face Off Bars (Ft. Opium)
  7. Wiley - Still Gonna Miss <<< Who Produced This (Out of Interest)
  8. Wiley - No Sleep (Ft. Brazen) (Produced by Balistiq Beats)
  9. Wiley - I Mastered This (Ft. Brazen)
  10. Wiley - Bounce Mix (Ft. Brazen)
  11. Wiley - If Your Making Money (Ft. Shifty & Wrigley)
  12. Wiley - Stickin' With You
  13. Wiley - Neva Neva (Verses) (Ft. Wrigley)
  14. Wiley - Body Language (Ft. Brazen & Nathan Retro)
  15. Brazen - Retro 46
  16. Janiece Myers - Addicted
  17. Wiley - Exp 40 (Instrumental)
  18. Wiley - Express 4 Near End (Instrumental)

Zip Files 07
  1. Wiley - Give Up (Ft. J2K, Skepta & Little Dee)
  2. Wiley - Count Me Out (Ft. Breeze, Scratchy, Brazen & Flowdan)
  3. Wiley - She Likes To (Ft. J2K, P-Money, Wrigley, Ice Kid, Wretch 32, Ghetts, Bashy, Scorcher, Chipmunk & Griminal) (d8b Mix)
  4. Wiley - Sky is Falling
  5. Wiley - Techman (Ft. Wrigley & Bomma B) (Final)
  6. Wiley - Changing It (Ft. C1)
  7. Wiley - W G F (Ft. Skwilla Da Gorilla)
  8. Wiley - Hoodlife (3rd Attempt)
  9. Wiley - Hol' It (Ft. Wrigley) (Rough Start)
  10. Wiley - Happy (Clap Your Hands)
  11. Jodie Connor - She's Glowing (Remix)
  12. Trigga - Bass and Triggz Mix 09
  13. Dizzee Rascal - 2 Far (Ft. Wiley)
  14. Wiley - IIIIIMMMMMMM (Instrumental)
  15. Wiley - 5:27am (Ft. Skepta) (Instrumental)
  16. Smasher - Jump In A Klash (Instrumental)
  17. Wiley - 200 (Instrumental)
  18. Wiley - Road Rash Remix (Instrumental)

Zip Files 08
  1. Wiley - MC Lyric Freestyle
  2. Wiley - The Gnome
  3. Wiley - Why Bother
  4. Wiley - Point To Prove
  5. Wiley - Mellow Step-Mix (Ft. Wrigley)
  6. Wiley - No Need (Ft. Wrigley, Scorcher & J2K)
  7. Wiley - Good Stuff (Ft. Wrigley)
  8. Wiley - Untrustworthy
  9. Wiley - Meg Jan 1Stv's
  10. Wiley - Complete
  11. Wiley - Bun A Likkle Weed (Ft. Trigga)
  12. Wiley - Destroy and Rebuild
  13. Wiley - Champagne Splashing (Ft. Diesle & Fumin)
  14. Wiley - Done It Already
  15. Wiley - Frozen (Mix)
  16. Wiley - Harp (Verse 1 Mix)
  17. N-Dubz - Na Na Nii (Ft. Wiley)
  18. Ny - Far Away (Ft. Oshy)
  19. Wretch 32, Scorcher & Ghetts - Movement Activity
  20. Kid Leng - Morgue Remix (Instrumental)

Zip Files 09
  1. Wiley - Hummer Activity
  2. Wiley - Talent (Ft. Maxsta) (Mix)
  3. Wiley - Take Me Outta Town
  4. Wiley - Bright Lights 1
  5. Wiley - Spotlights On You (Ft. Brazen)
  6. Wiley - Meg Jan 1Stv's
  7. Wiley - Better Days (Ft. Wrigley)
  8. Wiley - KJD
  9. Wiley - Shoulda Been Smarter (Ft. Wrigley)
  10. Wiley - Could 9 (Ft. Brazen) (Mix)
  11. Wiley - Superstar (Ft. Brazen) (Mix)
  12. A List - 16
  13. Chipmunk - Diamond Rings (Ft. Wiley & Kano) (Remix)
  14. Maxsta - East London Is Back
  15. Ice Kid - Talk Of The Town
  16. Maxsta - U Know What
  17. Scorcher - You Don't Know (Ft. Louick Essien) (Produced By Dubz)
  18. Wiley - Chomp 1 (Instrumental)
  19. Wiley - Roll Deep Studio 1 (Instrumental)

Zip Files 10
  1. Wiley - Tear Down The Walls (Ft. Wrigley)
  2. Wrigley - I Won't Settle (Ruff)
  3. Wiley - Ruff Sex
  4. Wiley - Mellow Step-Mix (Ft. Wrigley)
  5. Bless Beats - Fully Involed (Ft. Double S, Manga & J2K)
  6. Breeze - Weekender
  7. Breeze - Freestyle
  8. Wizzy Wow - Dinner (Wiley - Music I Like Instrumental)
  9. Nat Ledwidge - Again (Instrumental)
  10. Wiley - Track 02 (Instrumental)
  11. Wiley - History (Ruff Mix 02) (Instrumental)
  12. Wiley - Style 02 (Instrumental)
  13. Wiley - Untitled 86 (Instrumental)
  14. Wiley - Dub IX (Instrumental)
  15. Lewi White - Lewi Farder (Wiley - Oxford Street Freestyle Instrumental)
  16. Wiley - Acoustic (Instrumental)
  17. Wiley - 1000 (Instrumental)
  18. Wiley - Logic Pro (Instrumental)
  19. Wiley - X-Men (Instrumental)
  20. Wiley - I'm On A Roll (Ruff Idea) (Instrumental)

Zip Files 11
  1. Wiley - Brilly (Ft. J2K & Brazen) (Rough)
  2. Wiley - In Da Market
  3. Wiley - Day Are Long
  4. Wiley - Between Us (Ft. Mashtown) (Master)
  5. Wiley - Feelin You
  6. Wiley - Excuse Me Mister (Ref Mix)
  7. Wiley - Do My Dance
  8. Blue Bear - I Fall (A List - Runway Instrumental)
  9. Wiley - She Likes Da (Skepta Mix)
  10. Mz Bratt - Sidechain
  11. Brazen - Natty
  12. Wrigley - Chinese Whispers
  13. Mz Bratt - Bust Your Windows
  14. Roll Deep - Bus Stop
  15. Kano - Brown Eyes
  16. Blizzard - It's Going Off (Instrumental)
  17. F Tizzle - Vampires With Sub Bass (Instrumental)
  18. Bless Beats - Mistakes Get Made (Instrumental)
  19. Wiley - Exp 10 (Instrumental)
  20. Wiley - She's Glowin' (Instrumental)
[Sunday Pickup] Beck Presents: The Record Club - Kick

We're bring this week's Sunday Pickup back to the days of our initial pickups with a brand new Record Club album. As you may have heard, Beck and friends (St. Vincent, Daniel Hart, Sergio Dias (of Os Mutantes) and The Liars) recently finished their series of videos showcasing their 24 hour session they had re-imagining INXS' album Kick. I have to say I truly enjoyed this session more than the others. If you haven't heard the previous sessions/albums, don't fret, we got them for your listening pleasure as well. Check out the links below and enjoy this talented and awesome series. ORDER UP!

[Sunday Pickup] Beck Presents: The Record Club - Kick

Previous Record Club Pickups:

Beck Presents: The Record Club - The Velvet Underground & Nico
Beck Presents: The Record Club - The Songs of Leonard Cohen
Beck Presents: The Record Club - Oar

[Sunday Pickup] Broken Bells - KCRW: Morning Becomes Eclectic

Happy Father's Day! Heres this week's pickup for all you music lovers out there. Brian Burton aka Danger Mouse and James Mercer better known as the band Broken Bells were on KCRW's Morning Becomes Eclectic this past week and played a couple of tracks from their debut album as well as a cover of "Insane Lullaby" off Danger Mouse and Sparklehorse's collaboration Dark Night of The Soul. Check it out below. ORDER UP!

[Sunday Pickup] Broken Bells - KCRW: Morning Becomes Eclectic

[Sunday Pickup] Karen Elson - "Live At Third Man Records"

Sorry about the late night pickup but here's something you definitely will enjoy for the week. This week our pickup is coming from Jack White Wifey, Karen Elson and her recent record release show at Third Man Records. Elson played through most of her debut album The Ghost Who Walks as well as 2 bonus cuts, a cover of Jackson C. Frank's "Milk and Honey" and a cover of Donovan's "Season of The Witch." Check out the the performance below and make sure you also grab her incredible album The Ghost Who Walks in stores now! ORDER UP!

[Sunday Pickup] Karen Elson - "Live At Third Man Records"

[Sunday Pickup] Queens of The Stone Age - "Songs For The Deaf" (Instrumentals)

Man, I haven't done one of these in a while. For those new to the site, this is the Sunday Pickup. The pickup is mainly a download of the rarest things we run across on the internet from some of our favorite bands. And this week you are in for a treat, we got an instrumental version from one of my favorite records of all time! I ran across this beautiful jewel this morning while looking for multitracks for a special project i'm working on. But anyways, here it is in all its glory, the instrumental version of Queen of The Stone Age's hit album Songs For The Deaf (that is for you.) ORDER UP!

Note: Unfortunately, Track 1: You Think I Ain't Worth A Dollar, But I Feel Like A Millionaire, is a bit messed up and glitches at the beginning but the rest of the album is well intact.

Queens of The Stone Age - Songs For The Deaf (Instrumentals)

[Sunday Pickup] Silversun Pickups Mini Acoustic Set (Audio)

Photo By Tek

It's a beautiful Sunday morning in Long Beach, and Tek has a nice little Sunday Pickup to drop in celebration.  The always-awesome Silversun Pickups swung by Spin Magazine last month to do a short acoustic session for the magazine, and after watching the videos a ridiculous amount of times, I decided I needed some rips in my life.  Rocko came in and worked his magic and now we have four rips of Silversun Pickups playing "Panic Switch" "The Royal We" "Substitution"  and "Lazy Eye" acoustic that are sure to give you a sonic orgasm.  Enjoy!

Download Silversun Pickups Acoustic Set

And watch the Spin videos below:

[Sunday Pickup] 30 Seconds To Mars "A Beautiful Lie (Instrumentals)

ORDER UP! This weeks Sunday Pickup contains almost all tracks from the award winning "A Beautiful Lie" in Instrumental format, with the exception of "Battle of One" and "Hunter". However, there is also an additional track on the CD called "Time to Wake Up". I assume this is a demo track which didn't make it on "A Beautiful Lie" and it's pretty awesome. Check the download below and enjoy!

Oh and for my LA peoples, 30 Seconds To Mars are playing a show Friday, May 14th at The Santa  Barbara Bowl with Mutemath and Neon Trees and Saturday, May 15, 2010 at The Greek Theatre with Shiny Toy Guns, Neon Trees and Street Drum Corps. I highly suggest you go check out that show. Ticket and further information can be found at the SB Bowl site here and the Greek's website here.

30 Seconds To Mars - A Beautiful Lie (Instrumentals)

[Bonus Sunday Pickup] The Dead Weather - Live at Coachella 2010

Photo by Natalie Kardos

Okay, here is my surprise and my makeup for missing last week's Sunday Pickup. So this week you get a bonus pickup which is a live bootleg of The Dead Weather's performance at this years Coachella. Only bad side is it's missing one track, which is "Jawbreaker" (I know booooooo me. But I'm working with what I got). UPDATE: I've recieved several communications letting me know that "Jawbreaker" was not performed at Coachella and that this is the full set, however, some track are out of order below is the updated track listing. ORDER UP!

Shouts to Kurt655 for the Video rip.


  • Forever My Queen
  • 60 Feet Tall
  • Hang You From The Heavens
  • You Just Can't Win
  • So Far From Your Weapon
  • Blue Blood Blues
  • No Horse
  • Die By The Drop
  • Hustle And Cuss
  • I Cut Like A Buffalo
  • Will There Be Enough Water?
  • New Pony
  • Treat Me Like Your Mother
  • The Dead Weather - Live at Coachella