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[Watch] Coachella Highlights (So Far): Radiohead, Bon Iver, St. Vincent, Arctic Monkeys, Frank Ocean, Pulp, and More

With two days of Coachella 2012 come and gone, footage from numerous artists' sets have surfaced, many of which are full performances. After the jump, you can watch full performances by Radiohead, St. Vincent, Arctic Monkeys, Pulp, A$AP Rocky, M83, Frank Ocean, and Azealia Banks. Also worth watching is Bon Iver's live performance of "The Wolves," Childish Gambino delivering a new remix of "You Know Me" with the help of Danny Brown and Kendrick Lamar, and Refused performing both "Liberation Frequency" and "New Noise."

As well, the entirety of Refused's full set can be heard in audio form at Dailymotion, and, as Pitchfork points out, St. Vincent performed her new Record Store Day single "KROKODIL" during her set, which you can hear starting at the 37:45 mark.

[News] Coachella 2012 Reveals Live Webcast Schedule

As the first weekend of Coachella 2012 arrives on its final day, the festival organizers have revealed the official webcast schedule for the closing day. Included in the live webcast, which starts today at 3:25pm on YouTube, are Justice, Bon Iver, Florence & The Machine, At the Drive-In, Miike Snow, Real Estate, Goyte, Beirut, Fitz and the Tantrums, Wild Flag, The Hives, and many more. Above, you can watch the trailer for the released webcast schedule, and after the jump you can take a look at the schedule in its entirety (Note: all the times are in Pacific Standard Time).

Sunday, April 15th
03:25 – Wild Beasts
03:30 – Oberhofer
03:30 – Santigold
04:20 – Real Estate
04:35 – The Growlers
04:45 – Fitz and the Tantrums
05:20 – Sean Kuti & Egypt 80
05:30 – Band of Skulls
05:45 – Wild Flag
06:15 – Beats Antique
06:30 – The Hives
06:40 – Gregg Ginn
06:50 – The Hives
07:10 – The Airplane Boys
07:45 – Justice
08:18 – Bon Iver (Encore)
08:30 – Beirut
09:30 – Goyte
09:45 – Modeselektor
09:45 – Florence and the Machine
10:35 – TBA
10:45 – Miike Snow
11:10 – At the Drive-In

* = All times in PT

[News] Coachella 2012 Announce Sideshows

In between the two weekends of this year's Coachella Music Festival, you would think most of the bands performing will be wandering aimlessly around California, unsure of what to do with their free time. Contrary to that thinking, though, a number of the bands performing at the festival will be performing at local venues for sideshows. Golden Voice, the promotor of the festival has booked Bon Iver, M83, Arctic Monkeys, St. Vincent, and many more to play shows in between the two Coachella weekends. Take a look at the poster above to see the full lineup, and keep your eyes peeled for sideshow tickets at Golden Voice's website.

[Coachella 2011] Chromeo Coachella Performance

 Theyyyy are back AGAIN, so tell a FRIEND!! It's ChromeeOOOooOOoooo at Coachella! Yeah!!! The ever wonderful mysterious music blogger of online video, The Audio Perv, has hooked us up with Chromeo's performance from last weekend.

This makes me want to stalk Chromeo around the world and dance all night at every single one of their shows. That's just HOW GOOD they are live.

The band will be playing Sasquatch and a handful of random shows over the next few months, so be sure to head over to their website to see if they're passing through in a town near you.

Other half of the performance is after the jump!

[Coachella 2011] Best Coast Coachella Performance

Another performance from the crazy weekend in the valley that is Coachella for your viewing pleasure this afetrnoon. This time it's from the lovable Best Coast and their sweet vibes. Kind of fitting for today really, don't you think? Check out the first part of their set up at the top and the second half, you guessed it, after the jump. Don't forget to go thank The Audio Perv for giving you the possibility to enjoy these sets if you weren't at the festival (or if you were and want to relive it all over again!).

[Coachella 2011] Elbow's Coachella Performance

One of Manchester's best exports did us proud last weekend at Coachella performing to a packed out tent in the intense heat, of course, I'm talking about Elbow. Pulling off a stellar set to the thousands of onlookers, why not sit back and take a few out of your slow Wednesday to see what all the fuss is about when it comes to these guys and their arena filling music? The bands new album Build A Rocket Boys! is out now so grab a copy if you like what you see in the set at the top. Another great album from the group who have a knack of delivering when they get together in the studio. Kudos to them.