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[Listen] Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs Remixes Disclosure's "F For You"

UK producer duo Disclosure's bouncy track "F For You" gets a hefty overhaul, as fellow Brit Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs implants it with darker tones and otherworldly atmosphere. The result is six minutes of synthesized grandeur, where moments of echoing emptiness are coupled with futuristic flourishes. Press play to escape into this excellent remix.

Disclosure's debut album Settle, featuring "F For You," is out now.

[Listen] JAWS - "Toucan Surf" (Remix)

We've mentioned JAWS, via EP Milkshake which featured the great sounding "Friend Like You", "Surround You", "Stay In" and "Breeze". Today we get a remix of "Toucan Surf" which also appeared on their EP, and for me it was the stand out track. The track will feature as the B-side to "Gold" which is released on the 29th of July. 

Along with that, if you'd like to catch these guys live, they've just announced a UK tour set for September. Check out the dates below.



13th - Also Known As - Banbury 
14th - Southsea Festival - Portsmouth
15th - Pure - Basingstoke
16th - Basement - York
17th - Think Tank - Newcastle
18th - The Cockpit - Leeds
20th - Sound Control - Manchester 
22nd - East Village Arts Club - Liverpool
23rd - Soundhouse - Leicester
24th - The Institute - Birmingham
25th - The Barfly - London

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[Listen] A-Trak Remixes Phoenix's "Trying To Be Cool"

The Phoenix remixes keep on coming. After the band released the stems for each song from their recent album Bankrupt!, other artists and producers have been tinkering and reworking to their heart's content. A-Trak is the latest to issue his take, this time on the track "Trying To Be Cool." He layers bright synths beneath Thomas Mars' vocals, only to amp it up with a rising crescendo and a burst of club-ready percussion. Check it out below.

[Watch] Kanye West Unveils Dark Animated Video for "Black Skinhead"

Kanye West's first video for Yeezus isn't quite what I expected. The brooding clip for "Black Skinhead" shows an animated and very buff Kanye rapping in the darkness while lights flash and twisted imagery interjects. It's... interesting. Not nearly as cool as his black and white projections or the Scott Disick-starring American Psycho parody. Watch it below and let us know what you think.

UPDATE: Kanye took to Twitter to say that the video released was unfinished and leaked, and he was not happy about it:

While Yeezy was busy getting animated, former collaborator and producer Hit-Boy—he produced "Niggas In Paris" and "Clique"—has reworked Yeezus highlight "New Slaves" to his own liking. Check out the redubbed "New Chains" below with an accompanying music video.

In even more Kanye West tinkering, Nate Belasco mashed up "Black Skinhead" with Tame Impala's urgent, raucous number "Elephant." The two songs work amazingly well together, driving forward with relentless guitars and aggressive verses. Stream it below or download it here.

[Listen] Check Out Daft Punk's 10-Minute Remix of their Own Hit Single "Get Lucky"

Darkside sure got the jump on Daft Punk, remixing the entirety of Random Access Memories before the robotic duo could even release the first of their promised remixes. Nonetheless, here it is, the epic ten-minute self-remix of "Get Lucky." Unfortunately, it's only available to Spotify members, so too bad for those living outside of these countries. No need to worry, though, the remix will be released digitally on July 15th. Stream the song or check out its awesome 47-second teaser clip below.

[Listen] Nicolas Jaar and Dave Harrington Remix the Entirety of Daft Punk's 'Random Access Memories'

Daft Punk have said they plan to remix their latest album, Random Access Memories, but Nicolas Jaar and frequent collaborator/friend Dave Harrington—together they go by Darkside—went ahead and did it first.

Titled Random Access Memories Memories, the collaboration sees the friends reimagining the album in a less poppy light, shifting the tone to something more sensual and ambient. Most of the vocals are gone, or spliced and altered. The '70s sheen is less prominent. This is dancier, heavier and more sexual. Assuming the name Daftside, Jaar and Harrington provide the soundtrack to every hot, steamy summer night you may have.

[Listen] RAC Remixes Joywaves' "Tongues"

For his latest remix, RAC set his sights on Joywave's glitchy and addictive electronic number "Tongues." Taking the horns out of the equation and toning down the pulsating beat, RAC inches the dial away from electronic a bit. He adds strings and harps, simplifies the percussion in favor of bassy synths, and overall gives the song a breath of fresh air. Check out the lush remix below, along with the original.

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[Listen] Check Out Flume's Bass-Heavy Remix of Disclosure's "You & Me"

Disclosure's Eliza Doolittle-featuring single "You & Me" is an incredible track on its own, a perfect reflection of Guy and Lawrence Howard's formula. Flume decided to take their combination of dancefloor-ready beats and Doolittle's yearning vocals and completely change the formula. The result is a near-five minute remix of bombastic bass and echoing, glitchy vocal samples. Just wait for the one-minute mark, it is purely awesome. Stream the remix alongside the original below.