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[Watch] Steady Holiday - "Open Water"

From her forthcoming debut album, Under The Influence, LA songstress Dre Babinski aka Steady Holiday has unveiled the video for her latest single, "Open Water". It's possible that in the recent past you've caught a glimpse of Babinski perform live as she's been in a several LA bands in addition to opening for the likes of Fitz and the Tantrums and Fun.. Since then she's decided it was high time to step out on her own, thus here we are today. 

"Open Water" is equal parts seductive, melancholic, and almost saccharin-level-sweet. In this particular instance, I liken Babinski to a siren who is breathlessly luring us all out into open water, where the depths of our darkest memories could swallow us whole. The accompanying video is just as entrancing as the song itself. 

If you're heading to Coachella for either weekend, Steady Holiday will be performing on both Sundays, so be sure to keep an ear out. LA fam who aren't going to Coachella can catch her at her residency at The Satellite every Friday in May. 

Under The Influence is out June 24th courtesy of Infinite Best Recordings. 

Steady Holiday On Tour
04/17 - Indio, CA @ Coachella
04/24 - Indio, CA @ Coachella
06/06 - Los Angeles, CA @ The Satellite
06/13 - Los Angeles, CA @ The Satellite
06/20 - Los Angeles, CA @ The Satellite
06/27 - Los Angeles, CA @ The Satellite

[Watch] HUMANS - "Water Water"

I have been hypnotized by Vancouver outfit HUMANS' latest track, "Water Water" for the past couple of weeks now. You may have enough noticed how I low key included it in last week's diSKOAver weekly playlist, all 9 minutes and 47 seconds of its sexiness. Now the song (the radio edit of it anyway) has a video, which is mostly just an ad for these baller jackets that feature the artwork from last year's album, Noontide, which is currently up for a Juno for Best Electronic Album. I should make myself clear that when I say baller I mean this on multiple levels. In addition to looking really awesome, you literally have to be a baller to afford one at it's actual retail price of $600. Oof. The band admits that the jackets are, "'spensive" but hopes that you will pony up because co-founder Peter Ricq apparently has a crush on the girl who embroiders these baller jackets, so "by ordering this jacket you are likely being a great wingman / winglady."

For those of you who are at SXSW sipping margaritas while having a skim here, the band will be performing a handful of shows throughout the week so if you are free during any of the times during the flyer below be sure to check them out. For everyone else, the band will be heading out on tour in support of their new EP Water Water, which just dropped via Mom + Pop. Obviously I will be at Baby's because I love myself, so be sure to say hi if you're there, too! 


March 25 - Celebrities - Vancouver

March 26 - Velvet - Toronto  

April 7 - Underground Arts - Black Box - Philadelphia

April 8- Baby's All Right - Brooklyn, NY

April 9- Middle East Upstairs - Cambridge

April 26 - Schubas Tavern - Chicago

April 27 - Soda Bar - San Diego

April 28 - The Echo - LA

April 29 - Swedish American Hall - San Francisco 

April 30 - Barbosa - Seattle

[Watch] XO - "Divine Disaster (feat. James Chatburn) (Official Video)"

What's that? You've been itching for some thump with a little pinch of wobble in your life? I gotchu fam. Enter: Staffordshire producer/songwriter XO and his first ever music video for his latest track, "Divine Disaster", which features Sydney's own James Chatburn on vocals. You may recognize the location of this video even if you're not located across the pond because it was featured in a fairly memorable scene in the film A Clockwork Orange. The single, which also includes the b-side "Night Time Solace" is now available for you to purchase (and you should because both tracks are quite delightful). 

Once you've found yourself wanting more XO in your life, be sure to check out his previous two EPs, which are equally as awesome. 

[Listen] Coast Modern - "Animals"

I'm still trying to figure out Coast Modern. Their debut single, "Hollow Life" charted super well on Hype Machine (and rightfully so because the song is fire). Their latest tune, "Animals" is equally a banger. I don't know much more about this fresh faced LA duo other than the facts I just presented. Oh and they're going on tour with BORNS soon and conveniently going to be at SXSW playing a ton of shows including a set at the Hype Machine Hype Hotel and Perez Hilton's party.

It doesn't look like they've been around terribly long. They appeared to just have materialized out of nowhere complete with some kind of brain melting management team that set them for success in a big way. I suppose I get skeptical because I've seen this kind of setup so many times where I fall in love with a baby buzzworthy band and they either blow up or burn out really fast without warning. Harnessing hype properly where you gradually gain traction as a means to not be dismissed as the flavor of the week is tricky these days. I hope for their sake that by the time they make it here in June for their first ever headlining show (at Rough Trade nonetheless) that I'll have more to report. 

[Listen] Summer Heart - "Pretty Haze" x "The Forbidden"

It's so damn lovely out in NYC and these are the jams you should be playing as you twirl around in the sunshine. Like the name of the song hints, "Pretty Haze" sure to leave you in a lovesick haze.  Likewise "The Forbidden" continues to envelope you in subtle serenity. Both tracks come from Summer Heart's forthcoming EP, which drops later this year. These songs going to be the soundtrack to couples cuddling on blankets in McCarren Park this summer, so if your relationship survived cuffing season, you're welcome in advance for the inevitable swoonfest you'll experience from this. 

Per his tweets and snaps, the Swedish mastermind behind the project, David Alexander is currently in Brooklyn working on more music, so it's most likely that yours truly is going to be making him #SKOAfam very soon. 

If you're one of those patient people with money heading to SXSW in the next couple of days, make sure to add at least one of his performances to your daily agenda alongside the BBQ eating and standing in long lines. If SXSW isn't in your sights, you can always come to the Knitting Factory near the end of the month and hang out with me. 

Summer Heart On Tour
16 – The Townsend (1:05am), SXSW, Austin
19 – Icenhauer’s (1am), SXSW, Austin
23 – The Knitting Factory, Brooklyn, NYC

New #Content Alert: The 'di-SKOA-ver weekly' Playlist
"Play it! Don't you wanna hear what's next?!"

"Play it! Don't you wanna hear what's next?!"

I've noticed that a lot of my friends who use Spotify have developed a new habit. Every Monday morning without fail I watch in my friend feed as they all pour over their Discover Weekly playlists throughout the course of the day. This is all well and good. I'm actually happy to see that my friends in and out of the music business are anxious to find new music to bring them joy. 

In terms of what happens post-playlist, though. I'm never really sure. I only really hear about when the magical Spotify-powered algorithm "fails" someone during any given week. I never hear the celebratory "THIS IS MY NEW FAVORITE BAND!! THANKS ALGORITHM!!" or "GOING TO SEE MY NEW FAVORITE BAND TONIGHT THANKS TO A PLAYLIST!" 

How does one communicate with a playlist/algorithm exactly? 

This is where yours truly comes in to play. 

Starting today, I'm launching what I will playfully be referring to as the di-SKOA-ver weekly playlist. (You know me and my love of puns! I couldn't help myself.)

This is how I intend to run such a playlist: 

  • Just like Spotify, once a week the dedicated playlist below will be updated with a fresh crop of songs. 
  • Just like Spotify's playlist, some will be old, some will be new. 
  • I will mostly be sourcing the music on my own, but will occasionally be taking recommendations from Sprout, Shey, and Fam Like You! 
  • Unlike the Spotify playlist, should you find yourself in love with a song/band, upon adding that music to your own collection YOU'LL HAVE A HUMAN TO TALK TO ABOUT IT.
  • Another important thing! All the artists in said playlist I will learn things about before updating the playlist for the week so when we talk it'll actually be a stimulating conversation! 
  • More importantly, if I notice that a ton of people are interested in the same artist, I'll make it a priority on the site to do more coverage for them in the form of tour updates, interviews, etc. 

Obviously you are encouraged to follow this playlist from your Spotify account, but I'll also make sure the playlist is sitting pretty on the homepage for your convenience. 

BTW we can be friends on Spotify too if you're into that. I love stalking my friend feed for new music and getting inboxed things to try!