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The Future Is Looking Bright: A New Fischerspooner Album Appears To Be Coming Very Soon....FINALLY
Fischerspooner gonna Fischerspooner. 📷: Vincent Urbani

Fischerspooner gonna Fischerspooner. 📷: Vincent Urbani

I haven't been able to stop thinking about this Instagram Story since I saw it two days ago. 

Thank the lorde I recently decided to split my attention between Snapchat and Instagram Stories otherwise I would have missed out on this VERY interesting hint of awesome things to come: 

from  Casey Spooner 's IG story

from Casey Spooner's IG story

Do you guys remember almost a year ago TO THE DAY when the heavens briefly parted and sent down a Fischerspooner track in the form of a NICOPANDA video with some really stellar choreography because I sure as hell do!

Definitely haven't played this video an embarrassing number of times since it came out. That would be crazy. 😳

So yeah that video dropped




happened. :( 

Well actually that's not true.

If you're just catching up like admittedly I am, a little bit of news started to leak out near the end of last year.

To bring you up to speed, these are the things that we know:

Are we on the same page yet? Do you understand why I legit had trouble going to sleep the other night after I saw this? It was already enough of a challenge to prepare myself for having Fischerspooner back, but then you factor in BOOTS and newcomers (to my ears) Crush Club in the mix with them, knowing all the while that Michael Stipe has been carefully keeping watch over this project.... 

the future is actually starting to look bright, you guys. 

Are you excited? 

I'm so excited! 

(btw you need to read the entire NICOPANDA interview with Casey Spooner. Bless that man)

[Listen] VOWWS - "Heartbreaker"
VOWWS @ AVIV days before it closed for good :( 

VOWWS @ AVIV days before it closed for good :( 


I don't want to hear about how your Tuesday feels like a Monday WE HAVE NEW MUSIC FROM VOWWS SO THAT'S JUST NOT POSSIBLE. 

I feel like the last time I saw my little darklings at the second to last show at AVIV (RIP RIP RIP) that they previewed this new song, "Heartbreaker". Either way, uh... shit yes this is so good. 

It's been more than a minute since the darkest duo released their debut album, The Great Sun, but you can tell from, "Heartbreaker" that while they've really dug their heels into this sound that they've carved out for themselves that from a lyrical standpoint they're continuing to trek out into deeper waters. 

As Rizz explained to Blackbook (or unveiled in a press release that my ass has yet to receive),

"[Heartbreaker is] about cults of personality and the manipulation and control that goes along with them. Devoting yourself completely to someone else’s vision of the world can give a feeling of safety and protection; but it’s false, poisonous and ruins you from the inside. The world is now dominated by extremes that are pulling us further apart, unmooring us from anything real – we’ve created our own disease and are killing off the cure. We wanted to capture that in a song.”

Couldn't agree with you more, girl. KEEP THOSE TRUTHS COMING. We need y'all. 

MORE WONDERFUL NEWS: these kids are heading out on tour in February in support of White Lies! I am especially excited that they will be playing Music Hall of Williamsburg on February 2nd because MHoW is stones throw away from the last venue they played at in NYC (Cameo Gallery) before they packed up and shipped off to LA and actually started getting the attention they so rightfully deserve! 

We've come a long way, babykids <3 

Which VOWWS show will YOU be at? It's okay if you say all of them. I'll just be jealous forever. 

Biffy Clyro Announces North American Tour

Oooo shit yes your girl is having a Biffy Birthday™️! After dropping a phenomenal album last year, the fellas are coming to the states with O'Brother to melt our faces off. 

ickets go on sale at 10am local time this Friday, January 13th here: BIFFYCLYRO.COM/SHOWS

Who's gonna come sing along with me and Sprout at Irving Plaza!? 

Time to start practicing your air drumming and sing-a-longs! 

Biffy Clyro 2017 US Tour Dates

03/24    Las Vegas, NV             Vinyl @ Hard Rock Hotel & Casino

03/25    Phoenix, AZ                 Crescent Ballroom

03/26    Los Angeles, CA          Belasco Theater

03/28    San Francisco, CA       The Fillmore

03/30    Seattle, WA                 Neptune Theatre

03/31    Vancouver, BC            Vogue Theatre

04/01    Portland, OR                Hawthorne Theatre

04/04    St. Paul, MN                Turf Club

04/05    Chicago, IL                 House of Blues

04/07    Detroit, MI                  St. Andrews Hall

04/08    Toronto, ON               Phoenix Concert Theatre

04/09    Montreal, QC             Café Campus

04/11    Boston, MA                  Paradise Rock Club

04/13    New York, NY              Irving Plaza

04/14    Philadelphia, PA          Theatre of Living Arts

04/15    Washington, DC          9:30 Club

[Watch] SIVIK - "High" (Official Video)
Here is another photograph of the side of SIVIK's face....

Here is another photograph of the side of SIVIK's face....

After over a year of playing this song in unhealthy amounts, Nashville/LA artist SIVIK has finally unveiled a video for his addictive (pun intended obviously) single, "High". The video is...fine. It's your standard "here is a pretty girl dancing in slow motion against a crisp background" for the majority of it. The only payoff for the video in my opinion is I KNOW WHAT MORE THAN PART OF THE SIDE OF HIS HEAD LOOKS LIKE NOW

Hooded almost the entire time, SIVIK hints that he might actually be ready to step out into the spotlight and take what should rightfully be his if he were aggressive enough. I get that opting to go the mysterious route sounds nice, but if after a year of elusive press/EP photos you decide to appear in your own video and you're being spliced in hooded and poorly lit, it comes off less mysterious and more self conscious. This makes no sense to me because HE'S COMPLETELY ADORABLE.

You can't hide from me, SIVIK. I am an OG nerd so I ripped your video in order to get the best possible screenshot of your cute little face: 

Poorly lit but THERE HE IS! Shy SIVIK??

Poorly lit but THERE HE IS! Shy SIVIK??

I know this is a weird thing to be critical of, but folks who are committed to being mysterious wear masks, use animations as representations of themselves, etc. They really lean into it.

I think SIVIK wants to be seen.

I think SIVIK needs to be seen.

And heard. lots and lots of people. 

It has definitely been awhile since he released anything new so I'm excited that next month he's slated to release a new single, "All Day All Night".

Until then, please feel free to re-watch this video as many times as you need to so you can get the image of the side of his head replaced with his cute little face. 

[Listen] Mayer Hawthorne - "Love Like That"

I see you, Mayer Hawthorne, with your very blatant nods to the dudes who you just shared a stage with at MADISON SQUARE GARDEN in your new track. This SCREAMS "Kiss On Your List" for a second there and I am HERE. FOR. IT. 

I'm so happy that we finally have an album name and release date! As much fun as Jaded Incorporated and Tuxedo were to watch him dabble in, Hawthorne is best when he's 100% being himself.

His fourth solo LP, Man About Town, drops April 8th. April is birthday month for Sprout and I, which means I will probably be pre-ordering this Limited Edition Bundle preemptively. It features a beautiful gray & yellow marbled vinyl, an exclusive album t-shirt, 2 post cards (one already stamped apparently?), a poster, and 2 laser engraved glass whiskey tumblers with his ever popular semi-broken heart MH logo.

Not exactly sure post cards are a thing I consider to be "deluxe worthy", but you know what? I guess Sprout and I will sip some birthday whiskey from my future tumblers and write something heartfelt to Shey and Rocko or something equally sappy. I know, that sounds adorable. You want a love like #SKOAFam has, trust me. 

No major tour to support the album has been announced yet, but you know that should be announced fairly soon. 

Haven't checked out his other new track, "Cosmic Love" yet? I gotchu

[Listen] Morly - "The Choir"

After falling hard for Minneapolis producer/songwriter Morly last year with her EP, In Defense of My Muse, the songstress is back to tug at my heart strings some more. This time around, after the majority of the EP showcasing her production abilities, this new song, "The Choir", prominently features her soothing vocal stylings. Her minimalist approach to layering textures conjures these icy anthems that somehow manage to make you feel like you're wrapped up in a warm blanket but with a shiver up your spine. 

Grab a blanket and brace yourself for goosebumps folks: 

If you haven't heard In Defense Of My Muse, yet you should probably get on that as well: 

[Listen] Mayer Hawthorne - "Cosmic Love"

Oh check it out, you guys. It looks like Mayer Hawthorne wrote me a love song. The new single, "Cosmic Love", features everything I love: rocketships, galaxies, and space-sexual innuendo. As you may recall, last year Hawthorne put the majority of his efforts into his side project with producer Jake One, Tuxedo. Per hints in the info on Soundcloud and his mailing list, however, it looks like this spring we'll be getting a followup to his 2013 LP, Where Does This Door Go. 

Enjoy, "Cosmic Love" below:

Upcoming Tour Dates

Mayer Hawthorne Revue
1/18 - Los Angeles, CA - SOLD OUT
1/19 - Los Angeles, CA - SOLD OUT

Mayer Hawthorne
2/19 - New York, NY w/Hall & Oates - Tickets
2/19 - Brooklyn, NY (DJ SET) - Tickets

1/22 - San Diego, CA - Tickets
1/28 - Austin, TX (DJ SET) - RSVP

[Listen] HEALTH - 'DEATH MAGIC' (Full Album Stream)

Oh my GOD am I excited that you all can hear what I've been OBSESSING over for the past month. That's right, fam, the new HEALTH album, DEATH MAGIC is now available for streaming in full courtesy of the wonderful NPR (UK folks you can holler at Noisey UK for a listen).

Please tell me that upon listening to this record you feel prepared to go fight an intergalactic war or something else not of this world. I'm not sure if before this album I've ever listened to an album, looked back at the album title, and thought to myself, "Yep, that actually sums it up perfectly." Even the choice of all caps was the right call. I really can't get enough of this record, can you tell?

The wait for DEATH MAGIC to be unleashed on the masses is nearly over as it drops this very Friday (August 8th). There's still a little bit of time to pre-order the album if that is a thing that you do.



11/10 - MOJO, Hamburg

12/10 - Pumpehuset, Copenhagen

13/10 - Berghain, Berlin

17/10 - Meet Fcatory, Prague

19/10 - Mousonturm, Frankfurt

20/10 - Wizeman, Stuttgart

22/10 - Paradiso Noord, Amsterdam


25/10 - Kazimier, Liverpool Music Week

26/10 - Stereo, Glasgow

27/10 - Gorilla, Manchester

28/10 - Heaven, London

30/10    Pitchfork Festival, Paris