[#SKOA30] Day 12: A Song That Brings Up Painful Memories

5 years ago I got out of a relationship that had almost completely hollowed me out as a person. As I do with everything and everyone I love, I had really poured as much of myself as possible into that relationship . In return I would come to realize that I had been emotionally abused and gaslit into such a state that I could barely recognize the person looking back at me in the mirror. I think one of the hardest parts of recovering from that relationship was watching my ex happily run off with the woman he had started a relationship with before ours ended with seemingly little to no recourse for the way he hurt me. He even reached out a handful of times thinking that at some point we would be able to be friends. I remember being in the thick of it in therapy, working to uncover how much emotional abuse I had endured during that relationship when mAsis’ “Virginia Wolf” came into my life. I had finally come to understand how little I had actually been respected and how much I had been manipulated in my relationship. As tiny emotional triggers would surface during my day to day activities, most were fairly easy to recognize and work past. The ones where I would essentially just shut down amidst the de-programming process, I would hear the almost whimper/wail-like hook from this song, “please let me go”. The whole song really encapsulated exactly how I was feeling at the time if I’m being honest. I was so desperate to get past all the harm that he’d done, but unfortunately I’ve come to learn that healing/personal growth isn’t always linear. It’s certainly been a process and I’d like to say all the work is done, but every now and then something small will occasionally come up that I’m forced to examine.

[SONG OF THE DAY] Cobrayama x Gibbz - "I Don't Want To Live Without You"
Cobrayama 2019

Feeling nuttin’ but love for my borough right now! Nice to see some locals cranking out some quality jams and the latest from Brooklyn producer Cobrayama with the help of crooner extraordinaire Gibbz on vocals is just so smoooove I’m convinced you won’t want to live without, “I Don’t Want To Live Without You” for another second. This is the followup single from their upcoming collaborative full-length after sharing “Letting You Go” as the first taste of the project. The effects on Gibbz’ vocals is a bit of a departure from what I’ve grown to become accustomed to with him. If their intention was for Gibbz *casuals* to go back and memorize his vocal range before returning back to this project…..IT’S WORKING.

More on a release date, etc. as I come across it. For now, enjoy the smoove groove.

[#SKOA30] Day 11: A Song That Makes Your Heart Race

I was really surprised when I saw that someone on Twitter who posted their pick for this already said that they weren’t sure how to interpret this prompt because most of the time when I’m listening to music my body has some sort of response to whatever I’m listening to.

The second I decided this was going to be a prompt I already knew what song I was going to pick because I live for the way my ears perk up and my heart subsequently races every time I hear this one super fun detail in “S4” off of defunct British experimental indie rock outfit Breton’s sophomore album War Room Stories.


Ever the band to push their limits, the fellas decided that for this track that they were going to make some recordings to sample and slice…..literally. The samples incorporated in this song include the sound of deadbolts being locked and random knives being gently scraped against pavement. It’s one of those things that doesn’t really sink in that it’s what you’re hearing until someone points it out, and then it makes you SO EXCITED to notice every single time after that.

i’m definitely one of those people who lives to hear random details like a vocalist trying to catch their breath while they’re singing, being able to hear someone sliding their fingers up some guitar strings, etc. so this kind of really cool detail makes my heart race every time I hear it. It’s Obviously one of the many reasons why Breton has a special place in my heart.

LEFTI 2019





Brooklyn bopmaker LEFTI has dropped a brand new track today, “Get Right” and it’s the perfect way to keep the party going on this long holiday weekend. The track features vocals from Los Angeles singer Jane Holiday, who LEFTI co-wrote the track with.

If you happen to know what’s good in the hood, then you’ve already RSVP’d to go hang while he spins at the Cruel Summer party tomorrow at Brooklyn Beer Garden in Bushwick. The plan is to swing by when I get out of work and dance it out a bit, but we shall see.

[#SKOA30] Day 10: A Song That's Longer Than Average

I’m sure there are longer songs in my arsenal of music, but I love the story about how deadmau5’ 2013 track, “The Veldt” came into existence. Being the creature of the internet that we have all grown to mostly love, the night that deadmau5(born Joel Zimmerman) was livestreaming himself working on music for 22 hours and ended up collaborating with a complete stranger. As the story goes, aspiring singer Chris James was watching the livestream and decided to shoot his shot by sending through some vocals to Joel that he thought might work on the song. As luck would have it, Joel was pleasantly surprised at how solid the vocal was and quickly starting working to assemble what would eventually become, “The Veldt”. There are a bunch of shorter edits of it, but the original 11+ minute mix is my favorite.

[SONG OF THE DAY] Close Counters - "HEY!!!"
close coutners 2019.jpg

Melbourne duo Close Counters are prepping to follow up their debut full-length SOULACOSTA with an EP fairly soon. In the meantime the guys have shared another cut from said EP, this one with a fun little story behind it. While creating “HEY!!!” the guys were challenged by friends to set a timer for 20 minutes and to assemble something by completely relying on the visuals from the waveforms and never listening to the sounds. You’d think that this would end up being a big mess, but the result is the fun main loop, which obviously the track is titled from.

So fun, right? Probably not as fun as the final product, but still!

[#SKOA30] Day 9: A Song That Means A Lot To You That Barely Anyone Has Heard Of 

I bless the day that Fyfe’s “Gold” came into my life at least once a week but it’s usually more than that. It’s one of those songs that has come to mean a great deal to me in a very short time. It came into my life in a time where I was really frustrated with how battered and bruised things I felt. It has come to my attention that I’m way more of a perfectionist than I thought I was. I’m not always good at giving myself grace when life doesn’t go as planned. From the full context of the song I know that this song was written less for a close friend and more for a lover, but I feel like everyone could use having someone very gently and directly place this song in their hands and be like, “Hey. I love all of you even the shit you think people don’t like.”

I’m not surprised to learn that the song is inspired by the Kintsugi, which is the style of Japanese pottery that will repair broken pottery by reassembling the pieces with gold as a substitute for any sort of glue. I’m slowly beginning to embrace how imperfections are crucial for shaping all of us and whenever I can I make sure that this song helps other people learn to love that part about themselves too.

photo credit: Some Kind of Awesome

photo credit: Some Kind of Awesome

On Friday Auckland alt-pop angel BENEE dropped her debut EP, FIRE ON MARZZ, which features a collection of songs that yours truly got to witness in the flesh a couple of weeks ago at Mercury Lounge. I remember as I went over the bridge on the J train that evening shooting “Evil Spider” over to a friend accompanied by the following text, “I’m heading into the city to check out this singer right now. I need to confirm that she’s real.”

Gonna be honest, I was completely blown away by BENEE. Not only is her soul-soaked voice 1000% authentically just her and not a ton of tweaking in a studio, but she’s so effortless with this set of pipes she’s got that she just skips and dances playfully around stage, having the time of her life. Without a doubt this is one of the most fun shows I’ve been to in awhile. In addition to delivering a stellar energetic performance, she’s also so down to earth and personable on stage that you go from casually interested to completely invested in between songs.

I really admire her ability to write really compelling and catchy songs about all sorts of wonderfully random things. One unreleased song, “Monster”, is about her moving out of her parents house and being convinced that a monster was lurking somewhere while she as alone in her new place. Another song, “Afterlife” is a diss track to someone who tried to kill her in her dreams. My favorite story, which would come to no surprise to anyone who follows me on Twitter or Instagram, was the one for “Glitter”, which was inspired by a night out at a gay bar in downtown Auckland where she came across a big thing of glitter and proceeded to dump it all over herself. Definitely ✨my aesthetic✨.

Definitely give LIFE ON MARZZ a whirl if you haven’t already, it’s 20 minutes of glittering pop perfection.

Pics from the set at Mercury Lounge below. SHE WAS SO MUCH FUN TO SHOOT IT WAS HARD TO NOT POST LIKE 100 OF THESE FOR REAL.