Some Kind of Awesome Manifesto

The music industry has been amidst a free fall for nearly two decades now. Everyone is desperately grasping for something to hold on to of the "good old days". No one is willing to hit whatever is at the bottom, pick themselves up, and learn from what has happened. Music has become a shell of its former self. It is greedy, vapid, arrogant, soulless, and no longer celebrates or fosters creativity.

Some Kind of Awesome is a celebration of passion, creativity, and overall awesomeness. We do not wish to become internet famous or profit off of other people's talent. Any revenue generated from the site or any of our endeavors (ex: showcases) is used to either pay for site maintenance or other overhead costs associated with running the site. We wish to showcase those who are passionate about their craft and have the ability to touch people's lives in ways that pitch perfect ProTools sessions can't possibly achieve 100% of the time. We do not care about the overall popularity of a particular artist. If they are doing something worthwhile, that is what we will bring to the forefront.

We fearlessly call out the bullshit that is holding both fans and artists alike back from what the power of music is able to achieve when it isn't buried under a pile of red tape. We believe that technology has been abused by those looking to make a quick buck, while it should be utilized to connect gifted artists and future fans that don't have the means to find each other in every day life.

We shamelessly are zealous about the artists that we promote on the site. We express our gratitude for their contribution to society through our various talents and abilities, however unconventional they may seem. We are friends to all who share these ideals. We dance like no one is watching to the beat of our drum machine. We may not be "first" in blogger land all the time (or even ever for that matter), but we will always be a safe harbor for those who eat, sleep, drink, and live for music.