[SONG OF THE DAY] Bronze Whale - "Never"

On Friday Austin based duo Bronze Whale unveiled their latest single, “Never”. The electro-pop outfit have been working diligently on their upcoming full length, The Shape of Things, and have been sharing some tastes of what’s to come along the way with songs like, “One”, “Gold Grain”, “Patterns”, and “Warm”.

Speaking on the new single, the band shared, “‘Never’ is about grief, loss, and the stages we go through to bring our head above water.” They added, “we wanted the music to represent these feelings just as much as the lyrics, so we built this song with the idea of muted melodies that erupt with emotion in the choruses.”

In addition to working on the new album they also recently returned from a trip to LA trip and are finishing up some collaborations they worked on with Khai, Pronouncedyeah, and Aire Atlantica

If you happen to be in the Austin area you can catch the band on December 2nd at Sweater Beats.

[SONG OF THE DAY] Slum Sociable - "Afterthought"

Slum fam are back! When last we ran into the dynamic duo that is Slum Sociable it was back in June with their single, “Can’t Figure It Out”. During their downtime they managed to team up with Kim Moyes from The Presets along with producer Konstantin Kersting (The Jungle Giants, Mallrat) for their brand new single, “Afterthought”.

As you may recall, their self-titled sophomore full-length saw a slight delay in release due to singer Miller Upchurch’s struggling with depression but ultimately ended with them dropping a heart wrenching album (and if I’m being honest, one of my favorites of the year). With every single that they’ve dropped since then it’s very obvious that Upchurch is in a lot better place than he was previously. Their latest single, “Afterthought”, is a moment of reflection where Upchurch wishes he had done certain things differently. “Looking back on them can be frustrating”, he explained, “so I channeled my frustrations of not acting sooner into this song.”

Given that Upchurch’s voice has quickly climbed the ranks as one of my favorite all time voices, it is to be expected that I am so happy to hear that things seem to be going better for him.

In addition to this new song, the band has announced that they’re going to be hosting The First Annual Slum Sociable Xmas Special along with guests Two People and Ro at Corner Hotel in Richmond, Victoria (Australia obviously).

If anyone would like to pitch in for plane tickets this may legitimately be all I want for Kibbmas, especially if they’re actually planning on playing “Last Christmas”. Sigh.

[SONG OF THE DAY] Money & The Man - "Just Like The Sun"

Blessed be the day that The Algorithm™ came into our lives and somehow knew just the song to include in our playlists or in this case, at the end of a song I sampled on Soundcloud. As much as I love to romanticize my days of record store shopping in college where I just bought things that looked interesting, I adore the power that The Algorithm™ wields.

At any rate, I am happy that I was able to stumble in to Money & The Man. Based in Zwolle, Netherlands, the Dutch duo unveiled their debut self-titled full-length late last week, which is a blend of grungy blues-rock and has the ability to fill (possibly even overflow) the gaping hole in your soul that Queens of the Stone Age left after you found out all of the awful things Josh Homme is capable of doing when he drinks too much and you couldn’t bring yourself to listen to them anymore. If you find yourself enjoying their latest single, “Just Like The Sun”, just wait till you hear the rest of the record.

Mmm I am really enjoying this rock block I’m currently on. Sometimes I think that my rock days may be over, but then I just realize that most of the rock bands out there right now are kinda….boring? Money & The Man are definitely the opposite of that.

blah blah blah the band are playing everywhere that isn’t here. Actually that’s only half true, while they’re not playing in the US, they’re actually only playing a few shows in The Netherlands in the next couple of months. You can find more info over on their Facebook page.

[WATCH] The Chemical Brothers - "Free Yourself" (Official Video)
 Still taken from “Free Yourself” video.

Still taken from “Free Yourself” video.




If you haven’t watched the new video for The Chemical Brothers’ latest single, “Free Yourself”, please drop everything that you’re doing and do not navigate to any of your other tabs once you press play because there is a LOT going on here.

Directed by Dom&Nic, the creative duo who have worked with The Chemical Brothers over a period of twenty-two years on videos like “Hey Boy Hey Girl,” “Block Rockin’ Beats,” “Setting Sun” and the award-winning video “Wide Open”, this video is either going to be an absolute delight or your worst nightmare, depending on your stance on robots.

Speaking on the music video, the duo explained, “We imagined a near future where robots had become a sentient underclass and we felt sorry for them and wanted to imagine them finding a way to free themselves, have fun and dance.”

I will admit, as someone who would consider themselves the brand of nerd who feels like they align with the beneficial AI movement I was starting to get a little jumpy near the end, but that’s why YOU GOTTA WATCH IT TO THE VERY VERY END. Watch it like it’s a Marvel movie, you feel me?


Right so you’re welcome in advance for your new obsession.

Fam, please allow me to introduce you to the band you’ve been waiting all year for, MID CITY. Hailing from Melbourne, Australia, these dudes are about to blow out your fucking eardrums in the best possible way. You know how in cartoons a character would do something normal like open a random door but then unsuspectingly get run over by a train? That’s what their latest single, “Old Habits”, feels like in your earholes. This is some high octane indie rock for fans of bands like The Walkmen or more recently (and incidentally enough, also Australian) Gold Class. I imagine that listening to “Old Habits” paired with The Walkmen’s “The Rat” and Gold Class’ “Twist In The Dark” back to back could give the faint of heart some palpitations.

Earlier this week the band unveiled the video for the single in addition to announcing some tour dates (which are nowhere close to me whatsoever 😩) for January and February 2019. Aussie fam please make sure you go see these guys and report back on their live show for me so I can be jealous, k?

mid city tour dates.png
[SONG OF THE DAY] Spacey Jane - "Cold Feet"

Prepare yourselves fam for I have found the perfect little bop to trick you into believing it’s actually warmer outside than it actually is. Western Australia’s Spacey Jane have crafted the perfect blend of indie pop in the form of their song, “Cold Feet”, which is off their EP, In The Slight, which was released last week. Fans of Car Seat Headrest, Alvvays, and the like will def catch a vibe from their EP. From the looks of things these Aussie babies are quickly gaining some good momentum in the land down under with no signs of slowing down and I’m HERE FOR IT. They just secured a slot at Falls Festival in Freemantle early next year so if you happen to be down that way do not miss these little indie darlings.

Upcoming Documentary "God Said Give 'Em Drum Machines" Seeks To Share Lost Stories Of Detroit's Underground Techno Scene

Dance music hasn’t always been EDM bros and globetrotting DJs. The history of dance music is often overshadowed by the present day highly commercialized version of it that’s dominated primarily by white men. The roots of techno music, specifically, saw its beginnings courtesy of black producers in Detroit. In fact, producer/DJ Juan Atkins is credited with coming up with the term “techno”. Director Kristian Hill and producer Jennifer Washington seek to tell the full history of Detroit’s techno scene in their upcoming documentary, God Said Give ‘Em Drum Machines: The Lost Stories Of The Detroit Underground. The film project is already underway but needs help funding the last bit of production in addition to the cost for some music clearances and has taken to Kickstarter for a little financial assistance. With just a week to go, the Kickstarter is currently only at 40% of their goal, so there’s still time left for you to pitch in on this wonderful project.

You can learn more about the project via the video below.

[SONG OF THE DAY] Sure Sure - "Idiot"

No one in music right now is having as much fun being in a band than LA’s Sure Sure.

No one. It’s just not possible.

This band is so pure that it’s next to impossible to not get the warm and fuzzies from merely thinking about them. I have had the pleasure of catching these guys twice and their live shows are jam packed full of laughs and super fun synchronized dance moves. We love good people making equally as good (if not better) music. We love them even more when their hoodies are the softest thing of your entire life.

As the band explains, their latest single, “Idiot”, is a song “about judging a person from afar and then realizing you are that person. It’s also about embracing your dysfunctionality and ripping a guitar solo.”

The band has been out on the road with other SKOA favorites Wilderado and there’s just one show left of the tour. If you happen to be in Salt Lake City and could use a posi-party then head to Kilby Court on Friday (11/16)….and definitely grab a hoodie good Lorde that thing is seriously so soft. I’ve barely taken mine off since I got it.