[Listen] Queens Of The Stone Age - "Regular John" (Remastered)

Queens of The Stone Age have given us an early Christmas present in the form of one of the Self-titled re-issue track and it's new re-master. Take a listen to "Regular John" down below courtesy of the band themselves. What's the difference I may hear you scream? Not a lot in all honesty. It's crisper, cleaner and it still knocks my socks off as one of my favourite QOTSA tracks from the S/T album. People might moan that it sounds no different but riddle me this... if they had changed it people would blow their top that they'd messed with a gem of a track. How could he do right in everyones eyes? Clean it up and give it to us straight was always the best way to go.

The re-issue will come with 3 extra tracks which we gave you a listen of not too long ago, and it will be available as a 180 gram double-gatefold, colored vinyl release packaged with a CD version available from the 26th of November. The CD only release on it's own will be in stores on December 7th. Add it to your Christmas list, it's top of mine! Take a listen to the re-master below and look out for the re-issue come December. keep checking back for any new Queens album news as we get it. 

Regular John by Queens of the Stone Age