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[LISTEN] I Know Leopard - 'Love Is A Landmine' (Full Album Stream)
photo credit: Lisa Businovski

photo credit: Lisa Businovski

With just a few days until Sydney quartet I Know Leopard release their debut full length album, Love Is A Landmine the folks over at that blog aggregator who refuses to acknowledge the website you are reading’s existence for 9 years and counting have graciously premiered a full album stream to hold you over until Friday.

Y’all, this record. *chef’s kiss* It’s just so damn lovely. Literally. As previously mentioned lead vocalist Luke O’Loughlin has discussed how the album is about the different aspects of love. "I’d be lying if I said it wasn't an album full of love songs,” he explained, “But not always in the classic romantic sense. It reflects on experiences where attempts at love are met with confusion, pain and alienation. The record also explores the importance of learning to love yourself before you can successfully love someone else."

Without a doubt I can confidently say that Love Is A Landmine is the glimmering slice of lovestruck indie pop perfection that your ears very desperately need to have in their life immediately.

FYI there’s still time to pre-order the album over on their website. I will most likely be treating myself to an early birthday present with the tote + LP bundle should you want to follow my lead.

[LISTEN] HEALTH - "Feel Nothing"
photo credit: Faith Crawford

photo credit: Faith Crawford

While we anxiously wait a little less than 2 weeks away for HEALTH’s latest album, Vol. 4 :: SLAVES OF FEAR, to hit the internet in its entirety, the band has released another song off the album via the Adult Swim Singles series. “Feel Nothing” is a fun name for a HEALTH track basically because it is impossible to not feel anything while listening to these guys. When I try to describe their music to people I normally say something like, “Their music is like the perfect soundtrack to intergalactic war.”

The intensity to which they constantly deliver their robust electrifying sound is something I’ve yet to fully acclimate to and I’ve been an active fan since their 2015 album, Death Magic. In fact, just the other day I wasn’t prepared for their other single, “STRANGE DAYS (1999)” to casually roll up in my Release Radar and I may or may not have yelped a little when then song abruptly hit my eardrums.

My body is so ready for them to head out on tour to support this record and not just because they’ll be at Elsewhere during birthday month. There’s nothing quite like having the bass from their live show rattling through your chest. They def have the power to bring you back to life in that regard.


04/09 - Oakland, CA - The New Parish

04/10 - San Francisco, CA - The Independent

04/12 - Portland, OR - Doug Fir Lounge

04/13 - Vancouver, BC - Venue Nightclub

04/14 - Seattle, WA - Neumos

04/16 - Salt Lake City, UT - Urban Lounge

04/17 - Denver, CO - Bluebird Theater

04/19 - Saint Paul, MN - Amsterdam Bar & Grill

04/20 - Chicago, IL - Bottom Lounge

04/21 - Cleveland, OH - Grog Shop

04/22 - Detroit, MI - El Club

04/23 - Toronto, ON - Velvet Underground

04/25 - Brooklyn, NY - Elsewhere The Hall

04/26 - Boston, MA - The Sinclair

04/27 - Philadelphia, PA - Underground Arts

04/28 - Washington, DC - Rock N Roll Hotel

04/30 - Atlanta, GA - Masquerade - Purgatory

05/01 - Baton Rouge, LA - Spanish Moon

05/02 - Houston, TX - White Oak Music Hall

05/03 - Austin, TX - Mohawk

05/04 - Dallas, TX - Club Dada

05/06 - Santa Fe, NM - Meow Wolf

05/07 - Phoenix, AZ - Valley Bar

05/10 - Los Angeles, CA - Teragram Ballroom

[SONG OF THE DAY] Jaded - "Young"

It’s been a little over a year since I casually slipped UK indie electro-pop trio Jaded in diSKOAver weekly with their breakout hit, “In The Morning”. Since then, I’ve followed along with these dope dudes on Instagram, who have been responsible for me laughing to myself like an idiot on the subway no less than twice. It’s only fitting that they would release a song like, “Young” last week, as it’s *almost* as playful as they are. Almost. This is hands down the care-free anthemic song you need in your life. It’s the perfect microdose of escapism that you need amidst the chaos of everyday life.

Fair warning though: if you’re walking around while rocking this jam you might find yourself pouting, shimmying, and mouthing the words in front of strangers at a crosswalk or something.

Not that I am speaking from experience. 😳

[SONG OF THE DAY] Big Data - "Monster (feat. Jamie Lidell)"

I. Am. So. Happy. These. Dudes. Collaborated. Again. 

Y'all remember the awesomeness that was "Clean" off of Big Data's 2.0, which featured vocal stylings of now Nashville-based powerhouse Jamie Lidell. Well the two have teamed up to REALLY own the Black Mirror pop genre that I playfully invented when "See Through" materialized a few months back. I happened to be starting in on the mini stack of books that Big Data mastermind Alan Wilkis has been casually recommending via his Instagram stories, starting with his #1 recommendation: Life 3.0 Being Human In The Age of Artificial Intelligence  just as "Monster" dropped on Friday. 


The second I got to the chorus of "Monster" I couldn't grab that book fast enough. First of all, I was covered in goosebumps because this first person narrative as sung by Lidell is the kind of story that technologists everywhere : creating technology that we later deeply regret because it ends up being really harmful to mankind. We are definitely living in peak "just because we can make it, SHOULD we make it?" era right now. It's very obvious (and honestly really comforting) that Wilkis has spent a great deal of time pondering this about various technologies we're semi-normalizing in culture and giving us plenty to reconsider before blindly believing that every technological advance is inherently good for us. 

Suffice it to say, every second that I have downtime I am reading that book. Already two chapters in I'm already starting to gain a deeper understanding of the concerns Wilkis' has. It's made me hope that other Big Data fans get curious and equally concerned about our future. 

We're currently 3 songs deep into 3.0's album cycle with no concrete release date in sight, BUT our favorite data driven dude will be hitting the road as he headlines the Sirius XM Alt Nation tour starting in mid-October, so my Kibbe-sense says we'll probably have the whole shebang by then. 

Also in 310 pages I will be making our impending interview official, so know that's coming too. 

BIG DATA Tour Dates:

October 14th - Shelter - Detroit, MI

October 15th - HiFi - Indianapolis, IN

October 16th - Chop Suey - Chicago, IL

October 18th - Rumba - Columbus, OH

October 19th - Cambridge Room @ HOB - Cleveland, OH

October 21st - Space Ballroom - Hamden, CT

October 22nd - Brighton Music Hall - Boston, MA

October 23rd - Foundry - Philadelphia, PA

October 24th - Gramercy Theatre - New York, NY

October 25th - Songbyrd - Washington, DC

October 27th -  Underground - Charlotte, NC

October 28th - The Cowan - Nashville, TN

October 30th - Cambridge Room @ HOB - Dallas, TX

October 31st - Bronze Peacock @ HOB - Houston, TX

November 1st - Antone’s - Austin, TX

November 2nd - Lowbrow Palace - El Paso, TX

November 4th - Valley Bar - Phoenix, AZ

November 5th - Voodoo Room @ HOB - San Diego, CA

November 6th - Resident - Los Angeles, CA

November 7th - Chapel - San Francisco, CA

November 9th - Dante’s (Take Warning) - Portland, OR

November 10th - Chop Suey - Seattle, WA


HAPPY PRIDE EVERYONE!!!!! ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🌈👨‍❤️‍👨👩‍❤️‍👩

Yesterday, Billboard premiered London crooner SAKIMA's  latest soft and ultra sensual single, "Show Me", which is all about communicating sexually with your body. 

Upon playing this track a good, oh I dunno, 20 times this morning, I had this nice moment of reflection of how beautiful it is that as more voices are being lifted up in music that we are getting so many different new ways to hear about expressing love, passion, lust, romance, etc. With his last few releases, SAKIMA has been boldly tackling the queer romance and queer sex from his perspective, all the while, as he told Billboard continually battling with feeling fully sexually liberated in the process. The thing that will always keep me coming back to SAKIMA is his hypnotically soothing voice, which sometimes puts you in a sexy stupor and in other moments (such as "Show Me") there's such a tenderness to his delivery that it evokes memories of being young, wanting to fall in love, make love, etc. 

The lovely London lad is currently working on a new project, which he's still determining the full scope of but is calling "Project Peach" and "it's going to be a complete celebration of queer art, queer iconography, queer stories, all of it." Obviously if there's no full scope of the project yet there's no release date to relay, but more updates on that as it reveals itself. 

[Video] Fischerspooner - "Have Fun Tonight" (Official Video)
Photo by Asger Carlsen

Photo by Asger Carlsen



But honestly I wasn't ready for how hard the first *official* single from Fischerspooner would hit me.

I am truly blown away by "Have Fun Tonight". There's seriously so much going on here that with every spin I find Casey Spooner doing a number on my #feels as he delivers each lyrical blow. The song is described as, "a queer dance ballad about polyamory (...or polyagony) encouraging your lover to go out and have fun without you". It was co-written by a Michael Stipe and BOOTS and comes from their forthcoming album, Sir, which will be out on September 22nd courtesy of Ultra. That's right, fam. We FINALLY have a release date. Let the countdown begin!

What's interesting about the performance that Spooner gives on "Have Fun Tonight" is that it can lead you into interpreting the song a slightly different way each time you listen to it. By the end of my first listen I was convinced that this was the perspective of someone feeling trapped in a poly relationship that they didn't really want to be in. Another time I thought this could be taken as a brief moment of insecurity as all long term relationships have. Then in a different instance I considered the lyric, "I can't imagine anyone can love you like I can" to be the hint that the perspective is actually a lot more confident than previously though.  The words are all chosen so carefully that in spite of it being written with a polyamorous relationship in mind that it can speak to people in all walks of life because every intimate relationship has a certain level of complexity to it as this particular one has. 

Another thing I am loving about "Have Fun Tonight" is the context that it has provided to the first Sir-related song that was quietly half-released last year, "Everything Is Just Alright". As previously reported by yours truly, Spooner has said that this record was going to be "unabashedly homosexual". At the time with just "Everything Is Just Alright" as a reference point I wasn't sure where Fischerspooner was planning to take us, but with side by side listens of both EIJA and HFT it sounds like it could be anywhere - from the booze soaked dance floor of a gay bar to bedroom of longtime lovers and everywhere in between. 

In addition to the news about Sir, Fischerspooner have revealed that there will also be a museum show called SIR at MUMOK in Vienna, which will run June 29 to October 29, and that an art book will be released along with the exhibit.

[Video] Gold Class - "Twist In The Dark" (Official Video)
photo credit: Jules Christie

photo credit: Jules Christie

Aussie rockers Gold Class have delivered a one-two punch today. In addition to unveiling the video for their latest single, "Twist In The Dark", the band also announced their sophomore album, Drum, which drops on August 18th via felte. "Twist In The Dark" follows up the song that initially sold me on them, "Kids On Fire", and packs one hell of a wallop to your eardrums. 

I knew from the second The Algorithm™ delivered them to me that Gold Class had the potential to be fast-tracked into being SKOA Fam. After reading the statement from singer and lyricist Adam Curley about his motivation behind the album, well, you read this excerpt and tell me this isn't the kind of band you want to go all in behind: 

"I knew what the purpose of the album would be when I wrote the repeated line in 'Get Yours': 'There’s none left here and all I need.' I wanted it to be a record of defiance, a resistance to the idea of scrambling for a place at a table that wasn’t set for you. A sort of a love letter to anyone who not only can’t meet the standard but doesn’t want to. I wanted it to be a record of rage and ecstasy and endless nights and sex and dumb fun and ventures in solidarity. Not just an album of urgency and longing, but one of abandon and a reclaiming of a self beyond boundaries."

No word yet if the band from down under will be reenacting the below performance based music video on US soil AKA touring any time soon, but you kids in Europe will be able to catch them in September at their handful of tour dates. 


09.20-23 Hamburg, DE @ Reeperbahn Festival

09.23 Amsterdam, NL @ Paradiso Noord

09.26 London, UK @ Moth Club

[Watch] Prism Tats - "The Liar" (Official Video)

Yoooo how in the world did I miss there was new Prism Tats songs on the world wide web?! I mean I know I am only a whopping 6 days off but I don't think y'all understand how much I enjoyed his self-titled debut album. It was by and large one of my favorite records of 2016. If you have not heard that shit you need to get on that! 


Almost exactly one week ago today Prism Tats dropped a double single, which also came with a music video for the A-side, "The Liar". I am a person who typically gets very distracted while trying to watch music videos but this for the first time in awhile this actually held my attention. 

This video will probably make you wince a bit watching the rubber bands go across his eyes and stuff, but at the same time it's hard to take your eyes off of. I think this is the first time I've ever seen someone rubber band their face so I think part of what intrigued me was what on earth would compel someone to volunteer to do this. haha 

I don't know much else around this release other than that he's got some shows in California coming up in August with Pickwick. I'd like to think this means he has plans to feed us music constantly, but that's just me being selfish.

For now, enjoy "The Liar" and "Apples":

Hello, World!

side note: ugh ugh life has been so busy that I have a lot to catch up on which I promise I will do this week but I was so excited to stumble across this that it couldn't wait.