[Watch] Jack White Designs Triple Decker Record ™

Jack White designs Triple Decker Record ™
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Just when I thought Jack White couldn't get anymore awesome and hot, he goes and designs a new style of vinyl.

In the video above you see Jackie explaining just how the Triple Decker Record ™ works. Essentially it's a 12" record that you can pop open and find a 7" record inside. Not sure how good that is on the 12" part of the record to take a pocket knife/screwdriver and pop out a 7" any time you feel like listening to it, but knowing Jackie he probably had his good friends at United Record Pressing in Nashville help him figure out how to make sure it's nice and durable.

As you can imagine, Jackie has decided to make these Triple Decker Records ™ a limited pressing. The pressing will be a mere 300 copies for The Dead Weather's "Blue Blood Blues" single release and only 200 of them will be available for people not in Nashville who can snag the other 100 at the Third Man Records store.

Per the Third Man Records site:

For those not lucky enough to pick-up the Triple Decker Record™, an alternate 7” version of “Blue Blood Blues” with a double-sided cover will be available as a standalone purchase and comes with b-side “Jawbreaker (live). Tri Color 45s of the single will also be available. The 12” version will come with alternate B side “No Hassle Night”/”I Just Want to Make Love to You” (live).

The 7” and tri-color 45 are available today at Third Man Records and via the web store. The 12” and Triple Decker Record™ will be available in the same locations on Friday, September 17th.

And there you have it. Best of luck to everyone who will be camping out online to try to snag one of these. Hopefully I'll beat you to it. Heh...