[Listen] Hear The Hidden Triple Decker Record Dead Weather Track, "I Feel Strange"

Were you one of those unfortunate souls that missed out on obtaining a the Jack White special Triple Decker Record 12" of The Dead Weather's "Blue Blood Blues"? If not, good for you. (jerk jk) But if you were and you are just like the rest of us not willing to shell out $400+ on ebay, good news! We got the track for you to at least listen to so you don't feel so left out. Check out the unreleased track "I Feel Strange"  by The Dead Weather below.

The song was bundled on the hidden 7" within the Triple Decker Record with the B-Side "Rolling in on a Burning Tire" which appeared on the Twilight Eclipse Soundtrack.

UPDATE: Wow. Did not realize people would be so upset about this being streamed. As fans who were looking forward to loving and enjoying this rareity ourselves, Rocko and I thought we were doing the rest of us unlucky fans a favor. Jackie please don't hate us. We love you. - Kibbe

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