[Listen] Hercules & Love Affair - "Shelter" (The xx Cover)

Hercules & Love Affair are set to release another single from their Blue Songs album in April in the form of “Painted Eyes”. Along with the single though will be a B-Side, a cover song, a cover of The xx's "Shelter" to be precise. The cover isn't a simple wash and repeat, play it as it was, H&LA add some electronic sounds and mix around with it a little. Putting their own little additions to the mix. As you can imagine with The xx's tracks it was hard to portray anything but bleakness from most of their tracks which was what they did best, and all credit to them for it,  so in turn the underlying melancholy and outlook remains in tact on the Cover version. Check it out for yourselves below and a hat tip to the good people at Prefix for the heads up and Moshi Moshi Records for the upload. 

Shelter (XX Cover) by moshi moshi music