[News] Radiohead Single, "Supercollider" / "The Butcher 12" Due April 16

As we mentiond the other day Radiohead are planning to release a single to celebrate Record Store Day meaning we should have our hands on it in little over two weeks! “Supercollider,” has actually been previewed live so check that out to get a taste of what fans can expect on the release. However, “The Butcher” has never been heard and will be a treat for anyone who picks up one of only 2000 copies set for release on April 16th. To add to the difficulty the 2000 copies of the 12" will only be up for grabs in the UK. Don't fret though, no doubt someone will have it online in no time, or the band will offer it up for stream. Vinyl rocks but these are the times we live in.