[Watch] Manchester Orchestra - "Simple Math" (Video)

With just under a month until Manchester Orchestra release their highly anticipated 3rd official studio album (4th if you have the demos of early tracks floating around the internet) the band have gone on the offensive. Today they have put up some slick looking packages for you to snap up in the pre-orders including vinyl's, CD's digital combos and not to mention signed copies of prints and drawing to boot (only 100 of those available so be quick!) Along with this you can now watch the official visuals for their lead single from the album, "Simple Math".

The slow track builds to a head and the video sits along the visuals nicely. It sees Andy Hull crash his pickup while trying to avoid hitting a deer before flashing back to a more child like scenario of reading a book under torch light. It seems like the video is Andy's subconscious and scenarios from his childhood being brought to the forefront as his life literally flashes before his eyes in the face of death. As the truck continues to roll we see more images from Andy's childhood and the results that ensue. Check it out at the top via IFC and mark your diaries for May the 10th as Manchester Orchestra are coming at us full force.