[News] Arcade Fire Releasing 'The Suburbs' Deluxe Edition

Arcade Fire's The Subrbs was a beautiful album, with all the right ingredients coming togethe rperfectly in the mixing pot, to launch them into the stratosphere in terms of world domination on the billboard chart and on the live/festival circuit. Last year murmers of a re-release/completely new release from the band began to circulate, obviously resulting in quite a bit of fuss.

We have confirmation now that the band will release a deluxe edition of the 2010 album and included will be their film project with Spike Jonze, Scenes From The Suburbs. Along with that though  the band will also release two previously unheard tracks, “Speaking in Tongues” and “Culture War”. TNone other than Zane Lowe will debut the tracks on world famous BBC Radio One on May 23rd. Excited much?!

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