[News] Noel Gallagher Solo Album Details?

A few minutes ago Twitter exploded with news of a new Noel Gallagher Album, which is old news as we never doubted that the man with the talent from Oasis would grace us all with at least one solo project. However the tweets led to a site called Sour Mash Music at which he claims to have the details and release date of the album. Check them out below:

Single Release date (8/29/2011)

“Come On It’s Alright”

Album release date (10/3/2011)

1. The Magic Can’t Be Right
2. Stop The Clocks
3. Freaky Teeth
4. Mile High Moon
5. Come On It’s Alright
6. God Help Us All
7. Don’t Stop Being Happy
8. Red, White And Blue
9. If I Had A Gun
10. I Want To Live In A Dream In My Record Machine

As of yet their is no confirmation of legitimacy but Zane Lowe seems to believe it and with all of the tweets and information flying around expect some official news soon.

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