[Listen] Foreign Beggars - "Still Getting It (Feat. Skrillex)" (Preview)

Today we have a nice little preview of what's to come from the Foreign Beggars forthcoming  The Harder They Fall EP. This track features heavy bass and a guest spot for Skrillex, who is everywhere at the moment! He can't seem to do wrong, and here, once again he has ut his trademark sound onto the FB track.

The EP has been produced by Skrillex, Mensah, Alix Perez, Black Sun Empire, Ruckspin & Medison, Lazer Sword and will be released on June 6th an you can currently pre-order the EP over at the official EP site  http://www.wewillneversaydie.com which, if you do, will entitle you to an instant digital download of a mini mix containing all the tracks on the EP put together by SKisM. In the mean time take a listen to this banger of a track. I'm in the mood for a dance now. Good job it's party time tonight!